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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


ComScore This I submitted to The Cumberland Times News for printing acceptance on this 19th day of April 2011.

I post it here for any other eyes that may fall upon it.

Peace and Love



Sunday April 18, 2011, a couple of days after horrific tornados cut a swath from the midwest all the way to the east, the tea party was on our downtown mall peacefully making a statement.

Thanks to our Constitution we have a right to peacefully protest or make a statement with that in which we disagree.

The Constitution is not broken, however it is the foundation to our modern day politics.

The politics are failing, the foundation however, is still strong and healthy.

I grew up a conservative republican, and at age 43, I feel like I have seen a lot finally, and understand less, as my horizons of interests and education spread.

I have been 100% politically liberal of more recent, and I am leaning towards being Independent now.

The most refreshing observance on this day on the downtown Cumberland Mall as I drove past was a young man ( 18 or less) holding a sign that said, " Say the Word Love Today".

He had wisdom I have only recently understood in an older age.

I love that we have the right to assemble and make statements and peacefully gather in which to do so.

We are at a great crossroads in The United Sates of America!

I wish we could be The United People of America, unfortunately a wish is only that.

Let's construct a better more efficient way to be a country and place it upon our already exisiting great foundation.

It is these flawed ways that have brought us here at this horrific juxtaposition, and it is time for these ways to swiftly peacefully go the way of the past and easily towards least resistance.

The ways of the past have swiftly overtaken us and are nearly about to consume our country, broken in ohhh so many ways.

The tornados were devastating, say nothing more.
We are peaceful and wise.
I pray to a gentle God for all,
and I Love each of my brethern equally.

Love is a powerful word...use it often.