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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat threat at rides at the county fair ~ letter to our mayor

Perhaps you can pass this along to the proper jurisdiction and agency...yesterday, Tuesday, July 19, 2011 our family attended the fair...after 30 mins at most, my fiance's son got in the ride, I believe called the "tornado", and it is next to the, "zipper". If it is not "tornado", it is "twister". It is closed in and was at least 120 degrees inside and Tyler was instantly in major trouble quick (more quickly then the ride was able to come to a stop), as he had slurred speech, massive cramping, and his hands were distorted from cramps almost as if he had cerebral palsy or a seizure. His legs were cramping so bad he could not walk or much less, stand. The point is, especially with the massive heat perhaps peaking tomorrow, that this ride needs to be shut down. It is enclosed, in the heat, more dangerously the heat trapped inside and then it spins. I spoke to Ed (last name eludes me, sorry), a friend that worked for Ed Mullaney for a long time, and his girlfriend's son had to go home after this very same ride, as it bothered him very badly as well. This thing is a death trap and is dangerous. I am hoping that you can let me know by tonight, Wednesday July 20, 2011, this will be addressed properly with your kind assistance, as we figured you would know whom to speak with and get appropriate and immediate action before we have a tragedy which cannot be reversed. We were prepared for the heat, well hydrated, and dressed well and it just goes to show that you can never be to careful in this type of weather. 240 522 24xx is my cell text voice mail...or email is fine as well. If I do not hear back tonight, or early in the morning on Thursday, I will call around until I get some action, I just wanted you to have the opportunity to do so first with perhaps the most tactful and efficient method. I hope their is a protocol that already exists to properly address these come uppances. Thanks, Steve Swygert

John Stephen Swygert