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Thursday, December 8, 2011

TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE # 5 AND # 6 AND # 7 or a combination ultimately there of


I desire and need the help of a programmer to help me flow chart, design (write the code), design the architecture, and software and perhaps new hardware I have in mind, for a proprietary system to carry open source code across a Roku to have access on the big screen or any device exactly as my cell phone Apps appear as a desktop with a screen and gyroscopic or laser hand radio mouse (can be a series of laser dots for each fingertip that visually display upon the screen generated by the code that operates the proprietary or open source, who cares at this point, we need change and efficiency fast, system with the mouse which after cloning your fingerprints with for unique, permanent, fail safe, encryption (for at least a while, because where there is opportunity there you will meet a thief in due time)...back to the can be cloned difitally to the users finger prints and communicate or even be based and built into either an App itself, or the side of the Roke, or other similar digital code sharing network. It will offer at the very least exactly what a cell phone and Apps of the day offer and instantly link to any television you have acces to it's encryption and that works identical, or as you choose for appearance, the same as an Android style cell phone but on the television.

I would more then rarely not have to sit as long, which is difficult with a broken back, and could therefore be more productive and leave me in even less a selfish idea from circumstance that can, in turn, be a modern revolution in further enhancing the ability to choose Apps to run anything from your home itself, to your utilities, to your wash and anything you desire...thus saving you time to manage life so that you can share the life you managed to have as free for a change.

Work is work and is inherently rewarding, but life shared an savored is oh so sweet.


I want to build and market an App so that any Android smart phone can quickly communicate with any smart television and become the remote control of that unit, or any oher remote, including ypur personal car, through proper encryption. Just imagine the savings and incredible innovations this will propel forward and as alaways with encryption of course. ...ever walk by homes with a can drive a man crazy...been a thought...never done it...played a trick on some friends good though... So encrypted remote for the Android's App market.



App for car OBD2 Diagnostic codes and system light and other "idiot indicator lights" codes and resetting capability as well as a database of stored code run in real time, as a black box on a plain, to much more quickly identify faulty sytems, more quickly make repairs, and through a study of teh statistics gathered, identify system and / or component failures, be they by fault of design or production flaws. A system as this, again, will revolutionize the industry and marketplace, while all in the meantime saving precious resources such as petroleum, stored battery power through more efficient consumption, as well as the resources of time for all parties affected by a failure, labor hours, and resources such as money, as a system and datastream analysis will quickly pinpoint a system of multiple system failure in real time with a text alert and pinpoint through a GPS like system to the nth degree exactly where failure has transpired, and eactly wjat will be expected and required to fix the issue, if it is the only damage done, such as, until a time comes, which also may be soon, we csan track body, damage, when it happensm take pictures automatically when we are tapped in the parking lot, with forward thinking map out in a think tank what laws and issues may evolve from such a marketplace and as always should be an emphasis on every technology challenge, we should look to add jobs to the employment sector of the economy with each and every endeavour, not for the sake of creating jobs alone of course, but for the sake of further efficiency and evolution of technology to quicken the changes we diseire to make the Earth a more peaceful and inhabitable place to live, and Placing a colony on Mars is not today even however the sligtest bit a thought of fantasy anymore, as we have advanced so far ahed today in the science of optics, we also have seen answers to ridddles time had not yet let be known, an therefore science itself is revolutionizing at the most rapid pace ever known, and will quicken more still.

 It is dire that we use it to the betterment of all the world in its entirety and to do taht peacfully...forces beget forces...physics proves that...kharma is a force, known by all, yet proven by few, yet we know it exists.

Who amoung us can argue that fact sincerely?

To perceive differently as much as possible each moment while centering on a source of eternal energy, one can transition any threshold of earthly bounds with grace,and science is starting to prove quickly now, that what was science fiction only yesterday turns reality today.

 What astonishing new item in the news will you read next that is about an incredible new device, or a cure, or a victory of mega proportins.

We face not a time anything like the great depressin of yesteryear...the compaison is so sickeninly skewed because the dynamics of population, somehow over looked in the mainstrteam media, when making comparisons of todays economic worldwide melt down to that of the great depression of the United States are more then likely going to be far to scary for the media to admit, akin to yelling fire in a crowded  theater...the only problem, is now,  people have been yelling fire, and most folks are oddly staying inside where the fire is.

I am thanksful for the positive change I have seen very recently. I am thankful that the same day I released an album called "Changing Times" that it was coincidentally announced by our President Barack Obama that all of our tropps were returning home by the end of this year, by all effective militaristic implications, which we are ceasing. that how that goes....hmmmm...

No that is not, as we will know with the new drone technology, which is looking to be very very frowned upon across the world, I will let you each be the judge of that.

I do not always know something that is less evil, from not evil, to evil 100%...sometimes the nuiances can truly be that carefully shaded so that things appear beautiful which are life threatening, as well as life thratening things that look exactly as one would expect, like a bear gnashing through a carcass with power and force that is both bone crushing and awe inspiring.

My philosophy on a personal and a green philosophical level is to explore and feel out new ideas in an internatinal communitty of professionals in a transparency and sharing public manner so that answers once and still prayed for today, will appear within moments with clarity and certainty, as compared to what once took ages to get answers for, soon we will  get faster then the speed of light seemingly.

once quantum computing is combined with could computing and networked, the computing power will be infinite. Which truly means we will see further away and deeper into anything more then we ever have.

We have become a being of manipulating nearly anything we want to get what ever it is we desire, for what ever that means, again I will let you decide.

Check out Iarpa...great website, great idea, I may suggest a few things why not, however, this blog and my music is my home and my focus.

I bid you each adieu!