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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SuperSuckers and Atomic Drops in Pittsburgh, 2009 at the Altar Bar

ComScore It was the bands 20th Anniversary ! They rokked ...of course. Atomic Drops opened the show and absolutely blew my socks off...what energy and cohesiveness while still sustaining a raw hard core feel that gives you a gut check. Mike, the owner of the Altar Bar, had an incredible laser lighting systemn in place. He overheard me commenting on it to my fiance Rhonda and came right over and introduced himself...what a treat, he even bought us a few beers and let the bartender know they were on him. ( After he introduced himself...I asked Rhonda who that was because it was hard to hear him (bad hearing for me from loud music) she told me he was the owner and bought us a few rounds). I was taking a break before the show and was needing to use the facilities so Rhonda and I headed to the basement.. I was suppose to wait just outside the entrance to the Men's room and forgot...I was upstairs when, to my surprise, in walks a guy that looks like Eddie Spaghetti. Well I had never seen them live before and was not sure if it was he or not, but then I just new it was most definitely him. I asked him if he was ready to rock this fucking place, and he just casually said...HELL YEAH. I begged him to stay so Rhonda could meet him...he kindly obliged. What a cool dude...very very laid back. Rhonda was in shock when I jokingly said let me introduce you to a good friend of mine...she looked at him and said hello sir...I said he was in the band...she shockingly asked him what he did in the band...he said he sang and played bass...I then told her it was eddie Spaghetti...she was AWE STRUCK...STAR STRUCK...she knew who it pumped to finally see her favorite band she was in shock to be actually meeting him...what a trip...well they rokked...i do not know how else to say it...EXCEPT TO SAY GO SEE THEM LIVE. In life there are studio bands and live bands. Some bands are great at each, biut that is the rarest situation. Supersuckers is INCREDIBLE live...and not bad out of the studio ! I have since seen them in Baltimore, Maryland and Fort Collins, Colorado as well. The second and third show were in 2010, the first in 2009. The new guitarist was on board with the band in the second and third show. He was absolutely stellar. He can shred a Les Paul and make it scream the blues like no other guitar knows how to scream. He is smooth, fast, technical and has a great sound. We had a few PBR's at the first show...not the best beer but suitable for a hardcore concert...the brews, The Atomic Drops, and The Supersuckers made the feeling in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania in the Altar Bar (a reconditioned Church)downtown a rocking place to be. On the way there that day we saw a beautiful rainbow that landed in a field and passed right through a windmill. That was an answer I needed that day, as I was at a juxtaposition in life where I did not know if I thought the windmills would be good on Dan's Mountain in Maryland...that was a huge sign that it was just fine. We drove a different way to Pitt that day and no doubt it was pure destiny to see that after the massive storm we drove through. We then stayed at our home in Pitt and drank a few more beers and did what a couple does after a great concert and a few beers. That was most certainly a day in my life where everything was as it was suppose to be. Well, except the following days headache...Thanks baby for turning me on to such a rokkin band...I know we will see them as often as possible. Eddie...if you read this...see you one day in Barcelona, Spain.