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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Caspian - Sycamore ...inspired by their tune...Thanks Jack

ComScore The mighty majestic Sycamore,
lines the river shore so well,
denotes the water's existence,
from far and wide can be seen the rivers swell,
by any who travel far and wide, even overhead.

The Sycamore, a beacon,
a kind soft sentinel guards the water close,
a symbiotic plutonic, beautiful, relationship in nature,
a dance of life not too often repeated,
an example of The Almightys Love.

We too should dance this gracious dance,
the Sycamore does so well,
Oh Sycamore I thank your Grace,
Your quiet defiance speaks volumes,
on deaf ears they could fall and still be heard,
becuease you speak with more then just words.

You are The Sycamore.

This gets a little deep and heavy...just some thoughts provoked at an interesting crossroads in a life that has seen so much and is thankful for each and every breath such a hypocrite as I still takes.

I write this because of the timing of first hearing this song...who introduced it to me...and how in a day and age of tecnological triumph and friends re-received... I thought I would never know again...thanks oh greatness, for the reaching hand you so offer today and freely lend.

I need you so in a time of testing,
wrecked in a physical heap,
for but the love of family and friends,
I would have surely died and moved beyond,
this deep place I swim amongst my brethren,
please continue to hold me up...raise me to new heights,
Thankful that you do I defend.

Through you,
I am reborn,
Strong again a testimony of physical truth,
transform me higher I beg to be an example this time,
thrown away so much of my youth.

Forgive me all, I confess such sins, as tears roll down my face,
I am who i am, but the spirit has stayed, through my onslaught of selfishness,
not betraying me, instead carrying my mess, lending sustainful life,
I still stand before you to His strength,
that a man like me still is here,
so I write with these words through eyes that now can care.

Live the life of a Sycamore...for ever more.