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Saturday, October 22, 2011


TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WE THE PEOPLE: We have taken a great step forward as a nation today, calling the troops home from Iraq. It is only a first step. All troops need to come home quickly, efficiently and safely. I am a past republican super liberal leaning towards independent, not unique, and mostly like any reader long enough, see long enough, learn well and always quench the thirst for knowledge and truth and you may feel and change and evolve continually, the Grace is Always there for US. I agree with many politicians, as well as dis-agree with many as well, regardless of their party affiliation. I have met, played pool and corresponded with Senator Jim Moran of The Great State of Virginia. I shared with him my thoughts and concerns, I proposed cutting edge ideas, of which he responded to me with a personal, not a form, letter. He heard my voice, listened, and promised to share my ideas concerning press releases during times of possible mass panic, as we had moved into a new day an age after the events of September 11, 2001, the sniper shootings, the anthrax attacks, and that is only to mention a few previously unimaginable days and events of tragedy. I was a student of police science and earned an associate in this scientific discipline. I learned from the best at a community college, and they were educated men who had dedicate there lives to law enforcement in the pursuit of protecting and serving the public through an oath ordering them each to uphold an oath to office to the municipality, nation, territory, state, etc., ad infinitum, and taught text book exact with a blend of real life experience that was an incredible learning environment that taught me so well I was not cut out for the physicality nor the mentality of law enforcement on a patrolman’s level, for I could not bare what they would see and hear and feel in the line of fire. Theoretically speaking though, I understood the managerial, statistical, tactical, leadership, planning and enforcement of the laws, and at the time compared to now in October of 2011, thing s looked to be in a fair shape philosophically, not perfect, however function on a whole as efficiently as the times an technology would allow, as in no time would we have ever find men and women more dedicated to their job, just as those today and for generations of law enforcement and all of its collective supporting fields of which millions of people have been employed. So I sent this letter, and got a great warm reply, my thoughts were shared with Jim, and were valid enough to share with his colleagues, not the people of his party, but everyone. This from a man I met and told, "As a son of a great, wise, and distinguished West Point Colonel and being the staunch conservative republican that I am you will never in your dreams have my vote and it is nice to meet you. He did not turn red and explode with anger and knock me out...I think because my honesty an I think because he saw passion that we shared little did I know at the time a strong young drunken alpha male. I was going to delete drunken, but then there would go the truth along with it. So we played pool, shared some thoughts and had a great time together. First and last time we visited face to face, and I wish to do that again, because I deeply feel I have a message and more cutting edge ideas. I have always known a computer, I build them, I program a little, and I repair them. I started on a TRS 80 - Model III and what an expensive hot fast piece of machinery, all of 64k RAM...come on ...for real?...for real!...and it was quite something to learn, then came the Mac style Tandy 286 windows 3.1, pre windows 95 which would prove to dominate the operating system marketplace so well it nearly wiped out all of its competition, including Apple. Apple is an entire story all together that should be well read and learned. Today I have many computers and they each serve certain purposes. Actually most of us do today in one shape or form, but those I speak of in this sentence I have are a couple of laptops, and a few towers, lots of peripherals and a music studio. Things I as a child only dreamed of, for they did not yet exist for the common man, even as well a start in my family life as I had. These technological revolutions although quickly happening, still took time, vision, intense work, etc. to materialize. I many ways today the world is a better place for it, and in many ways it is indeed in arguably in worse shape then it has ever been due to and only considering human waste through consumption be it industrial, agricultural, or technological, it makes no matter what we call it, in the end it is consumption leaving a footprint of damage. War is one consequence of this damage, terror yet just another, obesity, etc. because they all come from a way we settle or insist on living our lives, whichever may be the case. I uploaded my new album, MobiusTripz ~ Changing Times, which is a one song, 9 piece suite of musical experiment and communication mostly contemplating and sharing thoughts of spiritual unity, freedom and peace. I released Changing Times, and President Obama called the troops home, totally unexpectedly ending a nearly ten year long war with the honorable country of Iraq. I understand why we were there, I understand what different factions views are in The United States because I have been them each, be it conspiracy theory, experience (as I heard the explosion of the plane hit the Pentagon close by to where I was that tragic day), I understand as the son of A West Point Colonel and I understand as the ex son-in-law to the director of The Center for Army Analysis. I understand it living a pitiful, and poor broken financial and physical body life, spiritually aware and alive as an artist, creating art, studying art, which is in everything that is beautiful, and at the same time, experiencing my reams continually going up in smoke, surviving through it, and keeping my head up high, with a tear in my eye, because it is that difficult. I have health issues and a Social Security System more broken then my battered, beaten, always hurting physical body. I have a spirit they can never break, lest I let them. I also have a right under the law of this land to the due process of law. Forgive me if I mis-read it but did anywhere it say due process to criminal law? or civil law?...or just law ? FROM WIKIPEDIA: "Due process is the legal principle that the state must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person under the law. Due process holds the state subservient to the law of the land and thus protects individual persons from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law. Due process has also been frequently interpreted as limiting laws and legal proceedings (see substantive due process), so judges - instead of legislators - may define and guarantee fundamental fairness, justice, and liberty. This interpretation has proven controversial, and is analogous to the concepts of natural justice, and procedural justice used in various other jurisdictions. This interpretation of due process is sometimes expressed as a command that the government must not be unfair to the people or abuse them physically. Due process is not used in contemporary English law, though two similar concepts are natural justice (which generally applies only to decisions of administrative agencies and some types of private bodies like trade unions) and the British constitutional concept of the rule of law as articulated by A. V. Dicey and others.[1] However, neither concept lines up perfectly with the American conception of due process, which, as explained below, presently contains many implied rights not found in the ancient or modern concepts of due process in England.[2] Due process developed from clause 39 of the Magna Carta in England. When English and American law gradually diverged, due process was not upheld in England, but did become incorporated in the Constitution of the United States." End Keep in mind that is just one source, and it is at least substantiated, and quite like what I learned in college and through life. We are all due our due process, and people are finally waking up to this fact. Abuses have happened through ignorance, for a country not learned cannot see the evil that awaits as it creeps. And Nations divided suffer the same ignorant outcome, where evil pounces. Time and history are the most excellent teachers, and can be studied as those who have written have recorded, each painting a tapestry of words for only a single perspective, however shared by many or few people. It is perspective, communication, and education all grounded in the Spirit that bring Peace. The trinity is not the judicial, the legislative, and the executive, and Lord knows it is not The Federal Reserve. Due diligence in its very word origin in Latin ...well a great one to look up and study for each ones self. We each have a right to our due diligence that our ineffective government can no longer even see to be capable of delivering on their finest says, so over laden has bureaucracy complicated democracy so beautiful in theory, yet always an experiment in the process. Laws beget laws, and therefore any system based this way will fail the masses, and the system itself and become a dis-service. So what is a fresh start? WE keep the Constitution, The States and the Federal Government gets a massive makeover of simplification by utilizing modern technology while growing a job base for The Green Era, through the use of furthering technology that will not be used for distractions known or learned, and will increase in our overall collective efficiency pertaining to all we consume an create, making us not a non polluting nation but a nation living towards the ideal that can be reached a little more each day all the while the search for these answers can be used to create the most incredible well educated job base ever in history, with less pollution, better planning, and a workforce that shall grow jobs, not take them away. The three house approach will work well, as long as the government on a National level sticks to the guidelines and stops recreating government or creating new government, or growing the federal government, as we have done so today. We need vision that utilizes technology to run our society more efficiently, however shall not depend upon it an therefore cause catastrophic failure at any imaginable level, no matter what the time may be, as time dictates many a thing unexpected and gives birth to new ideas, thoughts and all that transpire thereafter. We do not need to do anything immediately, or anything that is irrational and full of panic. We should plan a downsize of the federal government in its totality, and transition working federal level agencies to the state they are based in, mostly if not only for tax purposes and census data. Ross Perot's ideas of yesteryear need a fresh look with waken eyes as well. He was a Naval Academy graduate, A very successful businessman, and a huge forward thinker, who funded his own political campaign when he ran for the presidency. Money should not be spent for elections. Media would still cover it, advertisements would still be sold, and revenue still garnered by the media industry. There would be no lobbying groups, no political advertisements, and much less corruption, which always makes even the most precise machine inefficient. States would collect taxes for the federal government, as well as collectively be held accountable for its proper and fully disclosed accounting, in very simple non convoluted forms anyone at all of sane mind and inherent reasonableness would easily understand. The military would have a new mission and singleness of purpose. Promoting and keeping National Peace, while never crossing any borders be they theoretical, scientific, geographic, ad infinitum. We would have a military that would not fight a war on any land other then the protected land of its own country, nor would it acquire or declare any "new" area its own and therefore have a cause just for the purpose of fighting. We may even be wise enough to ask other nations to read out proposal, critique it, and perhaps come to a more collective form of freedom for everyone to share. Often goals thought unattainable are obtained, whence once were even thought crazy. Ignorance has started wars, lets not let ignorance continue to keep war an acceptable act in any fashion. Be it also that a nation respecting this goal be a part of a loose knit, non governing body of elected great minds, elected by each nations people, that they may meet regularly an share an discuss issues on idealistic and realistic principles and propose ways to solve issues or create progress in new ways. Health Care should be the main budget after years of the main budget being for the cause of war. We owe it to our sick and hurting country to heal everyone. Those that fought on foreign soil and those that stayed home and suffered too...war is simply to far reaching to describe in words and it has torn this country apart. It has torn other countries apart. Where, even if there is some good as an outcome to a horrible circumstance, can there be a sense of peace and rationality where blood has been shed. and therefore life dis-respected. As different as we all may be, we all hurt the same, and it is time for the hurt to stop. How do you defend yourself you may ask? I say collectively and peacefully. There is safety in numbers, there is safety in preparation, there is safety in being prepared, there is safety in faith, there is safety in duty, honor, country, and there we shall be together strong as we vastly downsize our military's weapons of mass destruction and then weapons of minimal destruction. What we have and had alleged as a reason for war with Iraq was never proven. Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are here in our own country, where the F.B.I. cannot even find who is responsible for an Anthrax attack that was homegrown (apparently from their witch hunts). Had we already had a less convoluted federal government in place with a singleness of purpose towards prosperity for all the people of the country in mind, we would never have any weapons grade Anthrax, which was suppose to be so well protected and so difficult to make at this grade alleged, that we would know the who's and what's about exactly what transpired. Because we are a government that often deal behind a vale of secrecy, this is the outcome that happens. Usually if the origin of the problem is traced to its roots, the problems origin can be found at a specific point in a system, and therefore it is easy to see where the system is flawed. Which system of government is worse? The system that turns a man against his own government or a system that turns an entire people against its government? We have both! Any cliché describing karma you can think of describes what this country has been and what it can be. Some may see that statement above one way and others yet another way, yet it is our karma as a nation, our nation's collective soul that is changing and needs to change. We can move forward swiftly and peacefully if we all work together. Great nations, and great accomplishments are the product of a combined mutual inspiration, anything else is really slavery. Humanity starts in each of us at birth. With family, church, school, the great institutions, then through literacy an education each always promoting the other and therefore always increasing, and importantly through experience and perspective we mold our individuals ideals, mores, values, if you will. Growth is doing this more concisely and collectively as a nation. Perhaps theorizing, suggesting, and rationalizing it all looks to ideal, but only a future of promise can be built from ideals, and reality can always change in an instant. The instant is now to have a "think tank" together towards peace not think tank means a tactical assault. I am glad to see a country tired and worn out from war is coming home to heal, and I pray for healing in Iraq and anywhere else we have been. Now let us continue to be inspired by Peace and promote it into reality on a larger and larger scale. until next blog...peace, steve