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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FUNKY COUNTRY ~ LYRICS ~ and link to the tune by MobiusTripz



Play the tune and read the lyrics…fun song.

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I think something
Is sounding funny
I hear a lot of funky
When I hear country

Maybe it’s because
everybody is smoking
And getting funky
In the country

We don’t do things the same around here
As most of you do at home
We have family recipes for our mash
And we smoke some sweet homegrown

It’s country
We like to do it country
In the country
Because that what this countries all about

Being country
Having freedom
From persecution

Yeah man
There’s lot of country in this country right now
And we would take it back,
but ya’ll never had it
and never will

We don’t relinquish our grip on anything to easily
Out in the country
Because we’re country
Out in the country
Having fun and getting funky

In the country
Out in the country

This is simply a musical parody with a fun country twist.

However, the real issue is relevant, and not meant to be diluted lyrically, but rather shared in principle with a little country humor thrown in…

The legalization of marijuana is a major political issue today, finally!

…and you truly can hear it loud and clear all around…

and a whole bunch more in modern country music…crank it up…you may not like it…but that is the reality of this issue gaining a massive head of steam in politics after NORML has been actively been trying to legalize marijuana now for over 40 years…

If you like this song…check out my other tune that goes right along with this one…

It’s also a parody and a fun song…so crank up a couple and have a laugh…but ponder the deeper implications as stated please.

Share these messages abroad so we can accomplish these goals more quickly, and get onto even more important issues quickly.

We have wasted an incredible amount of time and money on this issue that should be a simple no brainer.

We have a plant that does better for most patients then anything man has ever created in a lab, and it can be grown at home when legalized, and consumed in private at homes or the proper business establishments.

Shall we continue to fund futile anti marijuana drug wars and campaigns of all sorts, incarcerate non violent pot heads and waste time and cash in our archaic, slow, and full of red tape, legal system…

…or can you think of somewhere else this money may be better spent, like on our infrastructure, new technology, and rebuilding this great dying nation…or we can continue to alienate the consensus and crush ourselves further?

That song is called:

“LEAGALIZE WEED 2011” ~ and I will rename it each year and re-release it until marijuana is at the very least legal for medicinal purposes.

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My second most widely read world wide blog posting is my response to the legalization of marijuana to The Huffington Post, and brings up enough thoughts to justify, in any rational and reasonable mind, that it should be legalized.

Read it please if you agree, but especially if you do not.

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We have been a closed minded country long enough. 

Shall we let Aids and cancer patients and other who are gravely ill and afflicted suffer more when marijuana help these patients to live healthier more productive lives if they choose to smoke marijuana?

Would it lose its stigma in a “pill” form?

Shall we continue to pollute our sick bodies with pharmacology? A sick science in most instances that supports the greed of far too many and thwarts well being, and crushes many financially, with the promise of  hope, so often not found, and with ridiculous side effects that are life changing forever, and in the wrong direction?

Shall we imprison a man or woman because they possessed marijuana for any reason?

Incarceration is very expensive per annum, and many many folks are in jails in prisons for non violent marijuana related reasons that our society has for too long looked down upon needlessly.

The onus of incarcerating prisoners is upon the taxpayer, us, and that is our decision to make, not just a few men, We elect!

I believe in speaking out while I am alive, because when your close to death with medical issues, it makes one think deeply, and search for answers to survive, and I will and I will heal, as my Faith and friends and family guide me with loving hands and thoughts, and opinions that can become reality and fact.

I absolutely do not believe in releasing violent prisoners, as they have no place in a beautiful society, until they are reformed.

On the other hand, who should be jailed for smoking a plant, if they do nothing to anyone?

Steve Swygert

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