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Friday, December 9, 2011

Drone in Iran ?

Drone in enemy hands...anyone think they knew how to land it because they understand the architecture and have the code to run it?...backwards engineereing is a cake walk...not as difficult as the media leads one to beleive...I think this is a definitive example of the dangers of computing, especially with the advent of cloud and quantum computing... so lets hope its just there to spy...or who overlooked the failsafe detonator? what a massive fuck up...not cool at all! ...I want to know who is the chip maker, is it the same chip recently in the news, and i would love to see a manifest, such as a chain of custody, from inception to flight...encryption is being craked easily today because of clould and quantum computing...we all have targets online as dataminers track us, it helps sell music...but nobody buys music the same way they use to, so it is a real life study of the dynamics of posting a click ad where your charged per click...stupid...make a banner that says-do not click ~ as art is i hope someone sees my name all over the net without me having to pay google, or any other master marketing, nearly monopoly, and how do they do this...again cloud and quantum computing...we are traked online all over the place and marketed to because the use of the cloud and quantum systems are incredibly fast, as in seemingly real time, and the wireless technology is just better and wireless encrypted signals to fly a plane as this, or any similar system for communication, is a huge gamle, with the house having the 99% odds of winning, and the house was not who launched the plane to start with. Time will tell all...awesome technology that is a senseless waste to have to be used in some terrible ways, and to think, we live lives that we accept that and need it at the same time...unless we realize we should all use technology to save ourselves and our planet, not destro eachother and the Earth...I'm torn inside...with a Colonel Father, myself independent and for peace but understand War more then anyone ever should have to know,and a friend who a brilliant scientist man who makes wonderful things and advancements in incredible technology...what is an answer here ? Great foriegn policy, wars over we are coming hme by dec 31, 2011...people only? game still at what point to we all agree on Peace and save some lives and our collective futures in more way then one. If I was an alien and landed on Earth, I would certainly, with a very objective view, think that this planets inhabitants are collective mad with greed and consumption, and not well equipped for quick change when needed. So shall we please change now, and quick. There really should be No necesary evils, that just does not make sense! This nationally feels like being kicked in the nutts ! The Days of the Wright Brother's certainly had brighter futures envisioned, and they were certainly not so close as we are today to War of the World's and Orson Wells famous radio potrayal and what took place...from mere make beleive at the time. Perhaps we could rethink things, but chances are the average joe is so far behind in science and tchnology by the times joe figures it out, we are 20 years further in the wrong direction fighting the same kind of wars. Planning wars has no winners and perhaps just less losers. I worry about my friend, I admire his brilliance, a pray that he is in the end not left with a great remorse, like , well let's call it Oppenheimer Syndrome to coin a new phrase for psychology. I am thankful to live in freedom in the U.S.A. I am a loyal Patriot. I have read and understand The Constitution well and better all the time, it not something to be remebered as much as it is directions in priciples lives working together for equal prosperity of the whole. We live in a different day and age is never an excuse, because it is a collective we again that brought this now, previous future, into the present moment. If you driving you car and see a deer run out, would you aim and hit it if you knew it would kill you? No you react to do everything safe possible to safe all around you, others in traffic, the deer, hopefully avert everthing. So why do we continue to do what does not work and makes so many other nations hate us more, or be our friend? Are our friends scred of us a little perhaps? Would that be a goos foundation? Then we have to weigh real threats, real responses, and realize war can be and has been an option. and it just gets shitty real quick from there. When I pray, I pray for all people, no matter even if I dislike them. I love our countries freedoms, can we please share them if so desired, and be friendly where not welcome, until welcome we may be. Change is tough enough, prove to another you have changed, much more difficult. Time and energy into solutions that serve both sides without the cost of life and liberty may be an ideal, but that is where we should start. I would die for the U.S.A. if needed, Lord forbid, however I would Live and do live in a land of Freedom where I have a right to speach, freedom, etc. Denied elsewhere, but hopefully swiftly changing. How do we support that?...Drones, humanity, and so much in between. No easy decisions, but who has the say? That is my poetic qestion of the Day...NEW song posting later tonight or over the weekend. I am glad we are coming home from Iraq, apparently, and I say that with a touch of pessimism, and I am an opptimist. How do we heal the wounds of our brethern and our enemy? Everyone says you cannot save the world...but with an attitude like that...why would anyone bother trying...I do not subscribe to that policy. I beleive principled lives through a revamping of the education system across the board, nation, state and locally all under one public school act, perhaps, and then the private schools intact for their inherent ussually great educations, for those both more and also less privlidged. I think the change of emancipatin, and equal rights, etc. were dynamic times. These are far more dynamic and difficult times. Roger Wilkens was a professor of mine and taught me more in 2 minutes then mnay men when it cames to opening my eyes and waking up. I walked into his class late first of all, and sat with a thud and a thump with my bookbag. He was of course and understandably so, pissed...and I was dead as tired to make it there as late as I did with traffic and a hustle from the parking he went on about Abe Lincoln, how it was then and how Lincoln was in his mind, as not well documented, but I beleive the truth now, and by what he did that went against his own feelings because he knew that it would make for a better nation overall, when he was gone. We all think of the end, its undeniable...just do not dwell there...leave greatness behind you when you get there, and only for the right reason, mistakes made, forgiven, move on, and always learn and seek knowledge, perhaps just one act you do can change the world, and thats saves the world. So he pissed me off so much I got up and left...real loud...think I slammed the door...Abe Lincoln...I thought...years pass and eyes open, and he was right, and I aologize, however, at least a lesson well learned...sure was the best lesson being late to class. The lesson was that I was closeminded to his teaching, and therfore almost missed a certain perspective, and who knows what else had I returned to class. Stubborness is not always a nice traight, especially when laced with sweet rebellion. Time will slow that down tact is not bad, and follow through, and a word attached with promises when spoken. I hope we now mature very quickly as a nation, so we may have a nation to grow old with, as well as grow old with in peace across the world. Peace will happen one day, hopefully well before we are all no more. I see him on television now, and maybe still do not agree, or maybe just not yet, but I will always have great respect for him. So maybe I can't save the world, but I'd like to try together. Proper communication is more easily facilitated now then at any time in recorded history, we should use it to properly communicate. So education...are we lacking?...we build stealh drones, and lord knows what else, and they land on enemy land unscathed or damn close to it. Can they fly food to Africa, or a local food bank near me. ...and what a name...Drone. says it all! Maybe the mountain water and fresh air are just making me crazy.