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Sunday, December 19, 2010

We are all leaves of the same family tree...Live Life Today!

Today...I long for what I had yesterday...all gone...and today...I look forward for tomorrow's promises...and today I am most thankful for the gift of, "today". Things lost... I think...then I realize...are things I had to leave behind to move forward. There are many pages to a book, and often we are all on different ones...I am thankful to be a part of "our" book, which WE ALL share. Chapters closed sometimes hurt, as I do now...time again to turn the page, also called a leaf...I pray I turn to a new leaf we will all share and will see you when we all get there...where ever that destination may be...I keep reading and keep living. A Book, a tree from which we are all family, and each leaves...I wipe my tears away and feel blessed.