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Sunday, November 20, 2011



Record in Gold:
lest ye forget
the music
and word

OUCH  A BROKEN BACK HURTS ALL THE TIME. etc., etc, and so on, etc. blah blah wah wah wah 


STAY IN THE MUSIC AND WORDS...peeeeeeaaaaaacccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee

Is everyone sworn in ?

Record your whispering thoughts,

Be they musical, philosophical or sweetly whimsical,

As the mind does slip with time,

And read later you may and be perplexed with words so inspired,

you think you know not or from where they come.

my mind has started slipping

slipping time

as time slips

its slipping

a little here

and there

Pain on the skeletal system,

Strips the energy of the soul,

fucking broken back hurts so bad 24/7,

The power of the engine,

the body weaker,

Then the mind is stressed,

always sharp at the  moment,

However in continual overdrive constantly,

Knowing a body is dying quick.

heart hurts and cant keep its own rhythm any more

and gout, oh sweet gout

sometimes i get to hit the dirt knees first

no warning that i am even about to jump

i must have joined the paratroopers

spinal cord so compressed paraplegic

in the blink of an eye

then i am up again


how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

and sleep why

but i need it

or sleep and die

a balance hard to restore

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

and my heart ripped out once again

thrown across the floor

out the door

but you will hurt me nevermore

in fist a cuffs

thats not love

and no excuse to strike

thats not love

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

twas love

i poured from all my fiber

all the strength i had left

you gave me

i struggle on

how oh how?

sweet so sweet,

lord you are

signal to heart cut short

no matter through love loss and

spinal cord compression both

grip the throat a little more

you feel it all day long

and just relax

now breathe

can you?

or are the lights getting turned off again

never know, never know

toughest battle yet


how deep?

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

and the axillary biposy

left right arm nerve damage

fingers always numb

cannot feel pick in hand

and the golf ball they removed from under my arm,

is growing once again

left hand numb too

i never could play music

but rather now listen to instrument screaming

no feeling where I touch

now i finally just begin to play

and stop i cannot

i am finally right where i always wanted to be

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

I do not know cannot remember

I must make a gold record

my mind will surely forget

but can hear my thoughts once more

record a record

record in gold

So pen hits paper,

Strings twang notes,

Words and emotion of musical revelry,

My spirit stays afloat,

It’s all I have,

With friends and family,

For all else is surely lost

and in the meantime forever changed.

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

music helps stay afloat, music helps stay afloat

music helps stay afloat

a little longer

and longer

another beautiful day of life

for if i await another moment

a song or thought may not be set free

to dance on resonating musical waves

time i will waste no more

until heavens door

until that golden door

my time finally thankful for

I see the ship will sink,

and it is sinking fast.

I was certified for S.C.U.B.A at sixteen,

A wreck diver I may finally be at last, my early dream

Never once thinking in my youth of my final voyage,

ever closer now

is me

is ok

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

Maybe I revel on for 10 or 20 more,

Or maybe hang around for 3,

Really does not matter in the bigger picture,

This world makes so plain to see.

pitiful greed

too much misery

10 or 20 what ?

and 3?

years did you read

not written

Forget too often,

Makes you forget more,

question your own mental stanity and sability,

did i read that write, or left perhaps, left me look once more, right?

where am I, i am lost, am i lost

slipping on things once so easily retrieved,

oh yeah,


I am 43

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

maybe we all feel this way,

however I do not know,

but if I do not share it like most,

it’s just got no where to go.

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

And I am tired of all the pain,

And I just want to live my dreams,

I was living my dreams and they all just left,

a few weeks ago, honestly

This silly house of cards,

we all architects

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are


no matter I am always thankful,

for the moment that is now,

feeling better already,

mind a little more,

settled down some how


magical musical melodious marvelous


are words

are song

twang diddy twang twang . . twang twang!

now quit your bumming out !

remember now, live now, be now
at peace always
as it was at first
always this voyage through time
stronger healing now

don't walk
my precious son

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are

I am healed in an instant 
Faith so sweet,
size of mustard seed moving mountains,
my body cannot keep me down,
pass the French's please,

I'd like more then just a seed.
Thankful to be free

how oh how?
sweet so sweet,
lord you are