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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

United States Post Office


Here is a simple question.

What is the basic financial accounting of the U.S.P.S. and where is it bleeding money?

Obviously, it needs to become defunct if we actually can not run it at least well enough to pay for the services and the salaries and all other business expenses associated with the business end of the post office.

We may need to explore, undoing some of its new technology, self killing web technology and offerings, and instead of trying to compete with UPS and any other shippers, just do what you do best.

If we need to change it, we need to quickly analyze the numbers, and if they are not readily available, and perhaps they are, I do not know yet, please respond to this with a comment if you know, or even a link...

Off subject...

anyway, if however we need to change or abolish it, we need to first look at where it's bleeding cash in layman’s' terms.

Should this really be that big a deal?

I think they have created their own monster and been inefficient for a very very long time always changing to slow for the actual market speed of change and logistics, law and demand, simple business models to consider too, or rethink and make a new business philosophy that we know will work, and start to make the needed changes immediately.

The things this government does get away with are ridiculous.


Is this really unstoppable?

We need to take a good time out, and look at things and make changes very rapidly.

What can we accomplish together here at home much less abroad by spreading the word and accepting global warming, no matter the cause (and we still need to be lowering what we know we do emit effects) be it human or cyclical in nature.

The spirit of we need to change quick and we need to do it now id the survival of our species for many more generations if preparation oriented towards the future, and always utilizing our technology for good and progress, but maybe even perhaps it could go unused in some marketplaces, bringing "normal" jobs back quickly.

The jobs have gone away, we need to make more.

The prices have gone up.

The companies have a higher profit margin in accounting terms, with fewer liabilities, such as employees to name one, but certainly not limited to just that.

How about a little brain storm, like...we invite, Post Office makeovers where we group with a company like starbucks, and have a nice reading and coffee and internet area to relax and socialize.

We have stripped the very soul of our communities across this great country buy our immoral unethical cut throat business practices of many large corporations, in the worst examples, and that is only whom I am writing.

We have all heard the Wal-Mart story a million times and what happens to small town U.S.A. when they move in, businesses leave!

That's a fact easily verifiable.

Now they have power because we (the government) gave them that power through economic, trade, and foreign policy matters, issues, and laws that were favorable for them, that they had the vision to take advantage of, and have virtually taken it to a new type of monopoly, not where they corner just a market place now, but larger, to a place where they can control, society, the states, the government, trade.

That is ridiculous and it is not favorable for any business to operate this way ever any longer.

It destroys communities, rips the fabric of the flesh from the soul.

The government does it stupidly and inefficiently with our post office.

Kill two birds with one stone and remake them, hire people to do that work, form a business partnership co/op in which there is incentives to want to invest in the USPS.

Set up new charitable funds, keep it simple, offers no frills impeccable service, and let's get on with this.

I have blended a few things here, but the quagmire shows something deeper.

Wal-Mart's incentives are obvious. COLD HARD CASH.

The Government on the other hand does not have the efficiency of a business like Wal-Mart, and thankfully not it's nature either, in the way that they look out for the "WE" the People.

They do not have the most efficient system possible when it comes to looking out for the masses in today's modern time that has come upon us so swift; it makes many feel as they just awake.

Denial kills.

They do abuse capitalism with lobbyists, which also are archaic and of no financial good for the people of a country anywhere.

When we see failings and short comings, we must change them!

I mean peacefully, of course, but change we must or die we will.

It is time for a massive governmental overhaul. The current administration can run it. It can be planned and well thought out. It can at least be considered and explored first, before being turned away.

Dream of what can be and will be if we decide to make it.

To watch Stephen Hawken's small series the other night was fascinating.

He is able to articulate what I often envision.

It is nice to hear a clearer understanding from him of what can make one feel a little nutty quite honestly.

Just makes you question where do these thoughts come from? Why do they flow non stop?

It has always been like this since I was a child...good great deep thoughts...philosophical in nature, and always blending science and art carefully for a better future.

Our infrastructure of federal transportation has many places in disrepair all around our infrastructure.

We have a bridge here in Cumberland that cuts through the heart of the city and is elevated and it is getting a great and well needed make over, face lift, re-do, what ever you like to call it.

The C.C.C. from administrations of long ago did some work all around here.

Incredible work, that still stands strong to this day.

Made well, by people yearning to work, be independent, and live the American dream.

Perhaps the American dream has not actually left the building, so to speak, but merely is transforming into a new dream.

Let's all be a part of that dream together and redesign the government together.

The proper way is to do it legally through the current government, as to not upset the Apple cart, but keep our roots and heritage, accept it, move forward with new lessons in mind, and well recorded for historical purposes, which my be taking care of itself today with cloud computing and the internet, to a degree anyway.

Their are serious issues at hand with cloud computing too if you know the science of it and see its vulnerabilities and it's incredible abilities, easily abused in the business world, because understood by few, it is easily abused, and then they best try to cover or erase their tracks.

Maybe the accounting firms of great financial ruin in the United States had everything right...and the money did not exist because it was skimmed off the top.

Oh...wait that is what happened!

So the accounting firms went don hard too, because they became puppets.

We can be puppets and go down hard together too.

I am fascinated with Italy's decision to form a new government.

I have suggested it for quite some time now in my writing's.

We as a country need to follow suit and explore the options.

So many topics, but all interwoven, and again a quagmire stew of illusion and failure sprinkled all over the top with a lot of good times over the years.

I am a Patriot, George Mason University, although I did not finish, and I am a Federal, Fort Hunt High School, and I am a Wolverine, West Potomac High School, and an Owl, Wayne wood Elementary and an Eagle, and a this and a that like we all are.

I enjoy my life and its experiences and opportunities very much, no matter the hat which I may where.

I learn all along the way, and read more then ever before in my life. I study something everyday. We all do really, one way or another.

So we could start with the Post Office's and in the meantime gather a National Consensus, about a course of action to take in peaceful and legal ways if we should choose a path as such, or none of it perhaps and continue as we are.

I am not seeing anything positive in any aspect in our economy.

We should be and desperately need to be back in the marketplaces with more dominancy, and in proportion to our population with imports, and in accordance with other populations, as well as, reasonably supply demand and aspects to be considered, concerning exports and imports both actually.

If need be, make a new marketplace for the future.

We have the means now to be the best bean counters in the history of the world (computers), so their is no excuse for this financial condition, but rather the fact that the simple context of the entire ineptitude of our government and all of it's HOT AIR, are either greed based (think Rome) on one side or ignorance, through perhaps never being shared with what is the truth in merely knowledge for example (i.e.), and/or because there is no spirit left in which to act and stand up for ones self with fervor and determination, but rather completely sapped of energy, spirit and all.

That's what I see in a nut what do you all think?

I would like to hear some great feedback...any point of view appreciated, as more aspects of anything give us a better bigger picture of the entire thing that we are examining to start with, and we all see things a little differently through experiences eyes, and we all have a great uniqueness to each our very own...may we all dig deep and find that now, that essence that is the sprit if the soul of life, and rebuild this great country, before it is too late.

We have city after city with huge modern day, current time, RUINS.

Does that look like the ship is still a float? ...or sinking!

Peace, Steve