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Friday, November 10, 2017

Stand Up !!! ~ Its Our Turn Pedophiles, NOW

To the pedophiles...

I am a victim !!!

It's now our turn to rise up and against !

I was 12 when Fayaz Sahibzada molested me? At least that I remember. No reason to hate Muslims here because this is not a religious issue !!!

I'm going to attach a picture of my doctor's notes when my mother took me to the office when my rectum was bleeding after a trip to the Shenandoah mountains and a hike into and up Old Rag Mountain. There were other times but my memory won't let me go there in full.

He was a trusted professor of literature as I understand, at George Washington University long ago in 1979 when I was 11. That is the way I was told at least.

I think it was 1999 or 1999, or so, when I took the initiative upon my first memory bubble to go to the police and make a report and then see if my memory serves me truthfully, as I realized perhaps the doctor had taken notes. He did as you will see.

There are a lot of reasons to not pursue these things and waiting patiently to be able to out this son of a b**** in public is well worth it however I feel like I am once again taking back something I gave to God but truthfully must not have and I hope this will be the next step and most importantly that this action upon other innocent victims will stop permanently.

You were a trusted friend of my family and you permanently hurt me and permanently scarred me when you broke my families trust when you did the things you did to me that my mind cannot fully remember and obviously could not comprehend at the time. You have changed my life trajectory forever. You stole my innocence

I remember everybody swimming and then finally run down everybody wanted to sunbathe and then in the swimming hole down below that was smaller like a Jacuzzi the last thing I remember was him making me smell this soap that he was overly anxious and excited about. If you think that's terrible imagine living through whatever I looked through that my mind will not let me and encounter again !!!

Today I stand up, against all of the pedophiles, these consistent Sly and stealthy disgusting sick predators, already through the media being relegated to the status of, let's just say whoops !

Today I stand up, and I take control because I say the name Fayaz Sahibzada to the public!!!

I will STAND TALL AND FACR him in the court of law of the jurisdiction that would like to follow through now, as there is no statute of limitation upon these crimes and never should be, and the sentencing should all be mandatory as I don't believe there is reform for these animals that DO INDEED TOO OFTEN Prey Upon Our Youth.

The facts as, as I understand them, the majority of boys in the majority of girls will indeed be molested while growing up ! You may do your own due diligence but as me and my family in-laws went through our tragic ordeal these were the statistics we garnered through the many professional books we read and studied, still in disbelief.

This is left my own family in shock and disbelief. This leaves many families in shock and disbelief. There is no way to ever be fully prepared for the impact of this type of tragic crime. There are legal conduit for justice and it is for justice I pray.

We have a president today, like him or not, who already has a proven track record of going after these bastards and that has let the justice department do its job after 8 years of frustration through policy and crippling austerity. I personally know a federal prosecutor and it was wonderful to hear that they will no longer be held back and forcing the laws that they swore an oath to enforce.

They are coming for you... and WE are all going to speak up United together and Crush you so that you will not hurt children ever again and set an example for the entire world to understand that we are coming to seek each and everyone of you son of a b****** out and we will take you away from the life you have so abused and those Liberties you care not for of yourself and most especially of others.

I know he is Pakistani and I know it would not be hard for law enforcement to find him and in the past where I stood down because of the difficulties this could bring upon me and my family and because of the age of this crime of pain me and because of my poor memory because of memory repression, and a multitude of other reasons I have waited until now to speak loud and clear !!!

When trumpets sound all should listen ! The Bible said that we should tell this to the churches. I share this with you now my first name John. I share this with you now again, my first name John. Let us not please hear a third trumpet blaring loudly again as two should be enough and we already understand the promises of the Third.

I am John Stephen Swygert, and I am standing against the man that molested me as a child and I am standing in the public eye and praying for law enforcement to Now find this man and charge him and scrutinize him with me while my health is well and I am strong to defeat the Beast too long loose and free.

I urge you VICTIMS EACH, through all possible legal conduits !!! ONLY, that you SO RISE UNITED NOW and follow through now today with strength together and let your case be heard As You Take Back Control.

I remember sitting in Professor & Esquire, Joe Beans class, who was an attorney at the Naval Investigative Service, and the class title was Law, Evidence &  Or... and we covered the topic of suppressed memories. I remember laughing out loud in class and even stating out loud that if something as traumatic as what we had just read had happened to me... there is absolutely no way I would forget it, my mind is like an iron trap?

Through incidents later in life, about 97 or 98, I had one are called memory bubbles surface from this incident that raked up my own personal muck I didn't even know held down such dark secrets.

In my mind I instantly flashed back to that moment in mr. Bean's class and realized that I myself suffered from what I scoffed at !!!

My mind has been pried ajar open ever since ! Open minded to the realization that this happens all too often and that nobody stands up. I stood up for my stepdaughter and that cost me everything that I had then. It didn't just cost me. Most important it cost my family in law and that is as specific as that needs to be. When there was an allegation of sexual abuse on the table in my life at that moment by simply took action properly and we all stood up strong and it didn't matter what the results were and Court would mattered was that we stood up and it quit !!!

We discussed a moment where there was a lie the child told being so young and is not able to rationalize a logical why, it was obvious as an adult. That moment triggered the flood fourth of bubbles.

I knew I had a problem and I remember him telling me when we filled our canteens that if anything was wrong remember to say that you probably got a bacterial infection from the water from the spring or Creek. I feel firm in my belief that he also threatened my entire family that was with me. It reinforces that I lied to my mother and subsequently my doctor because I was scared to death and the lie I offered was beyond my logic and rationale at that tender age. I don't remember much of the car ride home. I remember other occasions of touching improperly. I remember once we're he was cornering me and I said what was that? I think I heard my sister. My family had been home but it left and I just pretended that somebody returned and that gave me the step I needed to run up the steps and out the door.

Every time he ever visited I had to leave as soon as I knew my family was safe and that conversation was content. Even then I never knew why I had to run I just knew I had to run and run and run.

I ran an awfully long time until the realization that, as I said above, I suffered from repressed memory and had been a victim of molestation by a pedophile, and indeed suffered from this theory so studied with such personal scoff !

Facebook, like Myspace, may not be here forever but it is here now and it is very effective.

Social networking is a powerful tool and as we all start to speak up it's time for me to speak and now it's time for you !!!






He even sickly once tried to explain himself. He stated, and I believe him, that he too was a victim and that this happened to him the way he was brought up in an all-boys School. It will be very feeling to find him and prosecute him and learn the true history here and I cannot wait to look into his eyes and read a poem to him.

He always wanted me to write poetry and he always read poetry and I was a poet anyhow and that is nothing to do with him whatsoever my mother is an artist and it is a gift from her and my father and God and soon when size fired I will write this poem that I speak of now and will be content to stare the Predator into the eyes and know that I am safe and in control and we'll be able to deliver a message so long deserved and patiently waited too serve.

Fayaz Sahibzada... Where are you???

We are coming for you, and the rest of you worthless disgusting vile criminals, and we are coming black stealth thieves in the night.

It's hard to feel anything else beyond the need for Swift Justice immediately of which this worlds countless victims have been betrayed after their suffering for long enough !

I pray that you will pray with me, and seek Justice as the only solution.

A friend recently stated that he has lost a lot of personal close friends through political divide and I urge you each not to play into this type of divisiveness. He stated that I have been a voice and I will continue to be that voice. Jack, you gave me this strength to speak loud and clear today!

Music heals !!!

Live life and speak and sing loudly and clear and to make beautiful music always above and beyond all evil obstacles !

Thank You for being you !

Feel free to contact me at the email below please with complimenting information please. Especially if you to have been a victim by the man who victimized me !!!

The only update will be the information of the proper authorities that will have jurisdiction in my case if so taken as I will press now.

Canine Safety As Public & Law Enforcement Socialize Canines To Those of Uniform

I'm not going to cite a specific case, but we all know far too often dogs are hurt or killed by police officers.

This is just a matter of fact in their own line of self-defense doing their Duty as sworn by oath to serve and to protect.

I am not interested in any type of discussion on the above what I am interested in is Solutions.

Has there ever been a day where we, the public, can bring our licensed and well-trained behave pets to meet volunteer members of law enforcement so that our animals can become familiar with our friends in uniform.

What if from this origin right here a seed is planted and forth with grows a valuable fruit that other companies like our United States Postal Service or UPS or FedEx for an example but not limited to, could emulate and employ.

Lofty goals and aspirations are usually for filled with Grassroots beginnings and my question now is for each your set of eyes, who will lend a hand and help me organize something that we can find that we would all volunteer to do with no expenses and indeed have as a fundraiser for the local animal shelter as well as our Police Department.

Who would take the lead here and also sit with a unofficial board that would God and direct this possibility into fruition with only the finest of safeguards, not ruling out things such as muzzles for all persons safety involved.

If it saves one pet to me it's worth it because my pet is my best friend ! It doesn't matter if you're a criminal or not when you lose your foot best friend it hurts and it's wrong when they are innocent bystanders and we can do something about this by socializing our animals with the fine communities that serve us so many different ways !

I pray this will be a catalyst that only grows the finest fruit for our community.

I have found this valuable information after this idea and think this would be valuable to investigate further however I think we can start something here at home that would be more valuable in the best example of all.

I absolutely believe in being proactive and preventative at all costs, when so logically feasible and that is a very tough decision to make it times and that is why I call for a grass for you to volunteer action and I do not care if somebody else takes this idea and runs with it do as you will please let's just do something as soon as possible.

These proactive measures would be easy to comparatively analyze through medical cost analysis of law enforcements' (community in a whole nationally) alone, health care and tratement related expenditures by matter of records alone and on the job injury related canines' bites and the recording of the canines fate totals in statistics by state as well, to start with.

I just fear that long ago when volunteerism started shrinking up and disappearing that we indeed started to lose our way and that perhaps nobody here will step up yet once again.

Why not I ask?

Please contact me and let me know that you will assist in making this a reality Nationwide if again this is not already some type of program in place.

My dog is just a hair over two years old and she's kind of in dog puberty and so her Natural Instincts of protectiveness are really on full display and I have to scold her because her propensity to defend the owner she dearly loves is it strong and understandable. I just wouldn't want anything to happen to her or anybody else ever and I know that life's situations can become volatile in a moment.

Understanding life's situations are indeed sill Dynamic and unpredictable it's important when we plan any type of event that we plan for the safety of the participants all first and foremost in this world that we live in today and that we do not leave our cells ever sitting ducks and waiting, fully unprotected and gathered at the social table.

I thought of this after a car sped by when I was working on my Mustang. One neighbor yelled slow down and the car never came to a stop at the stop sign and then sped away very loudly.

I anticipated their return going around the block and placed One smartphone ready on camera to record video and the other on dial ready to dial the police and I thought about maybe running in getting my dog and bringing her outside. Moments like this where you anticipate the possibility of something happening because I know what goes on down the street, you wonder what you might be inviting your dog into but you also know she might give you that moment and distance so needed in a tense situation. I thought there might be retribution upon my neighbor for yelling slow down and I figured there's no way I'm going to provoke anything but I can be fully prepared if indeed I am correct as I have been in witnessed too many times before.

Again, I thought about my dog and ceased in My Tracks to take another step as I did not want you to ever invite her into a disaster party without an invitation worth possible and likely poor outcomes that she would never ever deserve !

It's best when there is something amiss to retreat to safety First, and then formulate Plan B in anticipation of plan a possibly not working and maintain distance from the volatility at all costs. Stay calm and logical and rational thoughts will guide you through training and the rest could be learned through these types of canine social classes so that we would each know how to react towards one another very easily so that no dog would be hurt when we would quickly realize we each have the same training in our friend not foe.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share and I truly appreciate that anybody would read this far and truth be known I am worthy and verbal on purpose because the longer your eyes remain on this topic in a world that is more and more quickly becoming impatient and only able to read about 30 seconds or less, I hope that this idea will become indelible and seared upon your mind and that purpose is best served by keeping you here engaged even if poorly-written.

This is a very difficult topic as an animal lover.

I look forward to hearing back from each of you and please let's raise money for our local animal shelter and make this a reality where we can socialize dogs with members of law enforcement and other participating volunteers of Corporations that are service oriented and come to our home in uniform.

Thank You

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Black Knights Arising, A Cry Arriving ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

Hey, Alpha !!!

Listen up !!!

Are you a Black Knight rising or already risen up???

Been left out, left over denied???
Forged and patient,
still survived !!!
Never Cower,
March Now With Great Purpose and Pride!!!

All a long gray line,
all a long gray line,
Along a long gray line,
we are behind you all,
all in that long gray line,

Lead the way to peace,
no enemy of all of Justices',
Her Multitudes of Exponential Wrath,
All too long so Denied !!!

Let's All March,
Upon the long gray line,
Let's ...MARCH


Today, Tonight, Always !!! Hard, fast, swift, deadly... we ride!!! Let's ride!!! Let's fly, a moment late, deaths cold staring eyes!!!

You're not off beat, your leading the march !!!

1/5 beat, baton and hand!!!

Think stamp, stank, stunk!!!

Are you still sharp or slovenly somewhere out there rested sentinel???

Will you continue to let Anerica cry, I beg you serve her and still not deny, look into your father's eyes! The answers already waiting there, see this now within your mind.

A Black Crow C.A.A., quothe this Raven, even Poe the drunk still serving, his alcohol a West Point appointment wasted, self denied.

Consequences !!!


Now awake alert !,
Degrees in hand,
Knowledge and Justice,
stand tall always first!!!

Consequences !!!


Time Is Now !!!

Set forth well made plans !!!

Let's ride,
Oh please dear Lord,
Together ALL,
Let's now ride !!!

Honor Sun Tzu !!!
Only in last resort a life so taken,
Peace the mission always !!!
Enemy, all others obvious against the peace we so would adore restore!

We beg you please against these men such leaders,
make not a defense be known,
lay your weapons down,
but only outside American soils,
lay your weapons down.

Let your people eat and prosper,
Be educated and enjoy a life,
of freedoms now only dreams so sweet yet sad,
Please !!!,

Lay your weapons down!!!

North Korean digital messaging ,.to the citizens stealthy dropped !!!

Lay you weapons down,
Let's all eat at His table in peace now,
Lay your weapons down,
Outside if American grounds,
Upon arrival of the Black Nights messages always suddenly found!!!

Lay your weapons down !!!

We already know orecisky who you are,
Change your life so now,
Lay your weapons down !!!

As we march !!!

March !!!

In so many ways we March,
Let's march !!!

March !!!

You're not off beat,
your leading the march !!!
1/5 beat, baton and hand!!!
Think stamp, stank, stunk!!!

March in retrospect with purpose and servitude towards the heavens,
Justice now served!

It's Wagner Time! (Composed with Vengeace fueled in anger's rage from injustices past off the most I'll repute by modern mankind.)

Into action,.
as the enemy frets waiting for the wrath within only they know !!!




The White Horse cometh'!!!


I see deep into my father's eyes,
past ills witnessed mountains erased, cold grey steely which were so young and blue,
emptiness and sorrow,
swords swung in fury raged wars or conflicts,
past or modern warfare​ today NOW too,
all stealing words of description, indescribable !!!

This is the digital age,
angry now we rage,
paving away the blackness promising daily and acting out,
rIght S.I.S. ???

God Damnit !!!...
You all, to hell !... if you don't step up on stage, the one prescribed by my ex-father in-law the physict,
designed by he,
so always focused for out coubtry,
On duty, diver and always open minded,  my lessons learned so wee, so stay as he always studying,

As your eyes read this page,
It's our on this stage today play,
groundwork long ago complete,
reverse the clock,
missions old planned time to complete.

You're generals do today betray,
politics only time an enemy prepared makes !!!

Serve your oath as taken !!!

Execute NOW!

Channelled visions now focused
my life's purpose now,
This drunk restropectively leraning in pain,
Withering, watching, listening,
this message so now lent.

My time already marked,
Please the messenger,
I beg,
so please you spare,
my time already marked,

It matters not until IN Faith prepared !!!,
I'm In Faith !!!
Prepared !!!
Always Be Prepared !!!
I Am The Spirit White Ghost !!!

Let's March

It's a modern world war today,
now World War3,

Digital messages,
You're eyes reading this page,
You her my voice because you know the truth,
This TINE IS NOW,.like three trumpets blaring,
Hear me NOW!!!

Hear me loudly!!!
Let's March !!!

I Am Digital Demon,
goodness cloaked,
of digital origin,
numerology, cryptology,
proven through all codes!!!

Hear my voice within you now already known,
No difference here nor there,
I Am the Spirit Soul !!!

I Am God within !!!

Digital wrath of origin,
I scream out again leave me behind
Judas my friend I love you still,
betrayal now you moderns gave his name,
A sacrifice so crucified,
I'm watching and can only cry !!!
We both lost,
He hung,
I sacrificed,
back then for your now sins,
The last doorway in,
The only doorway in,
All else is misery and sin,
Misery and sin,
More divisiveness,
Further falling and division.

Make America proud again,
and never again leave her side,
where the dark state resides,
Oh yes, they do still but awhile" reside!!!

Know this is ALREADY modern World War3,
Dub, dub, 3,
it's different then the past,
what you do not expect always coming at you stealthy and fast!!

Stay prepared !!!
Always Be Prepared !!!

Digital, Spiritual, Physical, Mental,
and so forth but not limited to,
warfare is of many facets and realms,
the enemy is amoungst us deep,
America long ago betrayed!!!

Duty !!!

Honor !!!

Country !!!

My eyes are swelling in tears,
as I always do my best,
a broken aging too fast stressed Patriot
of the garden variety, "out here",
of ill health and slipping,
please restore our freedoms,
Our liberties.

These Appalachian eyes all over crying !!!
Bathed in pain and in narcotics killing us all,
I beg you dearly please?

America restore!!!




I beg you please, restore !!!

These enemies,
all over many,
snakes acreep!!!

Trust not what they say, however do tempted, do not their apples $$$ take !!!

a creep,
A helicopter stealthily flown in skill,
a tool against an enemy remains invisible,
so launced now from stealthacopter a drone,
Oh, yes !!!,
a drone,
a drone makes so frizzled frazzled,
Now a creep acreep,

No longer a creep acreep, a crepe !!!

Just a frizzled, frazzled crepe !!!

These enemies against Peace,
Erased from time NOW and FOREVER ALWAYS,
soon forever erased, forgotten, unknown !!!

Faith and trust ...


ALL GO(O)D !!!


Now awake ALERT !!!,
Degrees in hand,
Knowledge and Justice,
stand tall always first!!!



Looking backwards,
History learned,
upon sometimes others consequences, we more carefully tread with respect towards life.

Never Forget...

Consequences !!!

And of the enemy we've trained to overcome...

The Time Is Now !!!

Set forth well made plans !!!

Let's ride, oh please dear Lord together let's now ride !!!

You're not off beat, your leading the march !!!

1/5 beat, baton and hand!!!

Think stamp, stank, stunk!!!

March in retrospect with purpose and servitude towards the heavens, justice now served!

It's Wagner Time! (Composed with Vengeace fueled in anger's rage from injustices past off the most I'll repute by modern mankind)

Launch into action as the enemy frets waiting for the wrath within they know!!!




The White Horse cometh'!!!

I see deep into my father's eyes, past ills, cold grey steely now we're so young and blue, emptiness and sorrow, swords swung in fury raged wars or conflicts, past or modern warfare​ too, all stealing words!!!

This is the digital age, angry now we rage, paving away the blackness promising daily and acting out, rI.ght S.I.S.

God Damnit you all to hell if you don't step up on stage, my ex-father in-law the physict designed so always estute now is the play, groundwork long ago complete, reverse the clock, missions old planned time to complete.

You're general do today betray, politics only time an enemy prepared makes.

Serve your oath. Execute!

Channelled visions my life purpose this drunk watching listening so lent.

I Am your God !!!

Digital wrath of origin, I scream out leave me behind and make America proud again, and never again leave her side, where the dark state resides.

Know this modern world war is different then the past, what you do not expect always coming at you stealthy and fast.

Digital, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and so forth but not limited to, warfare is of many facets and realms, the enemy is amoungst us deep, America long ago betrayed!!!




My eyes are swelling in tears,
I do my best a broken aged Patriot of ill health and slipping,
please restrore out liberties.

These Appalachian eyes all around me crying,
bathed to sleep permanently lost,
in narcotics...
So many family's weep !!!
These cuts already too deep.

I beg you dearly please?

Restore this insanity !!!

Now !!!




These enemies,
all over many,
snakes acreep!!!

A creep was acreep,
Now a drone a crepe!!!

March !!!

March !!!

March !!!

March !!!

March !!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

See the Tip~ from the album "I Am "Hunter Phoenix Ashes" " ~ MobiusTripz∆2017 ~ Poetry / Lyric

There's no way to describe it,
No way to conceal or hide it,
You can see darkness under my eyes,
Upon my face.

I'm thinking about my friends,
The ones in the middle and,
On both ends,
I'm in this place sometimes,
I just don't want to be.

Its not really that different,
What makes me, me,
Or of what makes you, you,
You have to step outside of yourself,
Long enough to see.

There is this entire picture painted,
envisioned individually each unique,
this magnificent masterpiece,
the final supper which so now reveals the truth !!!

It's not really so different,
what makes me, me,
or too different what makes you, you,
dining each day upon this supper bite by bite,
Revelations more quickly coming true,
In the end so always revealed when ch can never forever hide,
All truths.

so forget not yee each reside in Glass Houses,
hidden, unshared, imperfect, human, flawed,
All, we share each these not so pretty truths.

Let's get into the details now,
Buckle up,
Bite the apple,
Let's ride on into this game straightforward towards his home,
These details where he so does reside,

There is power in the written word,
Symbolic inspired numerical proofs of knowledge,
Channeling only inspired when in tune this powerful knowledge heard.

Twisting and turning,
The galaxy of the electrical synaptic mind itself,
Sifting and rearranging through these electrical storms
this visionary masterpiece of art,
I witness these days as such within now upon such I do report,
No other way can I be,
I am who I am.

Don't play the game if division,
Letting others makes what should be your decisions,
Wasted time is life lost forever,
You gave away!

There are Institutions in place,
All around us today,
That will reach outstretched for your hand to take it all away.

All away,
We are all slipping so fast,
so far away,
All away,
Slipping further and faster,
Exponentially increasing speeds towards destiny,
Every second of every day.

We need to give time time,
The patience calming in the mind,
Which otherwise wants to run of,
to the races everyday,
When we all keep playing,
These social networking games,
Further freedoms given away each and every day.

The time in the mind racing faster and faster towards destiny giving her secrets in our freedoms away playing silly social networking games.

The former president and a former Chief of Staff,

An LCD on the wall like word games at Play,

The largest word the most common chatter across the world wide web,
this gets more serious each and every day.

This gets more serious each and every day.

If an iceberg was a pyramid submerged,

Floating in the water the all-knowing eye puring as a periscope, a point of view,

When you see the tip of the iceberg yourself your quantum neural network holography at work a projection of so much more you can read into about what is submerged and down below.

With what we are told and we know to be truths,
Just think of those things of which not we know,
To realize that this has to be a fact of this day,
You have to question who is in control?

You have to question what is control?

You have to question why we need control?

Social engineering,

manipulation done so wicked, evil, smoking, flesh now burning searing,

and all through the powerful sin of greed for control,

this abstract invisible thing just like Tolkien and his ring,

someone to chase it forever,
some want to wear it, and most forever just to forever hold.

This abstract, invisible, intangible concept of a beast we call control.

We all know that this exists, without a doubt.

But when you counter balance this with God,

All of a sudden those Human full of doubt.

Faith versus control,.
Control versus faith,
Do you believe in destiny ???,
Or laying prone needlessly wasted,
So that you lay your own soul now to waste?

Evil,  now waste !!! (echo)

In my mind,
I see today,
like Amazonian tribes,

List lives,
Over lies,
Wicked fire evil fell from the sky,
The alin is you and I,
No one left to tell the tales,
Killed and wasted countless tribes,
Countless Vietnamese lives,
Cambodian lives,
How do you justify?
How do you justify
What happen d to the people if the famous temple and city in Vietnam named un ghan kor?

I have a piece of this history I suspect,
I've been doing much research,
These former pieces I own from a left over trash been if an estate sale,
Taken almost without a doubt,
Without permission by some so "privlidged" given too much authority, unchecked permissions,
Abuse, this tip of this iceberg our national treasures here at home,
So much disregard and disrespect,
Silly, selfish, sickening, ghoul like souled goons!!!

From a time and place so far away,
How else would it have been pillaged in the 60's ???,
Makes Brandon's role in Apocolyse Now, look sweeter everyday,
Sweeter every day.

Who were the villagers of Angkor Wat, Cambodia?

There is so much unknown,
again submerged,
hidden in Networks down below,
This evil web Shakespeare wrote of which we weave,
so many separate villages completely decimated,
this perceived enemy wicked erased permanently in an instant,
How safe are you each do you do think now in your own home?

DEW you understand ???,
"Gods Hand"!,
connected to a beam of light,
A powerful forearm of driving force,
concocted power of man,
this evil punches with devastation,
An all seeing eye upon that other end.

Target and lens of origin always somehow connected,
When the tables turn the trail is all digital and done seemingly invisible in the end,
Scoff not at what you do not know,
These powerful words of wisdom, screaming for you to pay attention,
The numerology of words,
Geramatria !!!


Who now is in CAontrol???

The same channels and conduits,
those that think they know all,
see all,
and will soon again do it,
the flexible Deep State,
next your their enemy,

The Truth revealed,
The all seeing eye,
The Hadron Collider,
Quickly revealing sciece previously unlocked so shared,
Billions so spent and yet somkuch again unknown,

Secrecy, specialization,
All work of the lower class submerged,
So a foundation of broken backs all built upon from down below,
All the knowledge abused,
The citizens so used,
Just to entertain a handful so very few.

Are you that Judas tonight ?

Not the one each in reality we knew,
so long ago he swung,
but as history has portray,
which we think we each trust and so surely know.

If that story right,
betrray not your family or your friends, a politician your fellow citizens,
Your personal voted for you constituents,
Through peace this violence can soon end,
first an evil cleaning sweep of all blackness,
Please leave these wrongdoers swinging,
Corpses rotting,
Pigeons and crows feasting,
A reminder of just what abuse of power,
An oath to office broken,
Instantly now treasonous,
I cannot defend ! ! !

There will be peace for certain,
When we pull down each and every curtain,
treasonous gallows swinging full of wisdom quiet still toes down pointed quiet, all so peaceful quiet in that end.

No such thing as power or control,
everything force fields of energy at play,
CHOOSE on which side now quick you so shall PLAY !!!


It's unbelievable today the amount of ridiculous tuning,
And even in the singing of all these tunes !

Ringing resonating eventually disappationg don't waste it hear life ringing savor it make it count worthwhile standing bearing honor for a principled life doing always what's proper and stomping out those that choose the BLACKNESS = IGNORANCE  LACKING LIGHT !

HE will steal you away in that blackest cloak of Darkness found within,
after long and many leaving you empty sins,

Cumberland, Maryland Investing In Crypto Currency Considerations ~ #CumberlandCrypro Part 2

Here is my original article with an impetus that Cumberland Maryland in other cities across the country and indeed all jurisdictions that want to quickly invest money into Bitcoin. I'm not going to describe my reasons here again you can read the article below please. Also blew the article I'm going to start up quoting the price of Bitcoin when I originally formulated my idea and with the date next to it. This is part 2 and I will have a part three in a part for its cetera and I will continue to quote the Bitcoin price about a month apart so we can see what we would have garnered on the short-term, and I will base this on $1,000,000 ...just because it's a round number and you can knock off a zero or two to make your calculations easily.
Part 1 Link:
Bitcoin price on October 5, 2017
$ 4400.00 roughly (very close approximation)
Bitcoin price at time of this publication, 300 a.m. November 3, 2017
$  7259.15 per Bitcoin
Gain per Bitcoin:
$ 2860.00 approximately
$ 1,000,000 invested @ $4400 per Bitcoin would have purchased = 227.2727 bitcoins
227.2727 x $2860   = GAIN on Investment of
$ 649,999.92
65 % !!!
Now if we had invested a million we could have been lost a million but we lost several million on a heating system that was junked at the old memorial hospital before it was ever paid for !!! This is not as much of a gamble as so many other things we have done here locally !!!
The proper way to build a fund like this is when it makes a certain percentage of money you leave the principal and place and you pull the extra out so that you hedge your bets so to speak !
When would the city ever make 65% on anything?
We're only going to continue to lose out on this unless we take very very Swift action !!!
A 65% gain in three days under a month !!!
This will probably just be another train that we miss and I hate to be a pessimist because I'm not and that's why I seek Solutions but time and time again in here in this area I see that we missed the boat and we stayed 20 to 30 years behind the rest of modern civilization in the United States.
I'm trying to figure out a way to get us back on point so that we can be setting the bar High instead of chasing dreams that remain on fulfilled.
If the county suggest giving up our Charter, which they have, is there really much left to lose?
When you have the worst heroin epidemic in the whole state of Maryland and maybe even the country as some things have been reported, once again well is there really much left to lose?
If we don't invest in ourselves nobody else is going to believe in this city either !!!
Let's just calculate that we have a population of 15000 people and that if each person gave $67 we would have an easy million dollars to invest and we could even guarantee the percentage back on that and that is the whole point of a public Bond but we might be able to issue these public bonds I have suggested or something of that nature.
I have a great idea if you'd like to help the health of the community here you can remove the fluoride from the water and stop ripping us off for the price of the water which has just grown and grown to ridiculous levels, and then we can take this extra savings and place that into this fund where at least we will have a chance to make some money instead of lose even more and more. 

Do the research about fluoride and what do you think that's going to cost us in the long run?

Maybe that's an asinine idea right???... but maybe it's not. My point is, there are thousands of things we can think of to save a penny here and a dollar there, and those things add up and you have to make room in a budget and cut things for the short-term to save for the rainy day and this opportunity is not going to last forever.
If John McAfee says he thinks one Bitcoin can easily be a half a million dollars shouldn't be at least by 1?
The smartest idea yet might be to start our own fund if possible. That could even be managed by a fun of manager similar to Mr. Novogratz and if not by Mr. Novogratz himself, who I have cited in the first article I wrote, which all you have to do is Google him and you will quickly see who he is.
We could offer back a decent amount of money to each and every citizen who invest in this planned well and above and beyond their bond maturity amount perhaps by stating something in legal jargon such that once the bond is matured if the overall fund has a growth rate of over 80%that percentage over 80% would be equally divided between all participants. My point here is not so much that it has to follow that suggestion if that is even a possibility but that there could be even an extra and sensitive above and beyond maturity of a simple Bond.
There are so many wonderful things to explore here that we really need to look into and again to figure out how to put $1000000 towards this should be simple and 10,000 should have already been done !
Once again, what's really left to lose when we've almost lost in tire town to heroin???
Governor Hogan
Mayor Brian Grimm
Allegany County Commissioners, Shade, Valentine, Brody
Senators VanHollen and Cardin
Delegates, Mike McKay and continued listings here...
All Maryland Candidates !!!
Maryland Constituents

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Tide ~ A Thought ~ Oarnge Sherbet

Matter and antimatter are like good and evil, if present in equal amounts they will annihilate one another, however here we are and thus whatever it was, that Catalyst for the Big Bang, is still left in great question... and why we are still here... ???

I think it's all ebb and flow baby, all ebb and flow.

Remain flexible.

Stay prepared.

And On Heroin ~ Poetry / Expression ~ author Orange Sherbet

On heroin, I was alone a long time in hell before I was at eternal rest.

I ran towards eternity, forever at once and quickly shutting out the cold black hurtful past called life.

Do you think I can care for you anymore? Mom? Or anyone else? Kids... Full them, they distract me from my mission chasing the dragon.

All my house of cards in life fell into a black holes and disappeared like I was on a rocket ship for a decade and here I am now on the black top broken, black and red.

I barely have the energy to tie off my arms ;( I'm dying fast but trying to hold on, so I can blast off maybe one more time if you haven't found me dead in my own bathroom already.

Now perhaps I'm blue, and oxygen forever now escapes me as I Decay rigamortous and finally smothered in my own shit get the last laugh as you find me after the hell I've reigned down on you!

This is what it looks like when another country attacks with chemicals when we bullied far far far too long.

I left my soul in Afghanistan, where once I had a Christian soul. Now I'm dead by Allah and all is black. It's true your forgiveness for your sins when you convert but that's because it all ends.

No hell, no lake of fire... blackness. All is blackness, empty and alone beyond the depths of lonely.

Before that final rest, selfishness and a rocket ship mission of the ft and lies, sin and sex, fast cars and thefts... I was a warrior soldier fallen hard core, awasj in chemicals galore, but you sent me to these depths, you sent me to those depths.

Synthetic is fentanyl a lab does make.

The rest grows in Afghanistan a millionaire quick makes !!!

Why do you think we are there? But... Who will take over when we depart.

We are never leaving, or only faster than we will fall.

Now, the dragon chase's you!

Lip service kills more than bullets with insurmountable inaction.

I remember when days were golden and children laughed alongside as friends visited and we celebrated life.

Now I exist in the void of Blackness such a void even lacking strife.

I am alone in my thoughts afloat, I am in the ocean with no Shores in sight without a boat, I am lost soul and no one cares, there were lots chances to help me but people couldn't overcome their own personal fears.

It's beyond lonely out here, it's beyond lonely out here.

I'm alone in my thoughts reminiscing in retrospect, there is no Lake of Fire just me and blackness at the speed of light somehow without a jet, the metamorphosis has taken shape and right now you're at my funeral I'll make a bet.

If you read this far this is fictional,

It's happening every day around us and it should be so obvious how to stop it that my gut in my education in my experience says this has to be intentional !

This is a war against our citizens killing more this year already in 2017 then all of the Vietnamese​ conflict and it needs to be addressed immediately with something Progressive because what's failing has been the practices so archaically conventional?

For decades now there's been no work out here in Appalachia and broken promises over and over from candidates that make it to DC and these problems persist here and the citizens beaten down except them and now we are the capital of heroin and if you have to question, well yes I'll just say I am definitely being controversial !!!

There's a lot of money in this and it's called the game and whoever gets to the finish line with the most money that build their empire and doesn't care about people along the way, and projections Blackness upon them as we all have seen day by day, it's funny how people just deny reality and accept the fantasy Within, when what's really happening all around them that needs to be stomped the f*** out is all about money so commercial !!!

So commercial!!!

So commercial!!!

So commercial!!!

Heroin, worse than the crack epidemic from the 80s where I grew up just a stone's throw south of Washington DC.

You have to understand that I've been studying this all my life from both sides being a college education and a person with a lot of problems with a friend and more friends that have a lot of problems because we all have problems and they are proliferating for each of us it's easy to see.

What do we do about this problem? We have the largest retirement generation in recorded history upon us now with the medical professional shortage!!! We have other problems upon us that we all are suffering as we watch our loved ones fade away. There's no reason for the young people to just live in a culture where they think there's nothing worth striving for and we have a culture of Americans all across America in all 50 states that have been abused far too long and not been given even a fair chance at the pursuit of happiness and are so desperate they often turn to Crime through Associated friends or gangs in the like of all different sorts of structure because it is the only way to survive. People selling massive drugs and ignoring the laws not enforced and you slap them on the wrist for something that should be life and only give them three. You lock other people up that are non-violent and did nothing wrong and you lock them up and throw away the key. It's ridiculous when people are locked up for just solely weed. These are all the people that must be set free. This is a plant it is chemicals it is natural is generic and when it is used appropriately as a medical pharmaceutical drug it helps in such a multitude of ways that it is hard to describe by experience except that it works incredibly and that I do not have to take higher doses of Fentanyl and it is been wonderful to wean off the following morphine and then the oxycodone while I was sick with a black mold I'll save poisoning from an air conditioner that didn't drain and also suffered from an infection of hsv1, no not sexual herpes, the type that is on your lip and burns like hell but because I'm immunological e challenged it was on my scalp and burning like hell for at least 12 years always open for everyone to see and it was so absolutely personally degrading and disgusting to me.

I had always healed fast in my body was such a beautiful vessel and I always felt that within my soul I didn't feel so connected with pain and hurt to the wonderful body god-given and this always made me feel that within this body this soul is free.

Racked and pain for 30 years or close finally I gave in and pain management was the option that I knew could easily lead to a quick end. You have to understand that I studied everything well before and I knew that I was a person that had problems and that this could easily kill me and I had to have the most the discipline that I had ever had in my life because I was going to walk a tightrope. I was going to be on synthetic heroin. I would just say that I was on heroin. The only thing about synthetic is honestly the body doesn't understand completely how to metabolize it. It's concerning because the immune system does not identify these types of pharmaceutical compounds and can often trigger at least allergic reaction and in the worst case scenario autoimmune disease.

We are being chemically attacked. This is chemical warfare factually stating that it's killing our citizens faster than Warfare and it has to be cut off at the head so that this Beast quickly falls down just like the pedophiles that are going to be put in cages at a minimum if not hung in public so that an example is finally set and we return from the cusp of Anarchy and understand that you have to work hard and earn ~ to be free!

So many people that are in the upper echelon like to conveniently say that they understand and they aren't disconnected. I'll invite you to a mansion Waverly and we will watch you and take pictures and be live on the internet for 1 year and we will live the way people live here and then we will reassess and see if you would like to stay another year and we will watch what happens to you as only somebody would come that is from a very different area. You don't understand what it means to be poor and you can't pretend to understand what life is in the ghetto. You don't understand prison unless you've done prison and it changes you permanently this path so taken sometimes without choices because we are so full of lip service and lost in the details of laws that are far too convoluted and in sports when you are having any type of issues whatsoever with performance you always stop and you go back to basics. Eustress the basics. I'm going to leave that word because it looks cool. But what I said was you stress the basics. you train the basics. You do this whatever those Basics are for your respective field in athletics and you keep training until you're exhausted. There comes a time where you have synaptic recall and all of a sudden it's like the brain is on cruise control. This is scientific fact and I will say this as cocky as I can because I read a lot and I know that you can find that this is easily the truth and I am not going to cite anything here because I want you to do your own due diligence while I remain as cocky as can be.

You have to understand my personality and you have to understand I spend a lot of time in this space and you have to understand I care about my community.

You have to understand that sometimes I like to be as sarcastic as I can be.

You have to understand the messenger and maybe even know him to understand the message thoroughly.

There are so many messages that are not even between the lines but actually symbolically.

There are patterns that can be analyzed and there are patterns that can be used to hide and there are all kinds of incredible things that can be done so that communication can Carrie the powerful words we envision that each ring with their own clarity caring vibrations that are so powerful we truly do project from our mind what is first thought and then through action after plans often, our reality.

Why do we accept our current reality?

Why do we accept our current reality?

Why do you accept our current reality?

You can't do anything about any of these problems if heroin kills you and me.

If no one told you they love you today I love you and I want you to get help and you can reach for me.

There's many ways to find me and I always listen and I promise that you can get through this mission and walk away from the pain and Dope Sick misery.

I walked the tightrope with professional supervision perfectly.

This stuff is so radical to the body it almost stole me.

When the actual doctor that I saw face-to-face spoke with me of Fentanyl and my prescription that I would take, he said you know you will probably be on this the rest of your life! I understood exactly what he meant but I didn't know if that meant one more year, two more years, or three.

I've watched heroin addicts on TV. Role Models they cast and project for you and me. I watch their bodies change and I saw something there that I desired with all honesty. I knew that perhaps if I walked this tightrope with only the most disciplined and the finest prayers with consistency and a focus on health and returning myself back into me.

I walked the tightrope for 23 months. I started with 25 micrograms of fentanyl every 3 days. I ended on 50 micrograms of fentanyl every 2 days. Trump became our president and I had started this under Obama. Even when you do this with medical supervision it's blackness somehow seeps into your whole family tree!

Under Trump's presidency things started to change and I felt it was obvious. This guy's going to do something about this problem because he's a problem solver. We all know he appears to love himself but everybody wants to believe projections and not realize that things are not as they appear.

Maryland Physicians Care sent myself a letter and sent a letter to The Spine and Pain Management where I am a patient and I have been treated perfectly professionally with only the greatest skills and care with the finest staff I have ever seen in any medical office in my life and trust me I am absolutely no stranger to Medicine nor have I ever been. I am healthier than I have ever been now accept my spine that's disintegrating. I need drugs for the pain because without it I am debilitated and that is not because of the drugs because I held off for 30 years and I've lost 2.2 inches in my height having formerly been 5 9 and now being 5 6.8. yes I'm keeping track because I think it's important to stress to my doctors that the column is a shrinking stack in the pain is critical and killer this stupid f****** back. Spinal stenosis throughout and cervical ribs I'm a freak. The hsv1 resides in the nurse so in these of the spine ! That s*** was active forever 12 years with an open wound and many more on my head and now valacyclovir almost killed me but the wound has healed and I am starting to once again feel set free !!!

Trust me when you have to kick you'll go meet face-to-face misery !!!

Trust me when you have to kick you'll go meet face-to-face misery !!!

Trust me when you have to kick you'll go meet face-to-face misery !!!

I did my stuff professionally I didn't ever once and never will go to the street.

They've got hot shots to kill the informants and the people that are money and these m************are running the streets and the cops can't chasing down the alleys and we need SWAT teams permanently in place and on their feet.

Heroin can't be tolerated and we can help people kick it with weed.

You don't do that just by smoking it too can be concentrated into oils and made edible and it is okay to desensitize this and although our federal government hasn't authorized the studies of marijuana in Israel where the finest doctors reside there is the finest of studies done and it's just proven over and over and over again to be beneficial and often for reasons we just don't know. There are so many strains and what is amazing is that I am now down to 20 mg of oxycodone a day and that is all along side Lyrica for my pain and once again I have to say I am feeling set free. I honestly feel like I need a little bit more oxycodone in me. 4 pills is not enough I really need five or six because I Came Crashing Down from this megadose that Maryland Physicians Care wrote about. These letters sent stating that I really need to look at an alternative because this amount is over the recommended amount that is supposed to be prescribed by federal law as I understand it. I am proud to say under the Trump Administration there was scrutiny !!!

I was given a dose that was high enough for terminal cancer patients. I'm happy to say today finally some, of the professional side, where they need to take a piss test too regularly, it's called accountability.

Return faster and faster to accountability.

Return faster and faster to accountability.

Return faster and faster to accountability.

Do I now have a legal case as this drug has helped me to lose nearly 80 lb. I have no ass no more it's not even around it's just as flat as a board and I feel as old as a worn-out clown. I don't have cancer or at least I didn't win this started and I'm happy to say that now I'm down to what's called a manageable dose of Narcotics and after my studies I knew that I would sculpt this body with great intensity.

I started the fence and all and the pain was gone for the first time in nearly three decades and I can't explain to you how young I would feel and the things I could do once again and there is no doubt that to live many years is fantastic but there has to be something said for sure for certain people about life's quality.

I told you that this was a tight right but I didn't tell you that it might be something that isn't just a tightrope but something that can provoke. If something works you inside, you need to ask yourself why?

I studied a head carefully.

I walked the tightrope very restricted in my past ways and with the greatest focus and intent and discipline so that I knew I would look soon in a year or two if I made it, like a marathon runner with less load on his body so that I would transform through this medicinal metamorphosis if I made it and therefore have less weight on this skeletal frame that is breaking down like a rapper on methamphetamine.

I am just as skinny now as can be. It's like it all just started melting away and I'm actually starting to see abdominal muscles and a center line on the front of my body.

I've never seen that before and it has been the greatest gift in life to walk this tightrope and be with less and even sometimes no pain and therefore be able to participate and produce and help myself and contribute to my community.

I'm not trying to convince you of anything one way or the other I'm just sharing my experience hoping to save a sister or brother, this can become the introduction to substance abuse very easily. Because of the pharmacies mistakes and prior authorizations I got strung out even with the greatest of supervision and planning they almost killed me when I was deathly sick with mold and highly active HSV

I come from Cumberland Maryland which was mentioned in the movie one time at least and the movie that I reference is the original Night of the Living Dead, if I stated that title correctly. I will see and be working on a project related to this movie as we produce another movie and I will also be working on my own project and have been for some time building a database and planning who and how this will happen but it will be about Pittsburgh and Cumberland and how these drugs have made us all, well you will see it in my picture, the real life what you fear the most... zombies !

Before all the craze I wrote about this and talked about this and I made music about the zombie apocalypse and I watched my ideas explode before my eyes like fireworks so much that I felt like perhaps I actually had some klout some influence and man if that's the truth I feel more honored than anything and it's incredible what we can project and even influence with from the mind.

You have to question what's being projected to you, and for whose dime.

You have to question why things are projected you you repeatedly Time After Time.

You have to question why things are projected to you repeatedly Time After Time.

You have to question why things are repeated to you and projected to you Time After Time.

Indelible is the word and now and printed in your mind another Corporation or persons or governments intent with only their agenda as goals that for you if you are not careful and don't do your due diligence, can your life undermine undermine.

I watched my mother died the most absolutely horrific cancer death that took forever because she has the strongest will of anybody I have ever known and I can say that because she fought Asthma as an adult while I had it as a child and we were both deathly ill for years. When you root for somebody and they root for you and especially when it's your mom you understand that you have to dig deep to keep hanging on and we both love life so much and she hung on as long as she could only 60 something pounds and finally her heart gave out and I was so thankful that compared to what things could have happened that at least it may have been simple and peaceful, but I don't know I wasn't there with my sister by her side because my mother dying was killing me inside.

I couldn't drink enough alcohol and just die.

I have a conscience and thankfully a forgiving father because I know through it all I abused myself and I couldn't look him Square in the eye.

This was pre fentanyl and when I started the regimen with the professional supervision I never drank a drop of alcohol and I would suggest with narcotics nobody dare try.

You just can't believe how many friends I have watch died and I am only going to be soon 50 but right now hopefully I make it as I am 49.

My greatest discipline of all perhaps was my ability to eat barely anything at all and go and go and go and I made the best use of my time as I had planned and I am working hard to make my life a life that I can sustain myself once again. I am so far from that goal but at least I am trying and as long as I can walk the federal government doesn't give a damn. They've denied me twice my disability and I'm sure that I also have PTSD. Dick Schram dying in a plane crash at an airshow is my first memory. I testified against a friend, who murdered his father, my former and seem to be again boss, and Jack Daniels never took that pain away 1/5 a night somehow I socked away in the biggest a****** was I. But that s*** still eating me up it's still killing me.

There's something happens within the mind. We take pictures and video and too often hit rewind. Writing is the therapeutic practice that helps me and is called A coping mechanism. There are many many don't just let some counselor tell you there's only three.

I am continually looking for coping mechanisms and life and most especially so that I can live through this pharmaceutical misery.

My honest to God's truth is that my spine with spinal stenosis throughout and massive spinal cord impingement in the cervical area so bad that my neck is at a right angle and basically looks broken, and spondylosis which I didn't even realize I had as a diagnosis because no doctor gives you enough time to tell you how f***** up you really are because well we are numbers and they can't care because they do care and if they get personal it tears them up. Look at the suicide rates there as well. Do you due diligence and have respect for your professionals and don't be rude like me.

I'm not the example. I'm not the role model. I'm rolling in sin. I look at the problems from within. Perhaps I analyze the details but when I report I tell the truth and I cannot lie because I see my father staring at me concerned all the time. I have let him down so many f****** times. For once I would like to make him proud but will I make it through? Nobody even gives a f*** and that's the real truth !!!

People overdose because nobody gives a s*** and they become isolated and it's part of the addiction in the disease and without instant and long-term treatment, I promise you heroin will permanently set you free.

I have reported on my blog several times that the black market would be flooded with fencing all because there is always chatter if you listen. I'm not an informant I'm just a man on a mission. I don't even know what my goal truly is. I just know that I don't have many more friends. I'm closer to the ones that I've closed too and I'm closer than I've ever been. I love them more than they know and I Miss spending life with them. I am healing fast and I am going to catch up and that will be the new me as skinny as can be.

I was not on fentanyl all for the rest of my life. My connection didn't think I was going to make it through. He thought the fence and all would put me Six Feet Under and it was probably close. Denial equals probably. You have to understand addiction to undo it and put it on a Shelf. You have to understand addiction from within to walk the tightrope of discipline or you're simply genetically not an addict which is called a disease because it has symptoms and can be treated.

If you are addicted to any narcotics and you are addicted to any type of substance immediately seek help of your medical professionals and let them guide you but you have to do your due diligence because as I said my own pain management prescribe me more than they were supposed to. I don't think I'm wrong there at all and most often after I write these blogs and hit enter I really wonder if anybody is listening to me?

This isn't about me.

This isn't about me.

This isn't about me.

You can think whatever about me I don't really care because I'm transparent like a ghost. I am so imperfect and I am not alone and I am strong and I am a survivor and I push hard and I'm working through this with the most diligence I promise and I have watched many friends disappear very rapidly over the last several years and most of the time it was related to Pharmaceuticals and or alcoholism. You go to sleep and you don't wake up again. You get f***** up and you take too many pills again because you don't even remember that you just took the last ones and you can do that completely sober because for example I have pills you have to take 3 times a day and four times a day and once a day and twice a day and well that's a little bit hard to sleep and stay on a schedule and the ups and downs are unbelievable. Trust me.

Remember this is not about me. Remember we have more people dying from narcotic related deaths in this year alone then all of our citizens that went to serve in Vietnam and didn't get to return home alive, it's critical and Beyond High Time that action follows on a federal level with coordination and whatever is deemed by legal definition necessary.

How do we not know where these people live? How do we not know who the H dealers are? So many people are paid off. Look up Donald Solomon from Washington Pennsylvania the former Chief of Police. His ex girlfriend while he was married and her new boyfriend who was my old friend shortly after this we're living with me.

My life is so crazy. First I dated my friend's mom and then later I fell in love with his sister the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.

Things change and we change and our minds remain after the metamorphosis of the body.

Her husband which she remarried if I'm not mistaken was just found dead in his bathroom and he was Far younger than me. The same group of people dealing drugs and running guns and there's a motorcycle gang involved too. I know, I know, it all sounds like fantasy. It gets treated like fantasy as well as the legal law enforcement proper authorities are told by the justice department 2 basically give up and you could pray and just lay prone not enforcing the laws of the land for the oath that you took so just get down on your knees.

Last I heard the people that were prone were often beheaded. They are called infidels by the Muslims which are conducting a Jihad and Asian God is when the radical Muslim is actively seeking to terrorize the American public and kill as many citizens and hurt as many citizens and visitors that we Embrace from other countries.

More than one jihadist is referred to as the mujahideen!

There are an American rappers you "Bezz Believe", that openly declare themselves on video mujahideen.

You must study and understand your enemy.

It's strange how I saw Las Vegas compared to most people because this was eerily familiar and scary as s***and she confessed to me and murder and I just can't stand quiet in a dead man's defense. We all know the truth that dead men can actually speak.

I'm just a simple citizen remaining vigilant and I'm not helping out in the way I used to anymore friends. This is now my home where I reside alone to heal and push that Blackness all away so numb I can't feel. Jeez

I broke a lumbar vertebrae because solid oak steps feel like Louisville Sluggers hitting grand slams all 6 or 8 at once whatever it was the two times that this happened once at my father-in-law's home and once here at my own home. Wet shoes suck. I went to Las Vegas and blew my money, a massive impact that broke my back and left me with the concussion but the Klonopin kept me lost as I don't remember more than a week.

We were going through a custody suit with the most disgusting topic involved that you can imagine so just imagine that for a moment and how wonderful it is to know that a child is being sexually traumatized and so the Klonopin was for nerves because well if you don't get it you never will. The judge called me a liar and I stood up 4 what was happening to somebody else, exactly like as a child what happened to me. As an adult the truth is now known and it's proven I'm not a liar, but I knew that all along, but Sticks and Stones can break my bones all they want, we took the proper, which were drastic, measures to ensure the safety of child. It's amazing what gets thrown out of court when the confession is made in front of a psychologist who is highly qualified but it wasn't a visit that qualified for court because it wasn't the parent of custody that brought the child and nor did that parent have permission. I have the utmost respect for the doctor that went above and beyond and put her license and practice on the line to see a child that she knew we were genuinely concerned about. Sticks and Stones, judge, they might break my bones as you call me a liar and names will never hurt me. Most of all a child was spared because we as a family stood up who you called Liars but we insured through our actions that this disgusting alleged at the at the time and now confirmed as an adult, molestation stop instantly!!!!

Nearly two decades passed and still angry.

My first wife was also molested as a child. I was molested as a child. This brought up just an incredible amount of personal pain with my own memory bubbles popping through this time of which my repressed memories started coming forth during the most difficult of times and no coping mechanisms enough at the moment back then to maneuver and so I lost my in-laws my loved ones my friends and most of all my wife that I thought I would be with together until the end and it's just tough-looking back and I'm not diagnosed with PTSD but with the things I've been through there's no doubt I have PTSD.

I need disability to survive. I need that monthly check to survive. They won't give it to me because I wouldn't lie. The federal judge in my social security case called me a liar. He told who I believe is an Egyptian man and my doctor then you're a surgeon one in the same, well he said that I told the doctor that I went skiing at the Wisp. I had a video teleconference which is something I wrote about in blogged about and suggested and I believe I was one of the first to ever have this and then I was slain.

I am just looked at as a miserable piece of s*** that is a scumball and the treats is with all that you know here you do not know me personally and you do not know anything else about me unless you do your due diligence and read this blog and you will see a It's unfold with some blooming that has taken a long time and some shedding of those things that are hurtful to one's soul and do no earthly good as we all have the ability and should embrace greatly that we can evolve in a moment and to change. I know that a lot of people would agree with me and that's because they're probably right. Some people have the Constitution mentally and intestinal fortitude to push through until it's nothing but light that they see.

This has been in many ways the toughest Journey.

The narcotics chasing the dragon perfectly as prescribed has been one of the toughest ever Journeys.

I have lived through the metamorphosis and now I am on what's considered I'll say a team amount but there are side effects that are potential with all drugs and you have to know them well also so that you do not play into the types of side effects that can happen mentally so that perhaps you focus negatively for example instead of positively but of course not limited to this philosophy.

This has been the toughest Journey.

I have a sister who still angry she won't talk to me.

I believe in my heart of hearts that she got busy and funneled all of her anger because she felt like they were trying to kill her brother and that they were doing it way too easily.

We were driving home from West Point with my father and we had these discussions and words and I have been very good about telling her exactly how my progress is coming along and I know that she is extraordinary really busy with so much exciting going on in her life and it's very easy to become selfish when you are on these Journeys and narcotics can make you act this way and it's something that you need to ignore and remember who you were and who you are and not play into these kinds of side effects because if you do that means you have the disease of addiction and your propensity to views these drugs makes it something that has to be considered and professionally doctors cannot prescribe you drugs that can kill you if they know that you have the propensity to use them as such. Addiction is a disease !!! Look up the definition because you can't argue it that's what it's called medically!!!

We seem to always be arguing and wasting time over the details as such as what I stated above and instead we waste what could be focused on the problem instead of finding a solution and it's incredible amount of wasted energy.

I'm going to end the story here and hopefully I'll be able to continue to report back but I'm disappearing quickly.

It's wonderful to be skinny and feel agile and sometimes when properly medicated pain free.

The goal is no narcotics at all however I don't think I could be functional without them and I know that a wheelchair is in the future because what's happening to me is devastatingly painful and I have slipped discs in all three regions of my back. My legs hurt Non-Stop and although I am actually in very good shape the pain is absolutely debilitating as it feels without medication as though lactic acid has built up and is burning after a workout and again that is all day all the time. Walking up one flight of stairs is just miserable until my medicine is active.
You feel like you're in a trap to a large degree.

Soon I'm going to be 50 which is a miracle itself if I make it. I did not choose my genetic design and what are called flaws.

I have cervical ribs that is one on each side of the last cervical vertebrae and it is extraordinary rare. It can cause thoracic outlet syndrome which is a very very dangerous disease. I have already had heart problems which I am confident I fixed with curcumin as they were persistent for over 15 years and I was still consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes when my heart return to normal sized in the arrhythmia stopped at long last and my mitral prolapse valve seems to be perfect now as well.. whoever wants to scoff continue to do so and soon I will have copies of all of medical records to prove these facts. I've never been to the Wisp and I'm not a liar I just checked around with the doctor the first time I saw him and I didn't realize English wasn't his first language or I just didn't register that and I made a joke because he looked with me by his side at the Imaging of my neck and it looks like it is broken from a car accident and his eyes were huge and he couldn't believe I could even walk and I said I guess I will never go skiing again. I have skied many times out in Colorado and now I was crucified for a joke.

My f****** lawyer told me to walk in with the cane that I have well one of them anyway and to use it no matter how I felt he kept suggesting as I told him know if I am having a good day the Kane will stay home as I will not lie and I will not be an actor in front of a federal judge. He kept charging me and he was so pissed off when I didn't show up with a cane. he helped crucify Me by not giving me a defense because I didn't present how he suggested I should and if I had presented how he suggested I should I would have been lying in the court of law. We call that perjury in the United States and f*** these these types of lawyers !!!

After the phone conversation where he asked me a lie I called to West pointers and a lawyer I worked for that would be able to testify to this and a court of law. The corruption runs deep.

The lawyer understands that the system is severely broken there is no doubt about that but you do not ask your client to perjure him or herself at any level and to me it shows the ultimate disrespect when it is at the federal level. The corruption runs deep.

I got called a liar because a lawyer asked me to lie. For now I'm done the poetry.

Those who speak out are usually hated an isolated. I don't mind being alone and I know who my friends are but I also feel threatened to a large degree with Target I have put upon my own back. The corruption runs deep.

Who is selling the heroin all over my town and why is there so much on the street?

Nothing but b******* propaganda all over the TV.

There is neglect of all of Appalachia the same way it always has been in the same way it will always be. They test us like guinea pigs and it really matters not to anyone if they kill you or me.

It's your choice. It's your life. ask for help and get help and if you are under the supervision of a doctor you still need to do your own due diligence and make sure that the dosage amount Fitz along the guidelines as suggested by the FDA or I should say approved. Next you have to wonder can you trust any government agency and there's no reason to be paranoid it's just called doing you due diligence once again. I don't trust any government agency as a general rule of thumb and what I mean by that is I know that nothing is perfect and these systems are far too over convoluted to be effective and efficient and they need to be fixed. Lying and court is not a fix made we need !!!

Please dear Lord I pray that the professionals will make this all go away and that the politicians will learn how to get back to basics and just do their job and for once instead of Decades of abuse and neglect of the entire Appalachian region I demand Federal emergency funding and a strategic plan with goals that we will implement and share with the help of our community.

Stomp out heroin and speak up and don't be afraid because trust me you have a lot of people behind you and the first one you can count is me !!!