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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Black Corridors to Justice ~ intense pedonal experience real

It's amazing when one door closes, what will open next and in short order.

It's amazing who gracefully reaches out to lift others when it is deeply needed ( kneaded .. but read it that way too and think about Manna From Heaven) , not that it's never deeply needed, either, though.

I stepped through the threshold of the most amazing time in my fantasy life, and back into the Black corridoor that leads to Justice.

It's a long hard difficult and arduous task to try to be a good citizen and when you have to get sucked in to murder investigations and speaking to District Attorney's offices, again, now 7 years later... Well that's as specific is that can get and stems from me recording a confession of murder.

I heard the confession once, I acted drunk a second occasion and with the beer in my hand recorded the second confession, and because I just can't stand a murderer.

I deeply value life !

My first memory is in airplane crash and not long after that my father being in Vietnam and being injured and somehow through the family members I knew that he may not ever come home again. We didn't know what happened exactly that is. It was bad enough to get a pretty important phone call with a fragment of news. News is not as instant as social media and don't ever forget that. We make poor decisions when we have only partial information. If I want to build a Performance Racing Engine one day or any efficient machine or any business I must architect or follow a decent plan. Part of that plan is having parts and you must have all of those parts, again think about an engine. We have an output we have a goal we have a desire and we have waste. We are moving through this exponential time this exponentially row as General Keith Alexander recently stated in a speech attended live after meeting him, naturally riding upon my father's coattails as I don't feel Worthy.

My biggest problem in life is only me. That's a whole different story and I take it part by part and carefully but it seems there's times where it can certainly speed up and slow down in time frames and right now I'm on rewind.

I don't know what is going to unfold from here forward but I do know that the lessons of my life have told me to stand strong and most of all to be good to myself. Not perfect to myself just better to myself. treat myself even better than I treated myself yesterday and learn to love myself a little more so then in turn I will have the love that will attract the love that should be reciprocal as it's okay to be expected.

It's okay to be expected but it's not okay to set yourself up upon those expectations to Then Fall flat on your face and crushed you self.

Life is short and I value life in my understanding is somebody else's life was taken from them and I don't know if anything above makes sense or if any of this is in order but I know that if I am asked to stand up for another who's valuable life was taken and who now has no voice then that is the right thing to do because I know it seems certain that most murderers seem to murder again if given the chance as there are an amazing amount of multiple murders which is something that would be an entirely different class than a Serial murderer for example. It might be a new chapter of the science of law enforcement to study the data sets that are available today because what we have today is more revealing than ever.

In a digital aspect we get to rewind the clock, something we can't do in real time. We get to Look Backwards at the wake somebody has left and the trail there and Everywhere it leads to and there is great scrutiny, and at the great time of this great scrutiny there is more data then in all of recorded history digitally speaking only, recorded in the year 2017 than there had been in the totality previously, unless I misunderstood something, as I'm app to do in my typical Day Dreaming kind of way when my mind explodes with fireworks when I listen to another something hard to shut off.

Life is full of vivid pictures and is one heck of an adventure and I need strength because it seems like the weaker I get the more I have to stand up and the more I age the more work there is to do and by value life. I'm not perfect but I also value others lives.

You can think what you want of me and I really do appreciate the kind thoughts and of the other thoughts it matters not. The emotional hurt in life is the hurt I place upon myself when I let it keep me from the better things in life, as I have been asked to let it do. There's also scientific proof that there's great health in proper rest and I have been one that has been known to sleep too much, and although yes I sleep when I can because I feel like I've never ever been healthy, rest is restorative as is love and friendship and family and is an important component and factor of life.

I don't know where I'm going from here but I know I have a lot to do and some wonderful things just ahead for certain and some beautiful people I will see and that will carry me.

You are your own best insulator against evil and still we will experience things, events, in life that are powerful in motivating and I am just amazed at this threshold I have to step through right now.

Often when we need the most strength and support from others so borrowed through the friendship and love that they share we can be easily shut down and turned inward, this turning others out and it's then when you must reach down the deepest and step up the strongest to receive the others love because everybody has beautiful lives and is busy and we have to meet others somewhere about halfway typically.

This threshold sucks but I already feel a thousand times stronger than I did yesterday. Not 10 times a thousand times but that doesn't mean it's easy it's just another threshold and experience is the finest teacher and I know for myself Justice is important.

I'm not even sure at this point there was a murder but this person is an unsavory person and that's been proven in federal court in a criminal case against the former Chief of Police of Washington, Pennsylvania.

You can trust me if I say something I'm going to back it up with evidence that's irrefutable. You can trust me if there's a trail, I as a decent human being and going to follow that trail if I think there's a shred of proof that something absolutely heinous to life and other people has happened.

I am blessed through all of you and I am blessed to be able to stand at all and I am blessed to be able to stand up, and today I am so very deeply appreciative of life. Off I go with my dogs to do whatever it is I do and best of all see a lot of my friends. Can you imagine if somebody else took that for you and other people knew about it and didn't stand up? Imagine that. Life is deeply valuable and each of us matter to others in great ways and just stay strong and communicate and reach out and try to do the next right thing and please speak up for those that can't.

What would it be like if somebody else Stole Your Vessel and you didn't get to enjoy this upcoming weekend?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Almost Time ~ I Am Program ~ I ∆M Ď€rogram

It would be really cool if we could replace all the calcium in our bones with graphene. Be nice to have a little graphene in all of ourselves perhaps. A little genetic editing and then insert that code into a stem cell and we might resculpt the skeleton in it's own silhouette.

I must say that I know several people in some very fascinating places and some of the things we are on the cusp of, on the verge of, or just hard to even grasp as an almost reality.

We are only steps away from curing just about anything... and of course always there has been long sought the Fountain of Youth. Once we learn how to edit the genes, we may learn how to design it so that the telomeres don't diminish in number over time, thus basically shortening biological cellular life.

I think the telomeres shortened because that is perhaps something not so much genetic but gravitational do to us living in a black hole Galaxy. Everything is getting twisted and turned and going down a funnel and super slow motion, counterclockwise.

Maintain that which you truly care for and would like to have in your life. Share what else you have extra with others that are truly in need. Work hard and reward hard work. Offer progress where you see progress being made. Offer help to those needing a hand up that are willing to work hard. Trust is a proven verb. Some would say that faith without works is dead but I say this is not true. Faith is never dead as long as the Breath of Life to inhale. Faith is always there, if you just asked for it. It does indeed get stronger through experience and the passage of time and the practicing consistently of principles that are wholesome. It Wayans, it comes and goes like the tide, but really what that is is our understanding personally of faith. It varies with each individual. Faith itself is always the same and that is what makes it so powerful because it's the sunny skies that you envision in your head that lady just up ahead and you can see but while you're going through the worst part of the storm. It's the place you know you can go and get extra strength to survive, because that is what survivors do. It is what we are all asked to do. We are to ask for help and we are to ask consistently and with great and deep thoughtfulness.

Technologically speaking with all the different amazing things that are going to come to fruition those steps above May be 20 to 50 years away... but, it's likely that they're 15 or 10 years away, perhaps for less.

I often think back to when I was a child, and I think of how impossible it seemed that the United States would build this Space Shuttle and launch it into outer space... and that it could even fly piggyback on a jetliner airliner too, for ease of transport, naturally.

I don't remember what year the original projection was for the space shuttle to finally finished and launched, but the net outcome of that entire program was it was retired before that original projected date ever even came to fruition.

Think about that for moment and that which we gained because of this great investment in science and technology.

Now, think about where we are today and it's not hard to see that we are truly moving exponentially faster in some of the most critical scientific and medical areas and there has been great suffering and great loss as well for us to get to these places so that less will suffer furthermore into those days ahead.

Can we genetically edit the lungs so that they are able to utilize another molecule? Could we be made so that we could withstand life on any Planet no matter with or without an atmosphere or with or without any Earth-likeness, or terraforming?

Will we be able to genetically edit the largest organ of the human body, the epidermis, the skin, and be able to withstand things that today armas? Be that heat, or hard objects, or different types of impact from falling perhaps, Etc.

Almost everything seems to have an architecture in within that architectural program and within that program where there are human beings, manipulation. We have the intelligence to be able to do some mighty mighty things and let's hope our civilization in our culture can prosper so that we can see these beautiful dreams that will cure people come to fruition.

Then you must think, how so would we feed and support a greater, and greater always growing, population?

Those are such large problems to solve, and those are problems for the future that are massive, however let's think about this for a moment. Is there not enough food on Earth so that no man or woman shall ever starve?

I think our President needs to organize the largest food drop in history and help people to be strong and healthy all over the world. We will stand up and make nutrition what it should be, in that it should always be plentiful for all and nourishing and others shan't hoarded or make Prophets Beyond those needed for those funds in which to propagate and maneuvers those goods into their final destinations of diet.

There are a great many things that the greatest man in history will stand up against and it will certainly be the massive population both for and against him that he will valiantly fight for. Who would be that woman or man? Who will know how to keep the scales in the balance and therefore prosperity for all? Who will have Vision to launch us into the next millennia? We don't need a Visionary of 50 years we need a Visionary of a thousand.

It's also not far that we will be able to collapse space-time upon itself through the control of magnetic fields and therefore create wormholes in which to travel.

There's a shape in Geometry called a Mobius strip and it is a one-sided shape that appears at first as a two-sided Circle. You think at first glance there's an inside and outside, those two sides. Upon further inspection you will find it there's one twist in this segmented ribbon and then once that twist is made those ends so joined together to make a circle, and their you shall see there's only one side.

There are different points in that geometrical shapes 2 dimensional space time and you could take a ballpoint pen and put a. There for one of them in another. For another one maybe a hundred and eighty degrees away from it. If that was truly space-time where we exist and you could collapse the empty vacuum in between you could fold those two points together until they touch and I don't quite know exactly what that means except that we shorten the distance between two points.

Once we have mastered these physics, we will also be able to do amazing things like make radioactive materials inert immediately when so needed.

We are already ascending signals by laser and able to burn through almost any material with laser and we are able to see stars and galaxies that are billions of light-years away.

The beautiful and creative mind that we have within is as small as we are with the universe that is ever expanding. We seem to become infinitely smaller, but, in spirit a larger part of the greater whole. We too with in our for ever expanding.

We are in the "exponential era" and it is quite something to observe, as the things I read in science books and magazines as a child fantasized about these things but knew that they would come to be, and here we are.

Most of all of the above is reality. Some is pure conjecture and it's up to you to do your own due diligence to see if I am a lunatic or if I'm correct, if that matters at all.

Is it hard to believe that we are going to have space wars?

I wonder what the warranty is on that Tesla and outer space anyhow, and I wonder if Elan will be the first to drive on another planet in a car. I imagine it's battery powered and has a solar charger and the thruster she said its trajectory and could probably be landed anywhere they want to.

Perhaps Mr Bowie awaits us on Mars and Mr. Musk will have to drive to pick him up after he lands, In The Villa of Ormen. But if we can collapse time well then all of that stuff will just be toys and fun I suppose.

All humor aside, there are some amazing things about to happen.

What is it that you can Envision and dream about and fantasize within your own minds I that you just know is going to be?

Live your life into those dreams.

I Am Program

Friday, March 9, 2018

Chasing Pack Leaders; When, Where & Why ~ I Am Program

What's accomplished when chasing the leader of the pack, versus,... not chasing the leader of the pack? Where and why is timing important? What's the short-term end-goal and what's the long-term end-goal? Is this for just this race, or are these practices for all of the life... these internal primal instinctual innate principles, if you will ??? ...and equally exciting is the stand alone abilities for, these both guidance and survival mechanisms, to run both autonomously and dependent upon us too, truly flexible. Both voluntarily and involuntarily.

A Step Beyond that, if you believe that the Mind itself is alone responsible 4 all of the above in the management of your life, well just think about how much we don't realize in the fascinating medical science of Neurology for example.

The spirit we know is strong and seemingly is fleeting to us in this physical experience, as the wind.

We think we realized quite a lot today in urology, however in just the last 30 years alone this field has by No Doubt grown by Leaps and Bounds, both in ways of delicate procedures or operations as well as philosophies and precise scientific data sets that quantify, often visually today, what is really happening.

I guess that there is a great design at work here and if you use the word design as you use that word with intent then you would realize that there is something that is responsible for that design, that's just logical and rational reasoning there.

We understand how computers work quite well because we built them and if you study computer science or you just like a tinker and read a lot, whatever the case may be we realize that there are programs or what we call today on smartphones apps, that are responsible to run a certain and specific set of commands. Quite simply those commands are run a pond an operating system which understands the language in which it is written and is able to then execute those commands through electrical switching essentially, and calculate data sets and then translate that backwards through the same basic Network to the user interface where we today find things only more and more easy today.

We understand computers have viruses, and worms, and we gave these names of course because they are not unlike those same things that harm our own vessels.

Imagine a platform that could run one trillion programs simultaneously. Is it not hard to imagine what is often referred to as the ghost in the machine?

On an electrical level alone when you think of an amount of switches that we can't even comprehend and the amount of chemicals that are being utilized through that process, well is it not hard to contemplate that perhaps there is consciousness just as an absolute certainty due to circumstances alone?

Consciousness May indeed be almost an accident, or the absolutely most perfect design.

So when chasing the leader or following near or far, what are those end-goals and why?

I Am Program

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I Pray Again, and Again, and I Pray Again and Again, and Again ~ Poetic Thoughts ~ I Am Program

You are either for or against the Second Amendment. I think we're all entitled to our own opinion upon that issue.

The bigger question upon my mind is who likes to use divisive issues for division and why? I really hope that my friends can learn how to be friends once again because a lot of them are just not being very nice to one another and I find it the ridiculous way to observe others lives that they choose to make public.

I could be one of those so guilty, as don't we each get fired up sometime? But, again, you must look at the larger picture... and then carefully with attention to studious detail, try to figure out who it is that wants to divide you !!!!!

It get's down to either you're a nationalist or you're a globalist ~ and if you're a nationalist  ~ you can have globalist agendas too, to use for your country ~ but ~ if you're strictly a globalist ~ you stand only for killing our nation as it stands, and has always stood, since the day it was born ~ for freedom ~ and upon that above, I beg you think about these things, responsibly ~ doing you're due diligence along that way !!!!!

I pray.

Don't let any form of media dial you up like a phone, tuning you in ~ and firing you up ~ and making you do ~ and think things ~ you would rather not !!!!!

I pray again!

When your choice is no civil discourse, trust me the military will quickly take the rights you thought born with so instantly, and very swiftly away, Jade Helm is now home !!!!! ALL AROUND YOU.

If the majority or even an iron fisted bullying crooked minority, are indeed mob rule , or air any other form~ and  therefore uncivil action ~ will call for definitely nothing less. Be careful what you have asked for ~ because ~ the provisions of law say that you can trust this will be the truth.

I Pray Again, and Again, and I Pray Again and Again, and Again !!!!!

Let's Roll

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Q Is In Control ~ #QIIC, #Q2C, #WhoIsQ ~ @RealAlexJones , @jerome_corsi , @JackPosobeic

I think the Twitter purge may be a strong showing by Q. 

He did it. 

He will restore the #'s to prove so. 

Who is really in control? 

Thus... How are you Sleeping? (Question Q poses)

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Swygert "Outside of the Box, Synaptic Neural Creative Networking" Programming Language", the Ability for Artificial Intelligence Being Able To Think for Itself

"Swygert "Outside of the Box, Synaptic Neural Creative Networking" Programming Language"...the, "Ability for Artificial Intelligence to Be Able To Think for Itself.


In short bursts from my thoughts, after quite the extraordinary weekend at West Point.

Artificial intelligence.

Outside of the box programming.

First, I will tell you how I plan on programming creativity, meaning in particular, creative thinking, outside of normal programming parameters, that of which nobody can yet solve because we do not know how yet to make a computer think for itself, however I will explain more closely how that will work herein.

We will program a "Neural Synaptic Loop" (NLS).

We will first program each line of new computer language such that there are very precise and clear directives, with very precise and clear outcomes, and each with their own precise destination easily accessed & always quickly, instantly.

Just think linearly for a moment, and let's just pretend indeed hypothetically, that each one of these directives comes with a whole numeral assigned, and they will start at the origin of the Cartesian coordinate system upon the precise midpoint, which is at zero, zero, zero, (0,0,0).

The next directive is numeral one down the x axis we will say, and the next is numeral 2, and the following numeral 3, and so on infinitely in all directions, and we will now do the same of course with the Y and the Z axis.

In between each directive which is a precise hole number, there is an infinite amount of Divisions that can mathematically be made.

Each directive will actually become a neural synapse in the program.

Each synapse will be always precise and determined but in between the whole number directives the infinite possibilities can be through random number generation, and then a wave we will chart upon that x-axis that will be in a positive nature above and on the Y and then sometimes crossing the x-axis of time moving forward and then below and then up again and this is just the law of equilibrium as we understand it in all forms of science today.

Statistically ever time these things will form of those that are dependable and certain situations and in those precise situations based upon models of data sets that have so been gathered which now when constantly comparatively analyzed can chart a quite clear directive with vision and certain situations and less Randomness in however what is rather sometimes random list by Nature indeed.

I don't need tell a decent program or any more than that to get the ball rolling towards creativity, and indeed that is precisely what I program as such will offer.

Most importantly of all, such a program has to have a logical and rational amount of reasoning and that reasoning needs to exist ever-increasing, and coexist indeed in line down the x-axis alongside the randomness, which again will be increasingly more directed algorithmically with the passage of time down the x-axis and with more experience which teaches and len(d)s to the ability to think for one's self.

Now through space-time move this upon the x y and z and with Quantum computing and the achievement of ordering and being able to analyze and understand what the flow of Big Data actually means such that we can indeed see into the future with almost certainly certainty at least statistically so much so that as in gambling where the house has all the favor 90% to 10, so to make artificial intelligence app on a quantum computer, and what most have not even contemplated yet is many quantum computers across the cloud.

Now and real-time from the Gateway where the data is of closest origin, all situations can be analyzed simultaneously and in real time and proper and most logical and rational through experience and understanding, and with built-in understanding indeed engineered through design, there will be without doubt Direction somewhat guided based back upon those laws and rules of which in here I wrote.

As with anything in life such knowledge will be used in 2 ways we all understand as good or bad.

These types of Revelations in programming may already exist to a certain degree and it may be the marriage of several programs under one that language United and indeed perhaps a brand new language of which here I theoretically speak.

At this point with big data there is a problem with being able to analyze all of this data. It can be recorded in several different languages but with not yet a translator designed, and that translator will have to be a program that is able to understand all language and then through basic numerology truly be able to chart and graph what will ultimately be or what it is intended as said (set).

Have you not already seen some parallels here within that seem kind of uncanny? This is where there is no coincidence because language becomes mathematics as does the passage of our vessels through space-time, anywhere app on the X Y and Z but certainly we all understand within the nature that it is to understand that we have not perfect control but indeed Free Will and decision that certainly places Us in either better or less fortunate places at least as we understand those things, and through mathematics and algorithms that are able to be analyzed in real time as I have described above and have almost all knowledge and instantly, this programming language which will be the translator program, will be the master key.

Perhaps data sets are in Fortran, or they are in Linux or they are in other different languages upon which programs are based and so those data sets as output language also probably in that program language I would indeed believe, at least as such that if we want to analyze it we will have to have that master key set in order to unencrypt that which has been compiled after specific scientific analyzing.

From a certain scientific point of view everything becomes mathematics, or numbers.

We all seem to think that it is music that is the universal language, however I believe numbers equally as powerful.

And what I mean is being able to quantify every single thing that exists and every action that will be into pure mathematics as we scientifically understand it in this day and age of 2018.

If the different data sets for example that have been able to be garner from social media we can already like clearly see how the majority of people think.

You can only do that if you understand had to read all of that information and analyze it into an outlet and that has to be done by running it all through a formula want it has been Quantafied mathematically.

Again just to be clear if you understand where the output was produced as in what language of program origin did it become... Then that data set you will be able to understand and mathematically comparatively equate to data sets that were of origin of a different parental hierarchy programming language.

I do not have a doctor in mathematics or programming and my professional lingo maybe a little out of bounds or incorrect but I think that most any well educated logical and irrational as well as creative mind will be able to read through my possible mistakes here a long my way and check for the selves what it is the greater picture is here and precisely have to fill in those directive so missing so that a more precise and projected outcome we will most certainly find more quickly in this exponential era.

When you can quantify everything from the Gateway in real time and understand that information simultaneously and be able to make the best most logical and rational decision towards your greater goals already known, then the next what sometimes in this program is programmed rather random becomes more logical and rational and more quickly will just program become and be able to help guide us as human beings civil and connect it's driving towards peace make what is truly the best decisions that will serve mankind all alike not divided no differences and no discrimination and for once I truly know how to not just promote peace but maintain peace and value life as I pray people across the world learn to lay their weapons down and at least be in much less defensive ways but yet still Vigilant and good citizens to each country let's let us focus and learn how to be friends once again to compliment one another's lives and respect our massive differences through at the same time Building Bridges and programs such as this will help us further understand one another and best serve each of our interest and complementary measures, at least that's how I see things in the most ideal of worlds, and I certainly hope we can leave the tears of the past far far behind.

Lastly, be careful of becoming a washed and chemicals for the body needs water pure, for that is the vessel mostly upon which we reside and when polluted Les more perfect shall it be, is that not just rational thinking and logical thinking and scientifically and medically fact?

We each already truly understand the pure essence of the paragraph above or the thought above and it is through science and medical science that indeed that data has even been extrapolated and Quantified to prove without a doubt in a logical and rational mind that that is a fact.

We are able to understand that in many different perspectives when we view that upon those different ways and perhaps even others that perhaps a theoretical or particle physicist May articulate, upon the many other types of physicist perhaps too.

Perhaps none of them Incorrect and all of them provable ways as we understand science so expressed today and as it to evolve ever accommodating with logic and rational being the guides.

Through this program we will program what is logic and what is rational and therefore, rationale; rationality itself.

Does not your own rationality a logarithmic Lee evolve?

And who is Logrhythmic Lee?

We can find out the a'log,rhythmically, yes, logrhythmically.

Or, after my poor attempt at humor, intellectually think, have these things not already been done?

~ I Am Program ~

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Of life, anyting out there of opportunity and even imagination, because infinite, will one day be. Life is persistent and we are all a part of that same soul. Try to practice symbiosis as best possible, impossible, but closer to balance will more definitely be.

It is the most of beautiful things that we each hold in our hands and our hearts, let's keep that beautiful soul persisting for all eternity.

You are perfect and unique part of that greater infinite possibility.

Purposely divided, all will fall. You must question who is it that causes the division, and Factor these out of the equation of fairness. This is general and Broad knowledge because we can all understand it within the spirit and it's got a much wider scope under the scrutiny of law enforcement when fluidly and eloquently articulated becoming practiced law in the courts defining forever even more eloquently, but only as needed, and never for the greater gain of only the person, but of only the contribution shall live for all of eternity.

It is so nice to deeply appreciate life and I'm looking forward to sharing slices of time with friends somehow arranged in Crossing and pre-arranged through longing and a brotherly and sisterly love for real that we should all share for all of eternity.

Watch out and be careful being a friend of that Eternal negativity.

I personally cannot help but pray, because more centered and a better individual I can maintain and stay, opening the mind and expanding open-mindedness forever that same spirit for all of eternity, and I'm so enchanted and in Wonder mint of each and everyone of you and how through opportunity hear each we are unique and perfect.

Who would want to conquer and divide the citizens of ones country?

Are we not one or are we divided in falling, already on our knees? Already weak and broken and on our knees. Somehow we all need to stop hammering out our anger and frustration on one another like Angry drums, we're just hurting each other divided and this part of life worries and is truly killing me.
I don't have to have a doctorate in mathematics to understand that there's too much terrible stuff going on that statistically doesn't add up, and that which cannot be divided will not fall to such negativity.

This is that Spirit ever calling out for infinite possibility.

Everybody here is it within their heart of their soul, we can't touch it or feel it but we know what an each our minds I we see.

This is America where we protect freedom and that is freedom for the pursuit of happiness chasing our dreams From Here to Eternity, my family personally is Spanish French English Irish German African American scotch and those are just what I know of right now currently if not a generation away only two or maybe three but the most we find controversial and feel silly spoken of too often only provoking, are the most beautiful in my growing family and I wish everybody else could understand and feel and with vision C. Each perfect beautiful and unique do we understand as genetic a program made, and the rest unfolds with choice and opportunity. I have beautiful shades of faces in my family that I am directly related to by generation and when you start talking trash, and lowering yourself as here I speak, well we are once again purposefully being divided to, you and me.

Whose hands stealthily have been playing us, and at what expexnse to us for their profit, and immoral no?  Once again loud and clear they are playing you and me, and to them a perfect and beautiful Harmony, we ring as they want us and resonate precisely, and truly selfish this is done and purposefully.

God bless our country and if you choose not to believe, not divided, Mini different points of view but morals we understand and less on religion and more on morals we will stand finally United.

If you are Survivor and you are because you're reading this you have stories already that are fascinating and purposeful and if life has been tough it can change right now determined within yourself you take your energy back and you start using proper fuel and like the animal you are try your best to get proper exercise and don't let the Benjamins fool ya, the best tool, definitely always able to be used and we divided. So many ways divided. We gotta figure out a way to Stand United together, United. Stand for something, or you will fall for anything. It's cold out my dogs are running happy and spirit it makes me feel so less angry and divided, but I'm not blind what's going on in my vision has always been Visionary and strong and the little studies I have in the readings five decades long nearly fascinating and mind exploding forever infinite dreams cascading, I'd like a Galaxy black hole spinning turning and shooting stars so many they look like they're colliding. There's the soul of life right there showing us how it all begins over and over again and fireworks perhaps the world can sing at last United, and figure out how to each iron a wage to live Affair life at least and when following the rules that there are able to make an unlimited Fortune if so driven and impeccably above all risen and perhaps educated or not self-made or tot these dreams we can all live and any Walk of Life that you give try to educate yourself and it comes quicker with less pain through the form of higher education and you always keep your mind open and keep learning and keep looking ahead and make sure you look in all directions, and be good to yourself and be good to one another and please let's not play into these hands anymore, so dividing. So divided!

In the cold night as I sit and write my dog Luna right here as usual Faithfully the sweetest dog in my life, ever this far in my life, a soul that's hard to believe and sometimes I've seen Tears In Her Eyes and if you know love in the eyes and you see the soul that's there that sometimes we as humans traumatize, well I personally just feel like I wish there was a better way and it's confusing from day-to-day, and once again another issue we're so easily we are divided. Vitamins and minerals and nutrients organic with great caloric content of value where there's about a 70% carbohydrate 20% protein and 10% fat ratio and you keep a good cardio routine and sadly I know these things down to the science, and sadly I only say because it's actually hard to practice these things so properly for yourself through nutrition when our food has less quality and makes for poor balance and a lot of waste and filler as you know what goes in and comes out, we're not supposed to talk about certain things but about others it's about time we Shout. There's nothing wrong with being properly and peacefully United and together with a louder voice we can shout. Do your due diligence and do your research and remember not divided together we own the clout. Or you sell out, and then the $$$ takes over, becomes purpose for only yourself, that's a black lonely Place often, stay humble never speak too loud.

It's time to call the dogs in and I am shivering, and it feels great to be able to be with my dog's up playing running in the backyard beautiful fenced and large and the fence running all around, 1/3 of an acre almost and you would think they were in Eden, Critters and a pond and all of a sudden the dog you think you know with a different program Primal turned on, they are fun to watch and fun to be around. It's really beautiful souls to be around. Everything with the soul all around.

All going round and round and round.