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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mysterious stone carvings found in Jerusalem ~ Stonehenge, Woodhenge

This article claims to have the scientist pose no "theories" yet for these...I think, from my experience with architectural drafting, that it may be as simple as the fact that they cast there tools of trade for construction in the very stone which was the base of the building, that way there is a true time capsule on which a building is upon.


They look similar to casting molds, liquid would be poured in to form a rough, then they could be further utilized after finishing, not at all unlike modern manufacture, production, and end product. It is the same basic philosophy.

I love tools. I work on anything I can get my hands on and always have. I have an insatiable fascination with most anything, how it works, studying it, etc.

When I read this article, I did not read it all, I stopped where it said there were no theories "yet" reported on what it (the apparent carvings) are.

It looks too almost random to me for language, was my first thought after glancing at the collection of pictures. Then I thought, well molds...makes since.

The depth seems to be of great importance too, and could easily be overlooked for forming practical hypothetical purposes for these shapes found in the foundation.

I also have utilized triangles and other plastic implements in drafting, and they are incredibly handy for precise and perfect measurement without the needed math calculations involved.

ADDED ON 10-10-2012:

"The word trigonemetry comes from the Greek and means triangle measurement. We have evidence clear back to the 13th Century BC that trig was being used. They had tables of shadow length that are just like our tangent tables. The Baylonians and Greeks used trig to do astronomy."

FROM: 7th paragraph down

These triangles are tough and durable and can be made, as mine were, easily portable as well as inexpensively.

So again at that time, man put pin to paper after his mind thought up some new ideas, or evolved an old one, or blended the two or more sciences, and came up with tools and new tools.

We know they had to have tools. I always wonder when reading and studying archaeology where are the tools?

I have come to the conclusion the basics were wood, and mostly rotted, became unrecognizable through decomposition, or were consumed in the construction process.

I could imagine a system that was so intricate that the tools became part of the building, sometimes as they were used, and other times perhaps  recycled in the process.

Often ruins have been used to erect new settlements from old settlements in which perhaps some persons, as we do today, may have even lived along side the ruins themselves or used them still for living in them , as well as live alongside the construction of the new. (not a building here...the reconstruction of civilization from the end of very dire times. amoungst
(amoungst: blogger says this is spelled wrong...this is Old English and acceptable from my school days...and my how language does change!)
their old ruins could be used, for example but not limited too, there stone and other treasures of detruction/construction, leaving as we see as well today, nothing at times as far as conclusive evidence of all that once existed before.

We, in our time, knew of 7 World Wonders. And a lot of those, if not all, we have not even come close to figuring out.

Often times many roads may join point A to point B.

New unexplained evidence is proof that we have to dare to think out of the box. The box has had no answers for a long time. Time to reach in a new box and see things a new way.

I have taken a drafting triangle, and using a light bulb, cast a shadow across the triangle and by changing the angle of incidence the bulb casts the light, as well as changing the lean angle of the triangle, quite a few useful projections can be cast in simple everyday shadows, so setting out a perfect foundation, at least to our standards today, is not so unfathomable.

Perhaps those tools in the right light from a simple, perhaps gold lens to capture a radiant younger sun, perhaps hotter, perhaps closer or further from Earth, and in other ways we do not yet know at those times, and lastly, the light being beamed from lens to gem stone and then refracted by different color gems to cast beams of color for different systems, and in directions as planned by how a stone is faceted, for example. A symbol language, like a stoplight today, directing and suggesting to all follow this suggestion.

The size is shocking of many ruins in many lands.

Shock value can grab your attention anytime.

Most great architects use it in one fashion or another. To some architects, make something great...big deal...make something great that is an instant "symbol", and you have come of age.

Symbols are much stronger then words ever can be, because they are those words all together painting a clearer bigger picture.

The Masons use similar tools in their order's celebrated symbols unique to them. No witchcraft here. Just a plain simple reason, If you do not truly appreciate and understand the tools, you cannot ever fully mature to a Master in the art. The only way to fully appreciate the tools is to use them and learn the art, however gifted or not, and the greater good is always the reality of a system of efficiency and tools.

Anything look like a Space Shuttle? Could be Psychology...the famous Ink Blot test...the tool has several shapes in these pictures, may just be artistic license, but I think certainly, not always. Different tools based on the same philosophies. More likely both are correct.

The great civilizations as these described herein and in the article's link below, used huge stone in incredible ways not since repeated or understood.

Certainly, these very same tools could be used for design of the tools themselves that were used as well to carve the stones, make hyroglphs, and other art or symbol language or a combination there of..

We however may have overlooked global warming.

I was not hardly open minded enough to consider believeing in it when I first read of it.

I saw how small we look from airplanes...we are almost insignificant from certain perspectives. Wrong, we as are huge as a collective populous...Wow...we are a mess.

Great crafters of fine jewelry and art could easily make these tools I propose as perhaps a logical explanation when considered in it's totality, as well as work with other metals, such as perhaps, a large concave lens in which to catch the sun and cast it upon a larger scale of the visible light spectrum, thus making significantly larger "casting construction shadows" at any juncture.

Even for use in the stone cutting at a quarry perhaps.

Once you have the tools and the math, the building is nothing but time, manpower and materials.

We, again, are overwhelmed with the scale and cannot fathom, at times, the answers.

I envision them and read about them and study them and love the puzzle they, (ancient ruins) all make. I have never seen them, but this seems to be less a factor at play today for, let's say an Egyptologyst, as their seems to be so much valid information at hand, and a lot of it repeated.

It may be great to, with the use of a computer, place all non arguable thus far knowledge together with argued and opposing theories, and print it in a certain order, with two color inks.

Might be a great book, or web page for that matter.

Efficiency, a very refined system, a united goal, and I have even wondered if they could have housed living quarters for the workers, or kitchens, etc., and then every one could move up a level.

With Stonehenge, and Woodhenge (believed to be the older of the two) apply some similar thoughts of philosophy for basic drafting and building as mentioned herein, and flip the light spectrum of the fascination and the reason of purpose for such a building and we know what we know know.

I think with (Stone and Wood "henge") they were both the bases of a much larger observatory.

Perhaps with a domed roof of wood on each, but Woodhenge, being the predecesser was wooden, and Stonhenge replaced it.

A more solid foundation laid and new building or observatory built as the science evolved and money and technology and manpower and time allowed, just as we do now, they evolved their styles, until they became defunct.

If we needed them, and nothing replaced them, we would have more "Henges", all over the world.

Life is motion, light and matter interacting.

We manipulate anything and everything we can on Earth.

The very light studied in one aparatus, may be the very light used to build the other, or both, and countless other things.

We use lasers and computers now...end product...laser levels, laser surveying with a laser transit.

These symbols echo through time, just as the different symbols of time, echo through time.

Some use a peace sign, some a horoscope symbol, some a astrological wheel, or computer, some a wristwatch, and all to reveal time and our relationship while in it so that we can use those gifts to construct, not destruct.

I do not think we had such brilliant societies back in any era versus less brilliant then now. Simply just different sciences, different tools, and different times.

The science seems often too die with the entire decimation of a civilization, and thus the art of its essence is perhaps, as id often the case forever lost.

Perhaps buy the time time has passed onward and we are no more, there will not be many or any things left over.

Eventually something bad happens.

Most civilized societies have had polarizing and staggering wealth and a hugely larger amount of a smaller population struggling.

It is human nature.

Some of us like physical labor, some of us with the mind, some both and what have you.

I worked on cars a long time by choice. I loved it. Computers too... and on and on.

Always a challenge and always evolving, or getting replaced.

Did the soil that came from inside each apparent carving get boxed and mapped on at the very least a three dimensional type of graph to show perhaps metals in the molds soils, or have they been tested for residdue, not again, to assume that was not their purpose if no metal exists, or were they perfectly cleaned for the purpose of presentation (to the Gods or God, depending upon time and culture) of authentic craftsmanship of an incredible construction philosophy and also cleaned out as well because they, any materials, were precious.

Above the point in part I do not want missed is it is alright for an answer just to be an answer and not always needed to be anything more, such as a part of a larger set.

Therefore the result of a test only means in that instance what it means, and in that example it would be just simply no metal residue found, for this example, a simple answer, not to be confused, with, not used for metal casting.

And it's further principle concept is do not throw the bath out with the bath water.

Fun things to imagine, and I do not think to terribly difficult to prove with some basic paper tools and a light bulb.

I drew a picture for StoneHenge that is just a pencil draft, but it works, and I imagine the marker stones were perhaps alignments with a rotating roof, and a viewing window in the least, and a bright area, or dark even, triangulating for the purpose of marking time, which evolved into modern observatories.

These observatories are much more then looking deep into the heavens.

The optical advancements, and computing advancements are so incredible today that we can use them for long term vision and short term vision, and sub atomic levels, and therefore have gotten better with prognostication, such as in the Weather forecast, or a meteor shower, because our enhanced vision gives us time to make a clearer picture to base a decision upon and therfore make a better decision based on that, although with no guarentee always a more "house like" odds for success, vs. being taken by the house".

Life is a gamble at best sometimes in many respects. We need the odds in our favour eight out of ten times to make a longevity statement (celebrate lots of birthay's) and share life.

Wouldn't you want the house odds vs. the loser's, if given only the two choices?

Gambling is flat stupid to begin with, unless you win, of course! (Laughs) I do that because I read other's writing at Mayo's, Science .org & .mag, and at times other well known reputable sites for accurate as possible reporting and information with a known angle ahead of time to none.

Science starts getting neat when the words in the book start talking numbers, like eight electrons to form an octet. the words instantly paint a picture when the message clicks...sometimes that too takes time...never quit trying.

Our short term prognostication light has to start flashing in each of us for this challenge.

Things are, have and will more rapidly change and then they will settle into what is the new.

All dynamic bodies exist this way, here anyway.

And here is the only place we have been able to study so incredibly well, just now, better then ever.

An in that same instant we are seriously at least thinking time travel and the Higgs Botson may be real...skeptics are believing in things they never would have three years ago. Drones in Iran and something ( probabbly a drone too) flying above a Russian crowd protesting?

I remember how shocked I was that Russia "fell" as I was growing up. It seemed like one day they were one way and the next day a flip turn whooptie doo complete 180.

I bet most kids do not know what a globe is, of the Earth, as I had a very short time ago.

We have things like Google Earth!

I can go to Paris and get a feel for my way around to a degree, on Google Earth, and may just have to settle for that dream never happening. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I will add, at least!

I can see places I have hiked, and in my mind's eye image them better and better then ever, like a pictorial map from afar and closer up in my mind, simply by trying to do it repeatedly. Like practicing a musical instrument, it gets better with time too. I have not remembered in as vivid a picture, as when compared to friends whom I spoke, but rather I analyze deeply, scan all around me and gather intelligence that seems like it disappears for a few days and then reappears after the film of it gets developed, so to speak, and the real vivid one arrives.

It almost seems like to overlays of pictures as an end product, and in the mind's operation of projection of thought through the mind's eye, I can see patterns more easily, but only over a long period of time and exposure, typically, although cars and computers are as easy to learn as is the amount of work to slicing butter at room temperature...I usually never think of it, I am enjoying the moment so much.

Writing is this way, so is music, of course so is our thought.

Today I feel as though a short five years ago I was almost clueless with comparison to now, and next I will feel it closer then five years.

We adapt and can change due to tools we use.

I always want to make a better tool for a job I am working on. At least a tool a job, or often several, come too mind.

Making them takes time, so I often choose a longer way to perform a task, because I spend less time, money, and resources in the beginning process of planning and tool gathering or building.

The net result is, on a budget, and with some patience and planning, and clarity, I can effect change on a guitar, a car, a bicycle, a computer, etc.,

I have written time and time again that the Space Shuttle was thought to be an impossible achievement at best by 2025, when first actually considered a possible reality, which really was an awesomely huge project of Mammoth proportions.

It's 2011 and in the moth balls, retired, voila! For Real ?...Wow...that's gotta be worth a Pyramid!

Who will figure out how we made those, if there are any left and if the blueprints survive.

Probably already etched in diamond, on a chip, and/or in crystal flying around the universe from a ship that came from Earth. HaaHaaHaa...or perhaps heeheehee...trick or treat? This or many things could work theorhetically.

Pyramids on Mars, I do not think so, but I believe in that possibility today more then ever, however very slightly, and I started from a viewpoint, a vantage point, of absolutely thinking it absurd.

Just a few thoughts.

Time and history teach very well.

What Amazing Wonders!

5-6 years is the agreed amount of Time we have to react, or forever more quickly contribute to climate change.

We should at least control what we can, while we can, as opposed to what we think we need to manipulate, and all the while keeping a balance that strives for equilibrium and leaving the most minimal to negligible amount of "garbage behind", or perhaps leaving it better then it was to start with, should really now be the only goal.

Or Parish.

Back to finishing the article...can't wait...studying should always be a little fun, if not full throttle fun.

I bet we have many a tool buried at many a job site. We massed produced with the best technology. There tools were cherished. If it fell a long way, I am sure everyone would know quick and retrieve it, right ?

Hope you enjoyed the thoughts...not facts.

It must be the music itself...always back to Pink Floyd...Dust In The Wind...kidding...we all know that is SuperTramp, I mean Kansas, with Steve Morse or before...when did he get with Deep Purple? ...2 cool...


"Nobody before this has ever statistically determined that a single stone circle was constructed with astronomical phenomena in mind - it was all supposition," says project leader Gail Higginbottom from the University of Adelaide.
"This research is finally proof that the ancient Britons connected Earth to the sky with their earliest standing stones, and that this practice continued in the same way for 2000 years."
Now as what I have already suggested is proven once again without a doubt I suggest my idea of the crowning wooden andvelaboratecstructute upon be examined and thought about even more. The stone may be left at some site but not much of the wood that could have accompanied it. Look how much itvresembles a modern observatory. Isn't it obvious ???