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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life's Sometimes Lonely Journey - Original short poem

ComScore Life's sometimes lonely journey

On an island standing alone,
surrounded with all of my friends of life,
memories of yearned time lost gone by,
and time to strike now rich, love surrounds me,
no one comes along,
journeys spent alone, I ask why?

I try to catch a drift,
sliding gracefully to my friends,
my twisted word of expression,
misunderstood by many,
clues to an answer for all,
losing in rapid succession?

Souls that slip these surly bonds of life,
and time wins as always once again,
when I catch up behind it,
I promise next to be a better friend.

Now is the moment to share,
and be footloose and fancy free,
I just want to say I Love All My Friends,
that are on this island with me.