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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is happening with nature ? Strange Phenomena Reports?

This year that birds that flock to Cumberland, Maryland came 6 weeks early. they are Starlings I believe. The acorns are in abundance and then some. My pear tree is explodong with pears. We have an invasion of Asian Stink Bugs. We have had incredible natural disasters, one after another in rapid succession that I think most folks cannot absorb the reality of each ones individual impact!

There are other strange anomolies all around in nature right now.

The other night while driving home to Cumberland, Maryland from Alexandria, Virginia, I, along with my fiance, observed naerly 25 dead dear along the ininterstate from Frederick and westward to Cumberland, which equates into roughly 90 miles. That was like a deer every 4 miles. These deer are too many to simply be running because of deer hunting season I would think.

That makes me ponder then what are they on the move for. Perhaps over population and over crowding due to a poor corn crop that laef much corn unharvested in the fields for the deer to eat and be fit and beat the odds on survival vs. food and diet.

What else have you all observed that are out of the ordinary, therfore extraordinary?

I have known innately since childhood that if the animals all start moving in the same diresction, or collective start acting abnormal around the same time in a certain area, then pay attention.

The frogs often leave an area just before an earthquake it is believed that they are able to sense seismic activity with a membrane that function somewhat like an ear however at a wave length much different then our audible world in which we reside.

My Fathers fig tree that has never produced figs in over 35 years just started a couple of years ago. it has also grown unbeleiveably fast. It was under a tree taht has been cut down, but I just think that cannot account for this much growth. Its production this year is incredible.

It would seem that a large fruit production in nature across the board would mean it is time to stock up because something is coming.

So I would say a peice of common sense advice would be to simply catch a few minutes of the news each day to stay tuned in and be prepared at the very least with basics like 2 weeks worth of canned foods, a flashlight, candles, a lighter (preferably a Zippo), candles, etc.

Items that date can be rotated into the food supply in the household and therfore replaced with newer very easily if one is organized.

This could have saved lives in New Orleans, Haiti, and Indonesia perhaps had more people been prepared.

It is October 27, 2010 as I write this here in Cumberland, Maryland. It is a balmy 61 degrees, not that I am complaining, but it is different then a 61 degrees on a June night for example.

Last night we had tornado warnings issued at about 8:30 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

I have seen all kinds of crazy wetaher recently all over this entire area like none other I have ever seen before.

Once in Buchannan State Forest in Pennsylvania, the stars diappeared quickly from the night sky as a cloak of darkness covered them in an instant. Then there was a silence, and then a slow far away howling like a wolf. It incresed in volume, intensity and depth as it neared, and it was truly like a monster was coming. I was in my 1992 Mercedes 300D with my fiance and we were buttoned down and buckled up, just in case, as we were going to leave, and leave quick.

Then a vision occurred to me that we would have sticks and tree limbs flying all around us and that made me state the vision out loud, which we agreed we were going to stay put.

After it passed, we later learned the winds were in excess of 65 m.p.h., and I think where we were, due to the nature of fluid dynamics, that the wind jegathered force as it backed up into the valley before it had enough pressure to blast it up the hill when it exploded no longer being able to cotain itself.

I have heard a tornado before, and this was a far more scary and primal type of fear I have never known. It was my instincts that kept us still, and therfore, perhaps, alive that night.

Upon our exit after the storm passed there were more branches down then I could believe and there were wires down, and there were widow makers hanging in the limbs above that were as large as trees themselve, and we had to drive under them to get out of the area.

Intuition is a powerful tool and I am thanksful I have learned to trust it Always.

My intuition tells me from my observations this year that something big is unfolding.

What have you observed ? Anything odd at all with or witout explanation...picture would be great too, and video even better yet.

I hope the squirrels just want to get fat and asked the oaks to make more acorns, but I do not think it works tha way...the trees are producing like never before after we were in very close to drought like conditions this year, and they are thriving. Oaks love water like no other as far as trees go, so this is odd that they would explode during fruiting.

Perhaps it is a way to get ready to go dormant by shedding its own perceived excess that would otherwise consume unessecary fuel to sustain life for all. The acorn knows it can produce anytime given the right circumstances.

If the seeds represent something, it looks like there is an overabundance of seeds because they have a calling to spread the gene pool far and wide and in a huge way at once, perhaps to grow after the living trees now have died off after catastrophe, and then finally the day again breaks, and the rains come, and the seeds (acorns) grow.

Thanks for reading this. Those are some of my interesting observations I thought I would sharealong with my intuitions in some instances.

Please comment on what you think about your observations and mine and your thoughts on those topics.

Peace, Steve