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Sunday, October 9, 2011


ComScoreThis is the latest cut by MobiusTripz at you the vid at this link please and share it with friends...
Music by~ MobiusTripz "rokkinroll", steve swygert
The video is self are the LYRICS as well:
Crusin' Thinkin' Contemplatin', what's happened to life in the U.S.A. ?
Revolution...get ready...get started, harmony and peace will be our new way.
Our voice, hear us, we are calling, for our rights to pursue the American Dream.
Things do change so quickly, yesterday a nation at inner peace, for Freedom started to ring.
Become a fan of MobiusTripz at at this link:!/mobiustripz
There is an Android APP for free download there as well...Apple APP coming soon.
You can read the profile there and I will have some art work soon as well...peace, steve