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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dumbed Down Americans ~ A Poem

Dependent upon technology,
narrow minded cynicism,
disgusting acts of violence,
hear this criticism.

Knowledge is one key,
certainly not POWER,
it is used incorrectly,
every year, day, hour.

Wisdom with kind execution,
use your knowledge wisely,
All things that we do,
seen by His eyes.

So litte we understand,
unfathomable what we do not,
sew the seeds you like,
a reason for what you got!

Be it good or bad,
the decision was yours then made,
The dumbing down of America,
senseless moral decay.

Controlled masses robotic,
like zombies wading through life,
You have a mind so use it,
language getting lost, what is strife?

It is all around us,
everywhere we look,
expand the mind with knowledge,
please do not burn your books.

Written when there were standards,
publications seeming to disappear,
The net catches too many,
mentally now left in arrears.