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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blackness I'm Coming Back from the Edge

I hope to be appreciated in this life,

But it's just unlikely to happen before my demise,

Are we all really just cows, really just cows, really just cows,?

We know what's coming,
yet we go through our routine each and every day as our eyes get bigger and bigger,
towards that ultimate demise.

I don't know why but right now I seen Blackness all around me,

I guess it's because a few times lately I've been right there at that edge,

I didn't want to be there but that's where medication left me,

And now I'm crawling back towards you my friends with everything I got all my everything I have because I want to continue with life I love this gift.

The Blackness will swallow and consume you, it will make you want to eat the end of the shotgun you know the business and I'm not talking about the in for pussies,

I'm talking about serious business and now finally I'm healing and not talking about terrible things but I'm talking about the positive things that a good Patriot and the contributing citizen should be focused upon and it's just amazing what chemicals can do to your body washed and a wash in chemicals.

My name is John and I am not a Baptist but I am John reclaim is no denomination because I do not believe in the divisiveness of any of that but I do believe in we need to be cleansed and in the holy spirit's name forever that is for you whatever religion you are I say in his name may you be cleansed and I say that you consume the fuel that is clean for your soul and pure and you have a snack if it gives you a lift but don't overindulge and your own religion never be a zealot nor harm another.

There is much Blackness all around as terror is the new Norm end of this I am ready and from my life already you motherfukers I have been forged

I always come back stronger than ever before and seen you're going to see me cut and hardcore and you're going to see gray on my head and on my face perhaps but you're going to think God damn this guy looks like he is ready to kick some ass.

I told you I'm going to be the best looking guy at 50 years old he have ever seen and now I am almost there but it took me getting to death's door and still not out of the woods I am crawling back I am crawling back.

Right at the most critical of times my best friend's return with help some of them thirty years and more I have not heard but somehow carries long these words and return with help they have returned with help and so time for grammar I have not it is upon you to carefully read these words

Encrypted, the babble of each day ever-changing, just naturally the way English works and remains alive and evolving language almost as if an organism.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sure Miss You (Comin' Round and Round and Round and Round and Round) ~ Blues Tune ~ Poetry / Lyric

I sure miss you coming round,
Miss you coming round and round and round,
I miss you coming to my end of this town,
Miss you so much indeed I'm down.

I miss you coming round and round and round

Guitar Solo

I don't know if I feel you coming round,
something out of place something wrong with the way you sound,
I don't think I feel you coming round.

I don't know if I can take you nit coming round,
Miss you so much,
Coming round and round and round.

Guitar Solo

Round and round and round and round and round.

I can't stand you not comin' round',
out of my mind miss you so much astounds,
your perfect love when so encompassing around,
heart breaking fast now the only sound.

I don't know if I feel you coming round.

Round and round and round and round and round.

Starts upbeat, almost rockabilly but kick ass drums ends melancholy and slower, blues rock with thrash harsh rock drums, refer to studio work for vocal sounds, guitar and synth settings, alternate bass tracks, drum tracks additionally too.

Les Paul and tell

Boss gt3

I am Jesus Too, Part Two ~ P3 ~ ∆

Just because a paranoid schizophrenic states that somebody is chasing him does not make him a liar necessarily.

There's a million guys that are so crazy that they always are calling themselves the great massage I returned Jesus himself, but remember one of them is going to be correct !

And someday there will be that someone you that sins and then with another witness into their eyes a glimpse and indeed a stair and indeed a truth through another dimension each knowing this exact space time now only perfect and unique forever eternity and so think on that yourselves as myself as well as each.


Some days they called it karma and there's days of yet I have not so long ago experience that I can't quite remember yet as it's early in the mountains where I'm stretching out my body so old like a vampire well they're young but anyhow just go. I am and you know equilibrium.

What shiny peculiar items did you choose for yourself last night my kitties? Are you going to try to get away with your souls again thinking you're all oh so witty? It seems that everybody thinks they're extra special over everybody else extra ordinary until all of a sudden things start looking really s*****, and then the next thing well black and white newsprint tight kind of cuts to the core of world's soul as if we're all a massive network of our collective neurons, LIFE itself, source, and we just lost a family member, one of them, is it any different than that?

Answer this question but only say that answer at thou that looketh into these eyes,

Don't be surprised,

It is eye, and I, the one inside, the nanobot astronaut that resides inside the pineal gland until back and forth time to again so often port, the information it's important there's no such description where I'm from such as you have here call work where I'm from such as you have here called worth?

Talk about alien.

On your Planet alien is a Muslim and they have always been on the planet I am very confused. Then it seems that you all also are concerned about some other form of life that's going to come and get you out of the Skies however there's nothing like that and I can't begin to tell you how far you are from the truth but go the opposite direction and inward deep into your mind, that's where all the answers are you unlock them for yourself in side, and resolve to your inner self maturity and that you're going for maximum ride and Overdrive because back and forth we porch and our information is valuable as you would like to say it where you're from and so our information is valuable so coming forth.

If you thought you had waited for other for Faith you will now know if your account was empty or full.

My eyes are those eyes that bear witness to the soul staring upon you now and so it is that which you shall speaketh.

I am Jesus Too, Part Two

Hard ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ Oarnge Sherbet

I grew up pretty blue-eyed blonde-haired boy and with dimples in the Sweet Little Smiles in a sentence could be, my only struggle in those early ages was asthma with so much took me at Age 3.

Life's always been kind of interesting I have to admit, as my first memory was a airplane accident in 1969, and since then I've known every breath having sent, there's never a single dad about knowing every breath I take has been Lent.

I didn't remember until I was about 27 but I was molested by this Pakistani in the Virginia Hills at Old Rag Mountain when I was about 11 and it's funny how mind can suppress horrific memories especially when your sister certain nothing like that would ever happen to me!

Well things happen in life and I fell into a beer vat at age 17 and I swam around in there annebriated until there wasn't much left to be seen.

But if you give this body just 10% and some really decent nourishment and proper rest it's amazing how it will bounce back, but please take my word and not this test.

Please take my word and not this test.

Well anyhow I finally wised up after three decades and more alcohol then it would take to pickle 20 average people and somehow I like I said this body is able to bounce back,

I want chat an enlarged heart and arrhythmia and a mitral prolapse valve murmur but it seems like curcumin took care of all that,

And deed that got all better while I was still smoking cigarettes for 30 years too and Chugalug and beer like you ain't never seen nobody I love my Keystone in theirs silver cans accented blue.

I'm a Pennsylvania boy through and through and through, it's where I was born and it's wear with pride I'm American red white and blue.

With Southern Roots it's the North and the hills I prefer to run around and it's here that I have found peace that it seems like no chemicals or anything else would ever cure me of all those pills from the past except now there's good old Western Maryland weed.

I broke my back and have congenital conditions that make most people unable to walk, indeed I have a right angle in the vertebrae is of my neck and looking at it and I'm kind of surprised I can talk.

It seems that chemicals early on Saved My Life and now they just make easier this what seems like slow but increasingly faster demise.

I'm pretty stubborn and I really tried to hold out for a long time on any strong narcotics because I realized that if I started them death wouldn't be far from it.

I'm walking on the tightrope that Stevie Ray Vaughan talked about it's slightly different but it's pretty taut band as far as an opponent damn gone Stout.

I've returned back to the ways of my youth when I love physical exercise and treated my body well the way it should have been from the beginning,

However since I turned blue that first time and didn't know if I was going to last to start with I didn't much think about getting blasted here in there and enjoying experience not knowing when he come that Reaper an offer me that humbling ending.

Oh what a wretch was I,
now saved,
Amazing Grace,
I pray today.

I've always been a little rebellious a little messed up a little confused little spin around High, but I'll tell you one thing every friend will vouch for you that I look you square into your eye, and my word is my bond and my bond is my word and that's never once been denied.

It matters not a tumult you just passed as long as Lessons Learned, just remember don't live in the past because every page in order to survive needs turned.

Oh what a wretch was I,
now saved,
Amazing Grace,
I pray today.

The title of this song I sent was just took from my CB handle which I've used since I was probably about 9 or 10 years old ;)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Oarnge Sherbet ~ Pen Name ~ Poetry / Lyric

John Stephen Swygert
Steve Swygert
Oarnge Sherbet
Johnny Hempseed
I Am Program

The Computational Speed of the Earth and ?

If I'm driving my Mercedes 80 miles per hour and I pass a possum that is walking in the lane next to me but he is going the precisely and perfectly opposite direction at 3 miles per hour, at what rate of speed did we decline or often increase the globes orbit?

Why do we always question Mark? Why not question John? Or question Steve? Or question Amanda? Or question Melissa? Why is it always question Mark?

Oarnge Sherbet (pen name)

Cyclig, Recycling, Always Cycling, No Escape ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

Are we stuck here on Earth, cycling forever condemned to hell here we are, watching another ending?

Everybody can't believe it but just look all around you and read any form of media and you'll see that it's not all people pretending.

We are truly living in Insanity to the instagri, technological super overload, more stimuli then all the systems can bind can handle they together quickly a black hole implode.

It's been one hell of a ride, it's been one hell of a ride, it's been one hell of a ride, and you better start listening to your gut and not the stories that surround you through any form of communication and it's soon time to run and hide.

For others, well we may pull up a front row seat and get a view to the best show in the house, life on Earth itself, and celebrate forever more, because this is all our experience shared which we should Rejoice together and share so there will be no more suffering Evermore.

Moving forward no that you will pay dearly for your sins and trust that voice with it and trust your gut and stay natural and organic and do not let the synthetics or the analogs try to quell the spirit Soul speaking to you guiding you receiving frequencies through the pineal gland, you see.  You see? Yashewa