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Monday, January 15, 2018

Patriots Crush the Eagles In the Super Bowl Final Score 52 - 10

I haven't watched an NFL game this year but here's my prediction.

In a tumultuous 2017, leading into what will be an even more tumultuous 2018 we are in now, it will be very fitting that, of course, the Patriots are going to meet the Eagles.

You have to understand you have the greatest team in NFL history with the same quarterback the entire time against what will be the Eagles after the defeat the Vikings in the NFC championship game.

This is all about symbolism. The Patriots will blow out the Eagles, and as much as I am rooting for the Eagles to pull through, I'm a secret Eagle fan, as I was born in Pennsylvania.

You have to understand that two of the most playoff disappointing teams in history have met (will) in the NFC championship and it's not hard to see what's coming. Historic chokers of massive disappointment for decades!!! So I'm going to project a score of 52 to 10. Patriots crush the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

This looks very similar to globalism versus nationalism, and isn't it fitting and seemingly scripted?

I never make predictions this early but I have to because I can't help but keep seeing the same thing and I've been thinking it for a while and it just keeps going in the same direction.

I haven't watched a game all season but it doesn't mean I haven't kept a score myself.

Would it really surprise anybody if that was the case? Not a perfect script but a well-planned choreographed overall goal?

Brady will simultaneously wisely retire while accepting and hoisting up the Super Bowl trophy handed to him by the commissioner Rodger Goodell.

Everything else seems to be this exact way, funneling money away from everybody that will throw it down the funnel for entertainment and personal gain.

I'll be surprised if I'm wrong and I haven't looked at the team statistics yet but that's what I'm going to study now. I'll be studying all four teams that are headed to either the NFC or the AFC Championship game. This prediction is made though beforehand as I have stated.

I respect the Patriots very deeply as an organization and I hope my Eagles are the bunch of tough blue-collar guys that go and give them a knockout blow and ego check just like the New York Giants did twice, and I had hoped Eli would do once more. Peyton gets all the recognition while his brother best the best team in history twice !!!

We are in days well past Giants, and you kind of get to think about being a Patriot and an Eagle and in the end it really doesn't matter who wins what matters is that we all win together and winning is the preservation of life and the deeper meaning of the value that life offers us each, and to know that no life should have a price tag associated with it and others should never be taken advantage of so that they will be prayed upon for financial gain.

I went to George Mason and although I didn't finish earning my degree I still feel a patriot. I was born in Pennsylvania, home of the Liberty Bell, and so it's easy to identify with the eagle. I was the president of the Eagles Club in Alexandria Virginia when I was about 26 and I have an eagle tattoo on my arm and it is because I am an Eagle. There's lots of others that probably feel just like me and can make that same outline of a story the way I framed it fit their own lives for sure. We're not as unique as we think we are.

An individual will always get crushed. If he stands for himself or kneels, for to go against the grain or the pack, ad infinitum, you become the enemy.

It's pretty much just simple statistics and it only makes my projection that much more fitting, almost as such that it would have to happen. Can you not see it easily enough yourself?

Do you see Vikings anymore?

Everybody gets defeated one day... but still we fight and fight and fight, be it for fear or for Domination, this scripted game only seems to go on and on and on.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Plucking Chickens

I promise you can always find somebody to pluck your chicken if they are entitled to eat the entire thing to themselves.

The World Most Definitely Not of Me

This world most often seems not made for me, for I feel like I run at opposing different speeds. I seem to thrive when swimming upriver yet fall flat on my face when it's time, it feels, to rest on one's Laurels a minute to catch your breath and think of the next. I always thought my life would be like a short little segment and perhaps it's becoming a longer segment, and always I hope that it will be at least the way we understand it, a line.

A Chemically Assaulted Population

Is modern day tobacco in the form of cigarettes pleaded with over 4,000 or more chemicals, really just good old freedom or a form of population control? What a miserable Habit to kick and even after years that go by without you can return so Swift, as if have never to head quit. Just like alcohol, just like any and every addiction, always waiting to pounce. Why do we allow a capitalistic enterprising Society to capitalize on the frailties of the majority? There are many deep things to ponder but the chemical assault upon the people is the utmost important.

So let me see if I have this right one company is allowed to sell a product that human beings all at one time had never consumed, and then therefore since introduction into the marketplace, they had the freedom to try. All with the Forefront knowledge that this was addictive and it was going to kill people and that we would defend the sale of this poisonous treasonous modern-day tobacco as individual freedom.

Sometimes Freedom seems like the most idiotic thing in the world, and you wonder where Common Sense went, but common sense ain't so common.

I've already screened corporate names from across the mountain tops for all to hear, and they fear not because they know every individual one day dies, but the corporation shall live on.

In an ethical way or in a moral or legal or way that is just, one must ask one's self how do we let such philosophies survive and whose agenda is being fulfilled and at what expense to those whose agenda is not being fulfilled.

What of fairness in every single modern Marketplace?

What of regard for mankind across the entire globe?

Oh, what of sanity?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Eradication of HSV-1 with Stem Cell Replacement Therapy & Combined Nano ~ Technology Part 6

Eradication of HSV-1 with Stem Cell Replacement Therapy & Combined Nano ~ Technology Part 4

If you had a race car would you put jet fuel in the tank like you're supposed to or would you put jet fuel combined with water in it so that it wouldn't run well?

You have something far more beautiful and far more complicated than an incredible drag racing car, you have the human body, your very own vessel that carries your soul and all that you are and most of us are not fueling up properly.

I must also state that I have used marijuana and found that it was the only thing that was able to give me restore to sleep and absolutely has no side effects except for laziness if you do not use it properly in moderation, however sometimes Beyond moderation seems necessary because of the mental relief and distressing abilities that it has, and again with no other physical side effects whatsoever. Do you crave marijuana a little bit if you enjoy it, sure you do but it doesn't mean it has to rule or run your life. It can be life-changing and life-altering and all the proper ways and it is a compound that really truly needs to be better respected and I am so happy to see that it has come of age with the people and with the medical community and it is time for the federal law to get behind this as well, however I understand very clearly that there becomes criminal culpability with the medication and it is difficult to undo what is already done and where we are today. This too is a tricky tightrope and thankfully the federal government has let the states dictate how they will handle this issue, however Jeff sessions is seemingly threatening that 2 degree right now, however how much so remains to be unseen, as he may just be flexing the federal muscles to keep the states in check as they do need to be in check, as I disagree with this personally, I do agree that the state should respect the federal law. For my logic and reasoning here in, and if you want to further verify all this study the Israeli medical and science literature that is available, as it is the finest in the world, and you will see that the logic and reasoning of the federal law is flawed as well as its classification as a narcotic. And we must demand that this federal law be abolished. Abolish means that it is wiped from the books and is treated as though it never existed. Many people want to repeal but abolish is a much more powerful act and that is what needs to be done. We are wasting far too much time and energy that needs to be utilized elsewhere as our country crumbles and Falls flat on its face and this energy and time and money spent on the issue of marijuana needs to be finished immediately in the way to do that is to abolish the law. There will be no black market there will be no criminals there will just be a plant that people utilize and grow and to share that will flourish and him can return to the fields Across America were farmers can make money again and this hemp can be utilized along with new technology to make more organic and less synthetic products today, of which we know are healthier for mankind in found that it was the only thing that was able to give me restorative sleep and absolutely has no side effects except for laziness if you do not use it properly in moderation however sometimes beyond moderation seems necessary because of the mental relief and distressing abilities that it has and again with no other physical side effects whatsoever do you crave marijuana a little bit if you enjoy it sure you do but it doesn't mean it has to rule or run your life it can be life changing in life altering and all the proper ways and it is a comp and that really truly need to be better respected and I ash happy to see that it has come with age with the people and with the medical community into this time for the federal law to get behind this as well however I understand very clearly that tag becomes criminal call ability with the medication and get caught on you or did you cheat wow voice recognition messed all that up and I just lost several paragraphs... I will edit this later and I hope voice recognition wasn't incriminating, as in Maryland the use of marijuana is a civil offense, if within the guidelines of the law of course, and medicinal marijuana is available for those that are so approved through a strict process, however some doctors of pain management or not allowed to recommend medical marijuana alongside of the medications they prescribe because of course they are under Federal scrutiny with Federal licenses in the ability to offer   prescriptions under a federal system which of course they could completely lose, and as such, all doctors are under the same possible scrutiny, as well as dispensaries. Again these laws must be abolished and the propaganda of old wipe away as it was all lies in the science in medical journals completely prove that today without a doubt.

If a person is home or at a friend's and they are utilizing this compound responsibly then they should be never scrutinized as this would be true freedom. If they choose to exercise Machinery or do anything else that may put another In Harm's Way, then there's lost to deal with that and that has nothing to do with the marijuana itself as much as it has to do with their poor choice under the influence. The truth is crime is much less since marijuana has become legal and the use of Narcotics is down. The heroin epidemic is a completely different story and unrelated and that is because our justice department has not been able to do its job properly, by politics and it'll philosophies where there should be no philosophies except executing the oath of office.

My personal progression has been that I have been tapered off of fentanyl to morphine and then off of morphine to oxycodone and then to a lesser amount of Oxycodone and in turn I smoke far less marijuana than I used to as well. I'm to the point where I don't even want it much anymore because my pain has become manageable. This was only a direct result and immediately followed with the proper diagnosis, again which I diagnosed myself with confirmation from my doctor, dr. Kennedy at Tri-State Community Health Center, of the hsv1 and the treatment with the antiviral valacyclovir.

The results were remarkable and undeniable and again there has been healing and other areas of my body as well. My overall pain is much more manageable and I have energy and I think the most important thing that we all understand, such as when we have a flu, is that we have terrible aches and pains when we are sick with the flu and I was racked with these aches and pains that were even worse than the flu for Far Over a decade. I don't believe that I have chronic joint fatigue. I believe what I had was an hsv1 proliferation that would appear as chronic joint fatigue. I believe that fibromyalgia, again, maybe in this exact same let's say medical boat. I believe many other disease or conditions if they don't qualify to be medically termed a disease, may very well have their root in either this HSV-1 virus or the herpes family.

I think it would be smart to take a control group of volunteers that have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then test them, of course voluntarily and willingly, but perhaps without full precise knowledge so that it's a true control group, and treat them with valacyclovir or another antiviral and see if their condition changes.

Again, we would utilize my new protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, which would include the all-inclusive and new virus test that has recently been designed, as well as through, indeed the most thorough to date, genetic testing, and computer modeling that would be able to model and layers such that there could be a comparative analysis.

Perhaps most importantly and what is far too often overlooked is that we need to listen to the patient and give them and their word is what I mean here, the proper weight meaning if they say they're in pain trust that they're in pain. I was told for years that I can't be in such bad shape it's impossible I'm too young I can't feel this bad la la la blah blah blah it just goes on and on and it does nothing for healing and it only beats you down and beat you down and beat you down and often what happens as people look for alternative treatments because they do not get the help from the people that are supposed to give them help, but understandably so too under the old conditions that we need to change through this new protocol.

A team of scientists and doctors can easily set up the computer programming and everything else needed and I feel a hundred percent certain that what I am suggesting here will be some of the largest revelations in medical science, perhaps in recent history.

Often in my blog I express an idea I have never seen elsewhere as I research them beforehand and then I see a proliferation of my idea out there everywhere and understand that I know certain people in certain places and I even indeed expect this but never does anybody ever come along and say Mr. Swygert had a great idea and we're happy that he shared it, instead it seems that people want to credit always for themselves because with that credit comes a huge amount of money. I am not even able to be self-supporting and I would so much like the opportunity to be able to utilize the mind that I have to get to work on solving these problems myself in a laboratory environment and I feel confident that I could absolutely bring some breakthrough revolutionary Medical Science to the table that would leave many in awe. More importantly I hope that these words here and Inspire others to do exactly that. Chase your dreams and trust your intuition and deliver the science to others, to humanity, that will leave us all in awe, and prolong life.

If I was my mother's doctor and we went back let's say, hypothetically will Benchmark that it started 20 years ago, if she came in and I was able to administer this all-inclusive virus test that does exist again today I must underline powerfully here so that everybody understands that it exists already, and this overlapping computer analysis system with genetics, along with the immediate treatment utilizing antivirals, it may very well be that she never would have had the other terrible proliferation that she's suffered.

We were like mirror images when it came to our poor Medical Health both having suffered asthma even at the same time. We both outgrew it at the same time to strangely. And always led me to believe there was an

Eradication of HSV-1 with Stem Cell Replacement Therapy & Combined Nano ~ Technology Part 3

Again, as 85% or more of the population already carries the HSV-1 virus, I will state again also that I do believe this is the main cause for a multitude of deplore variation of other diseases.

I want to further outline these thoughts so that I do not leave out something important and when I write my peer reviewed paper of course all of this extra verbiage will be concise and focused and with cited scientific surveys and less difficult to read, however again right now this will have to serve its purpose.

I personally have a history of heart disease. My heart disease is all completely healed now. That I did through the use of curcumin and even similar to how I have taken valacyclovir and similar to how I have used the combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal to kill a tumor, as I waited a year to have the golf ball-sized tumor biopsied because I didn't feel strong enough and so I studied and decided that I would see if I could stimulate an immune system response through the use of Echinacea and Goldenseal and threw a plethora of different medical sites the best information I could find said that this would have to be used in very large doses and then completely stopped so that the body can readjust and then again and as I did this over and over indeed the tumor shrunk which truly could have just been pure coincidence but it didn't seem to be whatsoever, however I understand the placebo effect and I think that too can be a factor I don't think it's either or I think sometimes it's both and I think that is most often overlooked and that is a lesson from my father as well, the engineer. Don't look for one factor when most equations have far more than one.

I have taken prednisone this way all my life too as I have another disease called asthma, but fortunately I have not suffered from asthma nearly as bad as I did when I was a child.

I have had gerd from the time I was 17 until recently and after the treatment of hsv1, the gerd mysteriously just disappeared, however I was making some minor adjustments to my diet but the same things I had done before which did not affect the gird whatsoever. I believe 100% the reason my gerd disappeared is because the hsv1 was the underlying proponent that kept this GERD a secondary problem and this primary and secondary disease relationship possibility that needs to be further explored. When I tried my best to explain to my dermatologist about primary and secondary, I was cut off and he thought I meant a primary outbreak and secondary outbreak of HSV anything and went straight to sexual HSV which we did not even discuss and we both got our adrenaline pumping and we're unable to be as expressive as we should have been and were much more both expressive how we wanted to be which was undesirable and ineffective that day and I am so very thankful that the next time we saw each other we were both in better places in our lives and I think both a little humbled and embarrassed as we both sheepishly but honestly truthfully and genuinely apologize to one another. I hope one day to properly articulate myself to him and did not rude way and that is why riding is so often so wonderful.

I have another disease with spinal stenosis throughout my entire spine, the lumbar the thoracic in the cervical regions, and that is spondylosis. So I think that's for five diseases right there already and when you have a multitude of diseases that alone makes you immunilogically suppress or immunologically challenged.

Again, when you are musically logically challenged the tertiary and let's say cuadro in Quinter, etcetera diseases May and will and do present themselves differently, and are overlooked and either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed whatsoever.

Think about fibromyalgia.

Think about any disease that is ongoing like rheumatoid arthritis, which we are unable to find root causes for other than that yes a virus baby present but I believe again it is on top of this hsv1 virus that is racking the body.

Another paper topic that I will be riding is hsv1 as a pain amplifier in spinal disease(s).

It's important to understand that the HSV-1 virus has a home, and that home again is in the spinal cord nerve cell endings root or properly termed ganglion. When you're not having an outbreak then the virus just remains there inactive indeed just resting meaning dormant. People that have HIV before it becomes full-blown AIDS carry the HIV virus which is dormant, or appears dormant with most test, the truth of that is that that original Miss information was what we best understood at a certain point in time and later revealed that actually this virus was hard at work before it made itself known and once it did it was often too late as it started a cascading series of events where the immune system could not defend itself anymore meaning the body, and then defenseless, the doorway to any and all pathogens was wide open to come in and do as they please, always resulting in death.

There is no doubt the hsv1 virus works the same way and those that are immunlo logically challenged, I know because I could feel it.

I have been diagnosed with chronic joint fatigue in the past. I did not feel that I should have any reason to have this except for my spinal problems and my shoulder problems, my spinal problems with recommended surgery awaiting and my shoulder having been operated on but requiring both rotator cuffs to be repaired and my left shoulder needs a chromoplast do you like my right shoulder had performed on it now as it's been this way 20 years or more in my right shoulder 30 years now, 20 years post op.

My knees never have been injured to my knowledge and feel good and strong when my body is feeling pretty decent, however today I have to take narcotics because the pain from my spine is debilitating and I would rather be functional than wasting away in bed as I was before I had to go to pain management. I have made great progress in all areas of my life however that medication in particular can really f*** with your mood and I say it in those terse words because it's that serious.

I do not care if people know that I have been prescribed fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone, or whatever what is important is to understand that these things are desperately needed in those that are ill and hsv1 when exacerbated along with spinal disease, as well as I have slipped discs in all three regions of my back and massive spinal cord impingement in my neck so much so that in the cervical area of my neck it looks like a right angle in the MRIs in the x-rays, it is indeed a pain amplifier. Again hsv1 in an exacerbated State along with spinal disease is absolutely a pain amplifier.

I begged and begged and begged for valacyclovir for my scalp and they would not give it to me because I was given valacyclovir buy tablet. I crush the tablet up and just put some Latta Kane cream on my finger tip and very lightly dip that into the crust of valacyclovir and that's what I apply to my scalp because it's the only thing that works and I only wish to God I could get back in time and offer my mother these things that I know and promise would have saved her from countless years of suffering and some of the worst pain I've ever seen anybody go through as she withered away dying from liver cancer that was not diagnosed soon enough.

Almost as soon as the valacyclovir was given to me it seemed to start working and the pain in my spine went down. Here's how much I will tell you it went down. If it doesn't sound like it yet you should realize I know pain better than most people unfortunately, however I've never had a compound fracture I have had a lumbar fracture in one vertebrae if not a few and I have broken ribs, I suppose I have more injuries as such than I'd like to admit or even remember as I'm sitting here thinking through this and speaking out loud, but anyhow my point is that valacyclovir brought my pain down to the normal 1 to 10 range. It brought it down to a 7 to 8 typically. That's pretty much my normal because my spinal disease is devastating and I'm two and a half inch shorter than I once was already and I'm only 50 and I've been to in shorter since I was in my 30s. I am not slouching this is from surely disintegration..

It's simple to think in terms of base 10 so I will say that the Amplified pain schedule that I suggest is not one to 10, but 100 to  1000. If we speak on different terms with are medical professionals it will mean that we both understand these agreed-upon ranges and exactly what is implied and of course that understanding of the doctor realizing that hsv1 is indeed a pain amplifier because of where it resides and what it can do to the central nervous system. Sexual herpes, hsv-2, is probably even more painful in these regards, however I'm not sure where it resides as I haven't read about that yet, as it hasn't affected me and I don't have it. When it comes to HSV 3, which is what causes shingles and first chickenpox, typically in youth, this is a devastating illness as well and it may be that these herpe family of viruses are the underlying cause of even most cancer perhaps, as they are a precursor, again, that leave us defenseless.

I have other topics that I want to write about as well and I may not be as articulate as I would like to be but I'm trying to express myself to the best of my ability at this time with short time on my hands.

Now I have been healing at an incredible rate and even with some setbacks I still feel at 50 like I did in my twenties as far as energy goes. My stamina is great into my spirit wonderful but my legs are weak and it is difficult for me to carry a lot of weight but that is because my spinal column is disintegrating. The nerves are being hurt by the slipped discs and the massive spinal cord impingement and that bothers my legs tremendously so much so that I cannot sleep without the medication that I am on and the combination of Oxycodone and Lyrica has been a true I hate to say God send but in my case that is true because it is mankind using Nature and Science to help where we need to be helped but this is a tightrope that you must walk only with professional supervision and with great care and you must constantly challenge yourself to read the medical literature available so that you best understand your disease and your medications and you must have great discipline not to abuse your body and you must eat and hydrate very well or else healing cannot take place. Next...