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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey Man...Is that you ?



Hey man that you ?

Tie-dyed visual illuminations,
kept drifting over to me,
perhaps they had been drinking,
from a favorite cup of tea.

They gazed upon my face,
with both certainty and confusion,
was that me they were looking at,
or merely their illusion?

Hey that you?
I heard so many times that night,
faces can get distorted,
time gets twisted, so does light.

Yeah bro, it must be me,
because so many have asked so quick,
new friends found I've many,
glad we all took this trip.

The eclectic music was contagious,
dancing souls all around,
better with each moment passing,
one happy family did abound.

I met Gulliver stumbling on his travels,
he was being followed by a bear,
that was what he last mumbled,
before passing out without a care.

tied down with rope and tent spikes,
and glorified with glitter,
a magic marker face was painted upon,
he made a perfect picture.

Many came to our camp site,
some lucid and some in a blur,
but one thing we shared in common,
was the bonding love so pure.

I saw a mountain top in the distance,
drumming heard from behind,
the fog lay in the valley mystic,
stars twinkled in abundance from all of time.

The night time sky so enchanting,
Jupiter above stold the show,
reflecting in all it's glory,
with bright intensity it was aglow.

Closest to the earth tonight,
on this day since 1963,
Looked like I could see its rings,
smiling back at me.

It's morning back at camp,
breakfast aromas fill the air,
friends coming often to visit,
and breakfast we do share.

We talk about the music we heard,
and the impressions that were left,
such an auspicious atmosphere,
all thankful to be guests.

Breakfast aroma still a lively boquet,
dancing in the morning air,
another hippabilly walking over,
smiling witout a care.

says...Hey Man...Is that you?,
sure is, sit and eat,
and with your morning breakfast,
please do not forget your tea.