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Friday, November 19, 2010

"Effusio Spiritus Animus" ~ a new genre of music





MobiusTripz is the stage name of the American musical band, based in The United States of America, specifically in Cumberland, Maryland 21502, that, through studio recordings, has released several albums.

The debut album is going to be released near the new year of 2011.

The debut is called, Peace is Coming!, Part One

The musical artist that has written all of the material and played all the instruments on the recordings, as well as sang in the recordings is John Stephen "Steve" Swygert.

Mr. Swygert enjoys avidly playing guitar, bass, singing, playing some keyboards, and writing all the lyrical and musical content.

He is a classically trained violist, having played in his high school orchestra at Fort Hunt High School and collectively garnering a Silver Medal in Boston, Massachusetts in 1982-1983 (school year) in competition.

He sang in several bands before forming MobiusTripz, most notably, "The Ricky Funkhouser Band, which consisted:

Steve Swygert (vocals)
Kurt Thornburg (drums)
Robert Rowe (bass)
Ricky Funkhouser (guitar) and the band's namesake.

Mr. Swygert is also known by his online moniker, "rokkinroll", (his username, screenname, blogger name, etc. as is often needed while working across the internet).

He has written articles that have garnered attention on a local level in The Cumberland Times News, as well as a recent article from his blog which was in turn reviewed, given a positive synopsis, and reported under the "NEWS" tab at the website for, " The United States Department of Energy".

He is currently working on a novel be titled, "Ignoti non Ignorati" (Latin) translated to English, "Forgiven but not Forgotten", a storyline with a wide range of characters.

The Novel is based on truth from his own life's experience of a murder of a close friend, whom he had to testify on behalf of the prosecution in Fairfax County.

As the story unfolds as read, especially years after the trial and guilty verdict given the defendant, there comes forth a cascade of incredible eyewitness first hand evidence as testified to to the author, thus illustarting a much deeper plot of murder that is of Shakespearian proportion.

The event in real life lead Mr. Swygert down a dark and hideous path for years to come that has been a fascinating series of revelations that have brought about an even stronger sense of Faith, Perseverance, and Optimism in the face of pure tragedy.

This and other life events, propelled Mr. Swygert to thrust onward in his 20's to the present day and age of forty two in this year 2010, to write poetry, lyrics, music, and art work in other mediums, as well as his new book, also to be released shortly after the album. It has all been inspired in the memory of the friend he lost and the the people so hurt, and what he has learned through this process, previously unchartered by himself, and he wishes to be chartered by no others, as it was behemothly abysmal.

The style when released will be like no work before it, because the architecture of the work itself has taken over twenty years to assimilate and create.

There will be axamples of all types of literary teachings present in the work, as well as different languages in the print, to propel the reader on a journey of self enlightenment, without the personal emotional anguish suffered in which to finally gain an opptomistic perspective from tragedy, thus triumphantly rising as The Phoenix.

The musical style is a new brand and style that is a mixture of many styles resonating in a newly forged genre called , "Effusio Spiritus Animus" or in modern English (not an exact translation), " A pouring out of the breath of life that is the courage and the spirit and the vivacity of man".

This link will show one of the genres very first exapmles of his music.

Here is yet another example of his work chronicling the massive oil spill in 2010 and his desire to have citizens contemplate a subsequent boycott after the spill, all the while suggesting that if that action be taken, that it be taken with thoughtfulness and care through education on the topics at hand, and done in such a way that the "boycotter"

Swygert states that, "This is music to chronicle our adventure forward into the Green Era while giving origin a clear voice as to not forget our past, or those people even before them, as thus far many civilizations have failed, and also keep in the minds eye the future we should strive to leave for our heirs", and is written with a focus on God and World Peace, Humanity and Healing, Perspective and Physics, Science and Art, and delves into nearly any imaginable topic.

It is a new musical genre that is purely written with a concept that is well defined at the onset of the invention of the genre itself, yet artistically may, as music always does, reinvent itself through time, as only time and events can dictate.

Swygert would like to see many other musiciansemmulate this style, or evolve this style, and enjoy this style together, not ignoring any other music at all again, emphasizing origin, as this genre itself sprang forth from what music there was before it combined with his new thought thus creating this entire concept.

He also suggests anyone try it, be it singing, playing an instrument, or humming along, etc. , whatever makes your spirit within you come alive greater then it was just a moment before and celebrate in music together...and never quit...if you do not like an instrument, try another, if you think your not musical, you are welcome to try this with others anyway and it is promoted, because this is a music to be celebrated by all, because it is to be an outlet to propel all of mankind in a better overall direction.

The effusio is, "the pouring forth", which can come from a blend of any and all types of sounds, be it, but not limited too, musical instruments, singing, samplings, noise, ad infinitum, as the writer, or spirit of the collective musicians if playing together unrehearsed and creating a song yet to have been previously heard, construct it.

The key to the architecture of the music that will define its sound wil be the singleness of purpose towards enlightenment through themes that lyrically are uplifting, educational, record culture, language and accents, and convey a vision of how things can be better if we work together as one.

Swygert believes in one God, and this God loves all of human kind, and that includes everyone, and excludes no one. It respects people of all religion which includes lack of religion, and the music is not ever suppose to be purposefully offensive, although it could possibly be deemed that way, and finally, there shall be a point to the song that is abundantly clear.

The music can be aggressive or soft, radical or classical, blues or rock related, but it shall mix many elements, styles, genre, etc into a single song, or else it is not Effusio Spiritus Animus...and the name as written here shall not be written in acronym form, as to one day lose it's so obvious origin today. Perhaps it is not so obvious, and that is the exact point. There should be lessons built upon lessons, built upon lessons, whatever that subject matter may be.

His music is recorded in the, "HippaBilly Studios", studio, in Cumberland, Maryland, U.S.A.

He is looking forward to working with other musicians and expanding his own skills and knowledge in the process and prays that they to will experience enlightenment through the music, be it played together ot merely listened to.

Music is after all the universal language, as Bella Fleck so recently shows in a documentart where he plays the banjo in Africa.

People gathered together that could not speak words together, as they spoke different languages, however the universal language of music can and does permeate all matter...right into the very soul.

People smiled together, rejoiced, sang in their own language, made noises of glee, played all sorts of instruments, and it was in its own unique way on those days beautifully utopian.

As Walden had his pond, which he so shared through his art, we all have music.