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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cumberland chat Posting a few ideas of mine ~ MOBIUSTRIPZ FREE STREAMING MUSIC 24/7



Let's Have a Cumberland Family Picnic and Fun Day...please read
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Here is a link to my letter thankfully published in, "The Cumberland Times News". Please read it and give it great thought as we all travel through a difficult and changing time, together.

I coupled a few other thoughts (just dreams and ideas to share and plant a seed with those that read to think about what we can do together) here hoping to inspire and ask for help so we can do some great things here together...we have a great sounding board here at Cumberlndchat...and it is so wonderful to see so many people that care and communicate together for the greater cause of our city. Thanks each enhance my life when I read your posts...even if it is not in favor of what I myself may have posted up...we can all be raised by a communitty...I know I have...peace, steve

I hope with your help to form a civil and volunteer group of think tankers, so to speak...that means anyone with a voice and a it the lay person or the learned that perhaps we can theroize ideas that would be efficient and work upon our constitutional foundation while at the same time having the ability to overhaul the way things are currently done and through peace and proper communication.
I challenge any and all to respond and lets get together, have food and thought in a casual atmosphere and then have a round table discussion...politicians welcome, press welcome, everyone welcome.

...philosophers are sorely missed today, and so badly needed...

I hope some will reply.

I grew up at the communitty gatherings and they worked and have become a dying part of this post industrial society we are crumbling in today.

These wonderous get togethers work wonders swiftly and avoids conundrums as we have had recently which our election quite simply beared witness too.

If you are a person, you are welcome to, " Celebrate Cumberland Day !" is a nice and let us all make it a dream come to fruition...I have some poor health and I need a good challenge to keep the mind sharper and the clicking body more agile....join me and everyone else and lets have a picnic this summer !

musicians, poets, actors, employees, bag boys, homeless, lawyers, citizens etc. all welcome !

I am not looking to out do town hall, however just a place to socialize, like Canal Place or Constitution Park, i.e., as a communitty where we can be festive and beneficial to the betterance of Cumberland while we socialize together in a festive atmosphere and collect the ideas that can more quickly transition Cumberland into the masterpice she will shine up to re-appear.

The Artistic and Historic Treasure Trove of Life to The West

Let's organize a Cumberland Family and Friends Picnic at the Park with everyone welcome to enjoy and celebrate Cumberland and share our mutual visions of a great future we are on the edge of here right now.

I hope you enjoy my article from the paper, and only leave it here as a reference to the message it contains for all to read.

A transition to that message is this:

Love is a beautiful word to share and how better to share it then by celebrating together as we should.

my email is, and I will more quickly receive any reply there first, as I only check in here from time to time logged in...I usually just read the posts...FYI...thanks