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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DREAMY SUBMISSION ~ LYRICS ~ MobiusTripz ~ steve swygert

ComScore 12-14-2010


There's so much that’s happening
if you choose to open your eyes

take a look around
things are happening

really shouldn’t be no surprise
things that are prophetic...all around

so take a look at any channel
any channel found
its all around
its everywhere today

hey man can't you see it
you know we are on our way

just dream

you gotta find a groove
we got to get in it
and remember this
is all about perception
how you want to see
this world around you
so get in the dream
and dream with thee
and live those dreams when your awake
and find some peace

there should be peace
in the world
all around the world
we got the technology to succeed and share it
oh yeah...

dream on it tonight
think about how to make it right
and what can we do together
hand in hand

we can make this a better place for everybody

start with a smile

just a smile and a friend
start with a smile