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Monday, December 20, 2010

Eclipse ~ A POEM ~ December 21, 2010


then deflected,
changes ones perspective.

One source,
across cosmic time,
misunderstood reason?
why... green is a lime?

The eyes,
perceive what we desire,
not what may actually be,
electricity travels lightening quick,
synaptic highways like burning fires.

then word,
printed we read.

read carefully,
let not science deceive.

Feel life,
soaking all aspects in,
sight only a single sense,
how many do we really have,

always on my mind,
opening more now,
light always flows in,
even when there is,
an eclipse.

Winter solstice,
i thank you above,
for this light show,
living reality in the present,
no longer lost in mere myth.

Moon disappears,
only to my view of perspective,
still looming large in space,
reappears so soon... we now know.

Ancient civilizations,
placed weight often not known,
on these celestial light shows,
if and when to seed and soon first plow?

Messages from heavens,
so far away across space time,
senses all taking this in.

Learn the teachings of the learned,
insight offered cheap.
Vision and Faith always defeat sin.

Outside of myself,
is where I see best,
what it is I am suppose to see?

And dreams come true,
as I cruise through time,
traveling to, for me, His destiny.