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Monday, June 7, 2010

Unexpected Early Morning Visitor

So these folks moved in next door to us. Been pretty quiet for the most part...the house had sat empty and quiet as a church mouse for the ten years I have lived here now...pretty nice having no neighbors. So on the day (morning) of 06-05-2010, I am walking down my steps with a box of plates in my hands to bring down to the kitchen while on my way to get a fresh cup of java and the newspaper...and...lo and behold...I am shocked at what i see. Well, my fiance is on the top of the steps following behind me and I look back and say....shhhh...and put my finger to my lips...I then motion her to QUIETLY come down where I am and take a look. Well, here is this dude crashed out in our chair in the dining room....WTF...we live alone and sure were not expecting any company.Rhonda had just refreshed her coffee about 15 minutes earlier and no one was there then...we were watching the early morning news broadcast and thought we heard something, but it was quiet and we figured perhaps just our kitties at we are use too and our four dogs that were with us were not the least bit alarmed. Anyways...I decided...if he is passed out...we are going back to out room and locking our door and calling the police. They were here in three minutes...I quietly walked passes him as to not disturb him, and met an officer at the door. The police came in...several...and woke our stranger...asked him where he was, did he live here, who he was...he was having a tough at it's best. They escorted him out and to our front steps which were now well lit. They asked again for an I.D., he offered them his last dollar...that did not work...they insisted on the I.D. that they could clearly see in his now open wallet. They asked him where he lived and where he was suppose to be...after several more minutes of conversation I could not hear down by the squad cars, they let him walk away, and they left the area. I was a little shocked, but he was harmless and drunk ...maybe on drugs too. Good jobs cop...let him go for another he went around the block and appeared at the house next door...the one that had been vacant for ten he tried that he decided to lay down face first on the front i call ed the cops again and told them now he is trying to break in next door. They arrived back on this early Sunday morning, brought him to the squad car again and said...buddy you need to get these questions right this time or you are going off to jail this morning. He finally came up with an address...which was next at 4:30 a.m., they knocked on the door at the neighbors house and it was indeed where he was suppose to be...however, the neighbors were not expecting him nor did he live there. He was just friends with them on his way to their home after a night of heave drinking. The next day we told all the neighbors we saw in the morning. That afternoon, he (John, our visitor) saw me outside and approached me, head down and all, blushing, and apologized. he said he did not remember a thing. I said we were shocked to see him that morning and that it was lucky he came to our house. Had he gone to any other home near by he may have been shot and killed...luckily we are pretty laid back here in our home. So next time you have unexpected guests, just compare that to our unexpected guest and it should bring some comfort...I bet you will at least know your guest, and I bet they will knock and meet you at the door. Hope you enjoyed our hilarious misfortune.