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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Pyramid at Geeza ~ 2010

ComScore The Pyramid at Geeza ~ 2010

A perspective in time from where I stand...
we each live and learn together across this vast land.

Forever set in the sands of time?
was a statement, until came a question mark,
One of Seven World's wonders...
last one standing...HARK!

That civilization passed,
a legacy they left in stone,
hoping a message would persevere,
that others would not be as they... alone.

Vision is seeing ahead,
further then from where we stand perched.
History, art, science, and time...
sand trickles through the hour glass still...
and still we like many others hurt.

Language the largest offender,
too often misunderstood,
Led Zeppelin said it best in this age,
Why bother to even listen, if we not hear what we should?

"Communication Breakdown,
It's always the same.
I'm having a nervous breakdown,
Drive me insane!"

Language a barrier,
A reason for the "Rosetta Stone",

many left behind by others,
it's time we learn, this life craft we hone.

Life is too help the next generation,
I am of age when material matters not as much,
and material things change in my mind's eyes,
as we are all just turning to dust.

It seems to happen slow at first,
taking forever from child to age,
then you are in the middle of your time,
beaten, jaded, saged.

Deeper aging brings childlike examination,
Nothing settles mind like innocence,
When you realize finally you may have not much time left,
Things so quickly start making sense.

Crazy some think perhaps,
as I ease slowing from within my vessel,
first we must escape the mind,
rose grows best upon trestle.

God my trestle,
as my vessel like an old car beat,
wants to leave in a few years passing soon,
and finally rest its weary feet.

Then I will be amidst the stars,
The Cosmos I will explore,
I will enjoy eternity I am Promised,
while here, I will slowly reach for that door.

The sands will keep flowing,
like water in the Nile,
it will change form, shape and time,
God's Mona Lisa smile.

We each are a masterpiece!

Enjoy life, share, smile.


Horizons I so often examine,
digging deeper in as I pray,