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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Abuse turns to Love through God

Abuse comes in many forms each paralyzing in so many facets words cannot quite decipher pain is deep scarring and lasting prayer an answer for all freedom at the Lords feet I pray if I have hurt and hurt I have been Lord change our foolish ways Love a mountain climbed so many times and each time I miserably fail divorce twice and now alone once again lonliness always for me seems to prevail I must still stand strong cant tolerate being wronged I tried to take it and let love's ember burn but now the Lord says give Peace its turn and I am now alone once again in heart with the Lord always standing by my side I await his plans for me next but my tears say I miss you so sorry you had to go the most precious woman in my life you still are but I may never see or speak to you again because the pain of many a fueal moment erases the love in this my life I wanted to share it all, for once have a blessed wedding, you my wife but now my head held low I trudge lifelessly with strife still dreaming of what we could have been an unkempt life such wicked sin Lord forgive us for we know not what we do Our love we mis irecte at times with hurt I offer up to you and surrender my fight of stubborness and arrogance and beg of you to be your servant wipe clean our ignorance so much I want and do pray sweet Lord may i use my wings to fly? Always full of questions Edison, DaVinci, Burroughs, Ford, Grandady DeLoach great men all do pass through time with stretched wings soaring alongsie God this universe so vast my Love if I shall not see or speak or be with you just fine Peace and Solitude and Trust the He walks by each of us together thrhh Him always with safe distance Faith and Trust I love you an now must fly away and say goodbye this very day to she which I gave all my life and gave life back to me showed me how to walk again with a broken back made my heart feel healed let my spirit restore and thrive i thanks you Rhonda for my life you showe me God's face residing right inside of my soul let me listen and speak to him often yet we drifted apart for reasons beyond our control Gods will the size of merely a mustard seed can move entire mountains How small truly is my Faith thus far only a drop of water in the universal ocean pray, grow Faith from from seed not molested (Monsanto) always strive towards our minds and souls be tested a judge I must see in a court room so grim haloween was suppose to be a three year celebration anniversary of sharing now we are so far apart yet only blocks away from one another here in cumberland and my Mother is ill, nursing home life, perhaps dying and we waste time like its free and an entitlement the most valuable assett money will never corrupt will always be time and for you my undying love just please I pray let me help you and please i pray you help me because I want to rock on that porch at our cabin in old age the vision we share an we see I will learn to bite my scalding tounge so viscious which I weild like a samuri swiping ecapitating sword to the soul and you strike back or even at times out of no where a blindsided unexpected misdirected perplectic mysterious reality and then I act out in ways I do not even think of as me Oh Lord what have we become? Lift us I pray above this heart breaking gut wrenching lonliness and pain we are the tropics Capricorn and cancer and for balance we must parallel stay for when we shake and quiver, waves we set aloft that drift through the fabric of time and can most anything touch off miracles in many places we leave a smile, love, and friends, and then celestial alignments of life finds a poor blend oft like the winemaker expecting delight uyears of hard work spent, seed though sewn so well opens up that oaken cask and drinks vinegar not the promised drink of sweet wine our blessed Fathers blood and soul but vinegar he mae by mistakethat holds responsibility blame not just learn as we drift forward rocketing through the universe growing back towars one another seeking help and releif that we so need let us now plant so fresh the seed that when it comes time for us to reap perhaps we will fall in Love at Gods feet nothing coul ever be more sweet as has been the most glorious days of my life my time spent thus far with you Rhonda no matter what, you are always my one true love, and I thank God for the gift you are