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Friday, December 10, 2010

Red "Sea Shark Attacks: Killing Spree Puzzles Scientists", by TIME, from yahoo news

The entire Ocean's eco system has been devastated after the oil spills...this will be just the beginning. The shark is one of the oldest species on earth, and is a voracious carnivore...they are starving, as are many other animals from the ocean and on land...when they start moving...on which way they go!

Let's hope I am wrong, but time will tell what really happened, and we have a media that seems to report less and less, as they expect more and more to happen and do not want a panic, that they know is slowly already spreading world wide because of so much devastation...I wish people would wake up and see the writing that is on the wall...because you do not find it in print too much!

Look at my video and just listen to the words and think about the possibilities...openmindly...again, I pray I am wrong, but we, as a race, collectively called human, have done massive damage on every level, and it is showing.

Here is a link to the video and my music, I hope you enjoy it, make a comment, or read something at a good source, that suggests these ideas, along with their respective further examination.

I am a trained scuba diver, and well,...sharks are not known to attack like this...until more recently.

I live near the Chesapeak Bay...It is at 10% or less, the levels it once held, concerning fisheries. I grew up along the polluted Potomac in Alexandria, Virginia, which at least supports life to a degree, and quite well, again.

I live in Cumberland, Maryland, and we have mine run off, water pollution ( and a city council here that may sell our water shed property), which to me should be for sale TO NO ONE or AT ANY PRICE ever, as this is part of the legacy we were to leave the generations to come.

I attend functions at Jefferson Island, where the oysters taste great, are rarer each year passing, and more expensive each year as well. try to make a living there like those fisherman, whose families have done so for years....I talk to them, and they say more and more have to leave to find other work, as the local community is based on the fisheries and the industries that are supported by it.

I was a conservative republican, and still will and can be. I have become more liberal, and now main toward the center, just depending on the moment s urgency and the issue.

I try to be flexible and open minded so that perhaps we will all continually work together helping, and not hurting so much that we have are hands in...EVERYTHING.

Peace and God Bless...I hope you enjoy the video and my other work at is art, entertainment, and is skewed...just to think about things...because how at times like this can we not consider what is actually happening.

I want let me have it...helps me to learn more, continue to open my minds eye, so that I can continue to see further with vision, and learn from others all over.

We have this technology to communicate, and should use it well and often to gain an upperhand, a collective thought that unifies us all in this world in a common spirit, and then take peaceful swift actions at any cost to save what is left, and do our best to survive so that we will have a legacy that is memorable for the correct reasons.

We are to smart and have too much technology for this to be happening...but add Greed into any equation you want, and the end result is always misery, no matter how applied.


sorry caps locked and I am short on time...anyway,

Yahoo has an informative thought provoking article to consider at that link, and then I wrote a few things hopefully to spark peaceful discussable open minded debate.

Read on...thanks!

Do animals get pissed and hungry ???...we do, and we are animals...One would think it applies to sharks too...especially if we mess with their environment, as we do on a daily basis !

Please read this and keep an open mind, and hit me up with some conversation...anything at open line of communication is better then a wall...most of the time!

I have had this posted for a while, and I have added many new songs...some just for fun...because as an artist, I enjoy my studio.

As a scientist, I have my own ideas founded on life's experiences, and volumes of reading, and some education...which seems less and less useful today concerning the BIG PICTURE.

The media will not report to us what we should know is coming soon.

It is obvious that the tapering down or, "Dumbing Down of America", really the world, has been a planned action by the few who control the majority of cash and media.