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Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am outspoken at times it may appear, but the bottom line and truth is I have ideas to express that I would love to make a living from, but I think I better just throw this out there instead and let it be what it will will be better for all of I know in the day and age we live in, this will quickly inspire our new technological revolution to blast off in The United States of America, and start “Green Manufacturing” to new standards, producing new products with new technology. 

Here is my thought. 

It has long been desired by many to have a remote controlled home. 

There have been many systems designed, but before the technology we utilize today. 

Today’s technology is ready for those ideas, finally, especially with the advent of cellular digital radio communications alongside cloud computing, and quantum computing soon, and then I ultimately believe the combination of the two, which will very swiftly revolutionize all scientific knowledge we currently know and make it small by comparison to what we know today, as evidence already shows is slowing firing ups it's engines. 


Simple answer. 

Electronic thermostats, on even more efficient geo thermal heat pumps, controlled manually, as we do now as well as through a simple cellular app. 

We can manufacture all of these products in the United States and standardize a protocol for the business model, keep companies limited, by law to a certain maximum size in respect to a formula of variables to write soon in a business model. 

One maker could not come under scrutiny and upset the market place in this way. Profits would be more proportionately distributed among all. 

We will be more efficient, have more natural resources, and have a cleaner and hopefully healing environment. 

We will buy time for our Earth to heal, and help her along the way. 

Since the advent of computer technology utilized in the automotive industry, we have taken once terribly polluting internal combustion engines and have revolutionized their efficiency and lower the level of pollutants, truly getting more bang for your buck in more ways then one. 

Now imagine if you will your on vacation, and your home has been wired for free by a new technology, and you pick what features you want to have installed. 

You dream it; we can and will make it. 

Cameras for security? Cut your water off with a new solenoid electromagnetic valve for your water main; program your thermostat, anything you can think of. 

All things shall be able to be manually over ridden or disconnected at any time as well. 

Cars utilize, at it bare essence, a rather simple system of a computer, actuators, and sensors. 

This technology has been cheaper and cheaper to produce over the years. 

We can wire every home to be more efficient, as we have done with cars. 

We can have sensors that have lights come on and turn off as we exit and leave rooms, and it will know how many people have come and gone so no one is in the dark. 

We could program lights to randomly cycle to look as though someone is home when they are not. 

Stereos and TV’s could cycle too, to give more of the effect that folks are home, if so desired. 

…and all right on your cell phone in a simple app. 

So who wants to do this? 

Who is game to revolutionize the world? 

I hope our government. 

Solyndra was a great idea and a great try. It is abundantly clear that the market changed in these deep economic times, and affected them into bankruptcy, in what appeared a no brainer excellent investment. 

We can create a marketplace where none existed before and therefore since we design it, we build it and we perfect it, we continually evolve it, and remove those market factors and threat. 

Higher standard of pollution control and efficiency as well as conservation along with the belief in the philosophy would be enough to always naturally evolve these systems into better and better models, until a newer better model emerges. 

We have to take great leaps of faith in order to reap what we have sewed. Have we not sewn enough of this poor seed of which we reap now? 

It is clear what that answer is a resounding, yes! 

When we make a market place of and through new technology and philosophy, it exists no where else, we define that new market place and its philosophy and teach it, and help establish the infrastructure engineering and construction and the implementation to swift change that can easily be facilitated quickly therefore employing, I believe, millions of people. 

We build new products from this new technology and keep evolving it. 

NASA is facing sever funding cuts as is our military. 

These two entities, however feared by some, are the most influential and contributing to the advancement of technology and exploration. 

I am thankful NASA’s mission is an apparent one in Peace, and the military is getting more in order with the world today then ever. 

We will shrink our military when we have systems in place that are fail safe and protect us against any threats, as will other countries, however, in the meantime, we need to heal our country, stay out of war, and repair the damages we have produced in so many regions with a lack of respectable foreign policy, which has been changing, however slowly. 

Hopefully we will all transition into not armies of fighters, but armies of helpers promoting peace and sharing this new technology we are just on the cusp of. 

This is not solely computing. It is a new science from computing that we are embarking on. 

This is truly the next wave, the one we wondered about. What would top computing and technology? The two combined while further evolving into this new science with a spirit of clean efficient prosperity for all, and secured jobs. Education, and a future, as we rewrite what the American Dream is now, as the old American Dream have passed. 

I am sick of the politics of politics. I would rather focus on a solution, and forget the ego; it is just a better way to accomplish anything at all.  

Imagine every home, the place most of spend most of our time, wired for efficiency and safety, and only to what you, the home owner wants. 

Bluetooth wireless technology, WiFi, cloud computing, quantum computing, etc., etc., etc. the technology is here right now to start something incredible. 

Where we spend most of our time? We all certainly, at least at times, leave things on that do not need to be left on, and therefore using natural resources we do not need. 

Here is one example, the small AC Adapters that power so many things these days. 

They draw power all the time. It may not be much, but what if we all had them turned off when there is no demand upon them?  

Collective, we would save millions of kilowatt hours, and therefore use less raw materials in the process, with a trickle down effect of less pollution. 

I am on the computer a lot. I have one running 24/7. Sometimes two or three. Each dedicated to different purposes at different times for different things to accomplish, and each with their own unique strengths and inherent weaknesses. 

I need several tools, but I see that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

How about we all have a flat screen and a key board and a mouse and dump the home computers, and just dock the cell when we are home, and use it as we do a laptop, but now smaller and portable while we are out. 

We are a few steps closer to this reality.

All electronics should be able to connect via USB ports, always as well as blue tooth’ed or any other type of better radio communication technology at our disposal as it too evolves.

How is this for convenience?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just use the cell app to turn in on our computer 5 minutes before I am ready to get to work or home, whichever may be the case?

Or make me a pot of coffee or a cup of coffee with a simple App. It is very simple to write these programs today, and there is an infinite database of education on these languages all over the internet, and they are accurate and well taught if you look for the correct sites.

We coffee lovers should all have a new coffee pot that is supplied with a water source, a coffee supply, and all through a simple app.

I could save a lot of coffee making it a cup at a time, when usually because of convenience and ease of use, I will make an entire pot, often not finishing the last pot of the day, and that is wasteful…unless I make my ice coffees. Yummy.

An app is a user interface on a cell phone or laptop, or notebook, or pad style computer, designed to run a program, or several programs for a very definite outcome wanted by the user, and often different users have their own outcome different from others.

They truly are as simple as pushing a few buttons.

You can shop, listen to music, read, surf the web, watch a movie, make a video and upload it. Pretty much, you dream it up, there is or will be an App for it.

This is a huge marketplace to explore, and is mostly unchartered territory, and I see this clearly as one of the huge vast new territories of our new technologies we are utilizing today along with our older evolved and still valid technology today.

Apps can do amazing things and this is the wave of the computing technology of simplification, more power at your finger tips then ever, and now believe it or not, scientist have made contact lenses that are not only fully functional, but have a micro processor, visualization projections for you to see, and…well go Google away, Bing away, and what are the other search engines named?…fascinating stuff!

So dream it, let’s make it here at home, employ people to manufacture and distribute…use some old school labor, too keep a base of a workforce, and grow it from there.

Build quality not junk.

I want to spend my money on things that last a life time, not garbage that is inferior and a result of a philosophy that we need to leave at the fills and dumps with the products that its very philosophy created, and that is cheap junk in a disposable philosophical age.

The car uses pretty simple technology and lots of ranges of information to maintain a watchful eye on all systems, and through an electronic signal to the actuators, adjust most any aspect of a vehicle today.

There are computers you can hook to cars that can tell you the temperature of the inside of the fuel tank, if the car is so equipped with the sensor o send the signal to the computer requesting the information.

I have a business idea, I have product ideas, and I have excellent marketing ideas too.

I have experience and fundamental understanding in all of the related fields that a marketplace as this and a science as this will evolve into.

It should not be crafted as a way for a few to get rich, but rather a way to be more efficient, lower the cost of fuels and demands for them, clean the earth, and spread the philosophy for free for anyone to offer to help for free, or maybe for pay, as a good business model will prove profitable, and sometimes not as intuitively trained or as educated areas of the marketplace as expected.

Think of the free source code philosophy used in the idea of the GNU project, which has evolved into LINUX, which inspired so many awesome software evolutions, such as firefox, which evolved from NetScapes browser, when NetScape decided to release its source code for everyone to learn, utilize, and evolve.

Microsoft is struggling against the open source community, and they need to adopt this new philosophy in the market place or be the one to change everything, or else they will not fare well, and even could be dominated and fall victim to the very marketplace they carved a niche in for so long.

They would not be the first giant to have fallen, of course.

Right now Microsoft is exploring and weighing options on purchasing or merging with Yahoo… again. Am I mistaken, or did the Federal Government not just recently dis-approve this business merger or acquisition, or something similar to it…and why?for fear of a monopoly!

Is Microsoft that threatened by Google? You bet.

Read my blog entry on cloud computing, and you will see why, and you will see what it appears facebook and Google may be both up to, and it is becoming more and clearer as I had written when I did, what they are doing with their power.

Some things are great and awesome and wonderful to use, and other things are questionable, and some things revealed in the news recently are down right deplorable, and that is where my concerns lie. Not to point fingers and raise speculation so much, as opposed to awareness and promoting transparency and honesty in a market place.

Good and great Google stuff…

Android is simply an open source code operating system for mobile devices.

Do not think for a moment it is not at all powerful.

These open source codes can be contributed to by anyone, and they have proven to define new marketplaces more quickly then imagined, that are more profitable then what would have been without them. The greedy still get their stack of cash, and so can anyone else willing to invest time into their education and use creativity to think of something new.

Here is another million dollar idea I have to share…take this and do it!

We need an app for fast food.

Preprogrammed food orders, GPS sees your in the parking lot, you hit the app as you wait in line…CAREFULLY…and place your order, the system knows your coming through, and the person working inside can be more efficient because they do not have to take your order. They may just confirm it with you.

All fast food places could use my network I have thought about.

I am ready to launch if I write the program…who is game, once again.

All fast food places can use my App and the menus can be available on the cell, or on a monitor when you pull up…like you drive up, it knows your there, and the menu appears…The fast food places would save money in signs, and would use this service, be more efficient, and should have fewer incorrect orders.

Efficiency can lower prices, get a better product in your hands for less money, keep more people employed, and still be largely profitable.

This is my idea and this puts that idea out there to investors, I hope.

It should never be used to take jobs ever, as this undermines the very economy we are trying t rebuild, but rather utilized to secure and create jobs.

Can’t I make some money on my idea and help others in the process? Certainly, I believe in Moral Capitalism. But I do not have any faith in our modern day Capitalism that we have sold ourselves short through the use of.

This is a great way to have a peaceful productive crystallizing revolution that helps everyone. Utilizing the mind and putting an idea on the collective table of the world to ponder the possibilities, dream together, and then make our reality is today’s reality.

That is the true essence of free will, not the egotistical free will, the collective free will we all have in our souls.

Anything that the ego gets into becomes contaminated, as the ego by its nature is selfish, which is sinful, wrong, immoral, etc.

Kind of a hard fact to argue. 

Our model of capitalism has far too long been polluted by this old sickening philosophy of too many.

I worked for excellent businessmen, and many scum balls too. I have worked for myself, for proprietors, and large corporations.

Good and bad, as usual, can possibly exist anywhere.

We should no longer condone the poor business ethics we have for so long, and we should implement tougher standards that further along the “philosophy of monopolism”, and how to properly and fairly prevent it, while at the same time promoting a purer philosophy that benefits more positive dividends in every aspect.

We offer cell phones virtually for free because the service is vital for efficiency, communication, and virtually every aspect of a plugged in life today.

It is high time to leave politics behind and do what we all know is right!

We are developing a collective consensual conscience, and it will be even more and more revealed with the technology we have, and it is going to lead all of us across the world closer towards peace and prosperity and more quickly sending help where need, and communicating better, and understanding and relating to one another better.

If we do not, we all know the consequences, I do not nee to write anything to convince anyone there.

We are at a massive tipping point in terms of global warming…MASSIVE…the scientific community agrees. And more and more who once thought it hog wash are becoming firm believers, because as they have been educated to read the numbers and read the evidence, it does not lie, and it fully undeniable.

I envision when we start projects like this tomorrow after this has been read by a few folks.

If the government wants to change and rebuild this great country with its people, and I feel most certain they do, we must implement new evolving technologies of the green era philosophy.

I have written this before, and it may be read at this link, which is to The U.S. Department of Energy.

My great grandfather, R.J.H. DeLoach, was a naturalist and a professor, a musician, among many other incredible things,  and friends of John Burroughs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Roy Firestone, and the likes.

I dream of sitting with them back then on a camping trip they use to take together and observing, listening, and sharing in vision. Communing.

I dream of them being with me now, and what would they suggest?

How would there conversations have been?

A great inventor, a wonderful naturalist and heck of a poet and writer, a tire mogul, the father of the assembly line and now car mogul, but mogul is the least important, they revolutionized entire industries with thought.

They all invented, in different ways.

Often you hear it asked in the media and by friends, where are all the great minds of today.

They are out there doing what they do, thinking, working, changing, and later they will be revealed for what it was that they contributed, and it may not even be realized during the time it is taking place.

Steve Jobs is a great example of rock star like status, especially as the phenomenon crystallizes now that he has unfortunately passed away.

He was an inventor, a businessman, a philosopher, a deep thinker, and so on.

We have pushed our old envelopes of energy consumption and production to their limits. We are lower on natural resources now more then ever because we have too heavily relied on, for too long, and inefficiently used what was plentiful and cheap at a time, and polluted for far too long

I feel certain over time, we will have cleaner and cleaner everything and anything that we desire, if that is how we plan, and we must plan this way today so that we may have a future.

Impending doom is not paranoia when it comes to our Earth.

It is a matter of fact and will happen in the passage of time, those statements are undeniable.

Collective now, scientists are finally seeing the evidence that we are going through both massive and swift changes of geological evolution caused by many factors, certainly including people and their irrespective pollution.

Challenge on.

I can design this entire system with a fine team of specialists because I have the vision in my mind, or over many years wanted to the betterment of all if I try to do it alone.

I hope this will inspire change everywhere.

Instant voice and communication can change everything we expect from the future.

We have free will, and we need to use it collectively for the greater good and prosperity, and leave our selfish ways behind.

Any system may be implemented in this philosophy to enhance lives, and usually in more ways then one.

If it does not follow that protocol, then it shall not belong.