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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Letter to CITY COUNCIL ANDButch Hendershot 05022011

Mayor, City Council and Friends:

First I would like to say thanks to Butch...with no dis-respect to anyone else.

Butch, you have kindly responded to my letters in the newspaper in the past, and I appreciate it very much.

I want to have you read my most recent letter, and then some subsequent thoughts...mostly for a Cumberland family Fun Day picnic...that would be free...I have many ideas, and I have posted this all over, awaiting response now and would love to hear yours.

Thanks for your time and dedication, as well as experience and wisdom.

John Stephen Swygert

Well I was recently published in the newspaper and was delighted to see my words in print. I hope they are well received. Please read this first as well.

I have had a few thoughts, and I have passed them around the local area internet through facebook and twitter, etc, and I am hoping fort some great feedback on an idea that I think and I think many will agree is an idea that is long overdue....

My attached diatribe (sarcastic) may ramble but it is merely my excitement and my ideas that flow forth as i hope they will for each of us and we unite together one day soon closer then we ever have as a collective communitty.

Thanks for your time sirs and madames:

copy is enclosed from letter to Brian Grim:

just a quick note I wrote that found print...I met you once through Chris Linn, who I pray is doing owe me a lunch ! on your Mayorship...I was set to run, however my health is not so well, I would like to chat sometime and I have many great ideas and visions about this city... as you I do not care for the looks of Baltimore Father is retired Civil Engineer, I have great contacts of people I trust to get only advice from, never to do business with...point being, I am a thinker and I know what this town can be and I am certaine we share visions together that needs wings built by us working together...this town will soar again, and be charmful and even more peaceful. 240 522 2469...celll text voice mail...and I often do not answer...sorry for a long email but I had a few things to say before the chance we may have to speak is cool too...I am working on the computer and composing music a lot. Peace, Steve...and again, a sincere congrats...let the work continue!

what followed was a backward history of a thought as i wrote it out...let's do this thing with some great communication....thanks, steve

John Stephen Swygert

sent to:,,,,