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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MobiusTripz New Site Up and Running !!!

Just visit:

all of my music is available there for


for your listening pleasure.

The album is shooting through the charts at all the digital outlets online and is a breed of new music that is refreshingly different and very unique, but it is easy to hear roots and influence from nearly any type of music imaginable.

There are several different songs that are topping these charts and they are in several different genres as well...quite unique! have fun listening.

MobiusTripz ~ Peace Is Coming! Part 2: 1Timeemit1

is being processed as this is being written and will be released at most all digital retailers anyday now...

This musical album is written to be viewed under the default graphics settings for Windows Media Player, as the music was written with the visual graphics in mind to display the music like no album before it and is quite a beautiful visual musical experience that you must just see, as words cannot do it justice.

It is reccomeneded that you purchase the album online and then listen to it in its entirety while watching the Windows Media Player.

There is a strong story line that will lead to deep pondering and perhaps open the mind towards new and better insights as we all proceed forward.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this new musicak experience and please share it with your friends.

Also, please go to ,, and join our mailing list and beome a fan, and you can easily be kept up to date on everything the band is working on, including more new material that should be released in the middle of 2011 if not sooner.

A clothing line will be makingits debut as well soon, so stay in touch and email any comments or suggestions you would like to share please.