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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Broker and More You Suffer the Better the Art Transcends Forth

The Broker and More You Suffer the Better the Art Transcends Forth.

Seems to me that great art can always be crafted,
but master pieces come from the knowing of suffering.

Nothing drives one's ambition like pain, being scared, and imminent death.
My friends that gift me of late draw and sketch often, and so have been I.

It just makes me find something to grasp onto in my minds eye,
and transfer it to paper, and the gift left alone over 30 years is still present.

My Mother gave me the gift of art, Thanks Mom, you are always with me like all my family, I see you each sparkle in every facet of life as I do my friends.

It feels as beautiful as writing, or writing a poem, or a song, or playing the guitar , bass or violin or whatever.

It's a magical moment when there is this flow that it is hard to explain where exactly it comes from and how works, so I just roll with it.

Then I get down time to socialize, observe, act crazy for real responses, say crazy shit, keeps everyone guessing, then act normal to shock some more, before you know it everyone thinks your nuts and bi polar, but they trust you and your judgement and no your a hell of a comedian.

I cannot write comedy nor do I care to remember to many jokes, but when the moment is right I can have people laughing on there knees, and I will warn them whats coming...some of the trippppppyiest most hilarious scientific stuff and it can sound like bull shit but comes out both funny as can be and equally indisputable while most of these guys are laughing and cannot believe that what I explain make sense to is quite a thing to observe.

I have the uncanny ability to mimic most any sound or voice, sometimes on the spot, sometimes with a little practice, and it is what makes getting into character so much fun...I just love to laugh, and I can be way too darn serious at times, so I need to laugh and when I see looks on others faces that I have felt myself, a laugh is coming somehow or someway...something to bring the soft race of a smile followed by perhaps a giggle.

I have substance, I express substance, sometimes seriously, sometimes scientifically, and sometimes in a manner of complete aloofness...because it comes as it flows like dropping a million puzzle pieces sometimes, or lie a picture in the mind of perfection already put together.

I love what flows, it's easy, but I really love the challenge of learning things I though I was incapable of, and for me the challenge is the life.

A life not challenged would be dull.

I do not need stress, however i crave intellectual stimulation on any subject matter, there really is nothing that does not fascinate me because I love to deconstruct, reconstruct, invent, modify, improve, or even purposely go backwards be it for around, or experience, or many places we can choose to go, and what?

So choices themselves come from seeds that may bare fruit or bare poisonous fruit, and so many pitfalls we traverse in this life.

Friends are always safer when together, and it is now more important then ever that we reach for one another with only love in our hearts and embrace the beautiful changes that are happening, that are undeniable, and that are leading a bright light into a beautiful future towards peace and prosperity.

Peaceful swift efficient change is the only acceptable way to have any progress, for progress does not become a fruit in which evil seeds live.

So suffering through my own personal worst economic times as well as right along with this country and the rest of the world, I do care because I suffer too.

My point is not to complain about it but to focus on answers, and I write of them often. Sometimes I write of sad things because we all feel every emotion.

I place technology challenges out there and have seen some happen in an instance, perhaps coincidence but my point is suffering makes me think and utilize all my skill sets so that I can present any idea to you, the masses, and it;s free, and if it catches on and helps, well amen, that is what this life is suppose to be about...

It's tough making the best of being broke, bit at the same token, being broke sculpts the best art possible, so there is much humbly to be said about suffering, but I will let someone else explain that, I have complained so much time away that I now enjoy, and that is peace on an individual level I want to share and inspire.

Anything can motivate you, or kick your ass...what do you choose? You can change that decision at any time as well again.

Life is short, make beautiful art all the time, do not wait to suffer first.

But if suffer you will, still make beautiful art,

and ...what is art anyway?

just a verbal rant here...enjoy

Happy New Year!!!