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Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama's First Ever Completely Virtual Interview On Youtube Featuring Google+ Today ~ History in the making!

Obama's First Ever Completely Virtual Interview On Youtube Featuring Google+ Today ~ History in the making!

You asked the questions, and today President Obama will answer. Tune in at5:30 p.m. E.T. today for the first-ever completely virtual interview from the White House, presented by YouTube and Google+


That (above) is the original youtube / Google+ link.

This is a quote from Fox5 News in Washington D.C. from the news broadcast at 5 a.m. EST on January, 31, 2012:

"Google says, (from Fox 5 News this morning in Washington D.C.), that they received over 133,000 questions total, for what the White House called a "virtual hangout" on Google+ and youtube, and it was to answer questions about, "The State of The Union" address last week, as reported at 5 a.m.this morning. (just thought I would repeat what I heard)...that lasted 20 seconds and was followed by the top story on the news which was about The Occupy D.C. protesters."



The questions have been excellent as well as candid and the conversation back and forth with The President has had a nice flow to it and is very articulate with perfect quality.

This is the wave of the future again happening now, so now it is a wave gone past, finally.

To see a President, at my age 44, and watch him answer questions live on youtube and from normal everyday folks online has been quite fascinating.

I remember Ross Perot speaking about things like this well before their time, so to finally see this come to fruition is amazing.

My Mother even went to a World's fair once in the 1950's and saw a video phone, and I have waited a long time for these things to take place and I have watched technology catch up and grow exponentially all my life and it is great to see the efficiency and clear communication with so many kind folks.

Google+ is cutting edge because of this and other incredible technology they have been at the front line of developing, and once again utilizing to reshape the way things can be done.

Google+ is not in any competition with the other guys, they are setting standards about how we are going to do things more quickly and efficiently in the future, which is now.

I have been the skeptic, and I have seen that this technology, although in it's true infancy still, is being used well, and brings more people to the forefront, and it is nice to see our President respond to "real" questions from suffering and real folks across the country, as opposed to such a sterile environment we typically see.

We, as a collected nation, are heading in a great direction and we need to simply exercise patience now as these changes are taking place.

The topics have been from energy to Pell grants, small business, to import/export, and well as a plethora of real life issues.

The President clearly has a plan to grow the economy, and recent figures suggest his programs and changes that have been implemented are working, at least short term.

Now, President Obama is answering questions about drone use against a list of active known terrorists.

This is an example of technological prowess that we can use to become more efficient and save lives.

Obviously, this is a very political issue, however when compared to the alternatives, my studies have shown that this (drone use) is quicker and accurate and does not place a soldiers life in harms way. Sometimes we must make immediate responses while the intelligence gathered is fresh, otherwise we lose our opportunity to make that reaction. I, for one, just hope we come to a time soon where they are not needed, however that may just be wishful thinking.

Switching to education now, a question about education, Obama is answering that he wants more access to higher education, which he specifically stated was anything above high school, be it an associates degree,a few classes or more.

Simply stated, whatever a student needs to enter the job marketplace, as well as better assistance from the states overall, the emphasis Obama stressed is assisting in and reducing costs of education to students, as well as saving money by classes that he inferred would be online, for example, thus saving on room and board.

Now The President is speaking about taking on debt for an education, and thinking ahead about that investment, knowing you can find a job down the road, and planning on that, as opposed to going to four years of college to study and party and not plan.

Vision is always something I write about and it seems to be a philosophy we need to teach more, as it often looks as though vision is lacking. That is my own observation, and nothing that The President said at all, to the extent of the words I used. I just wanted to be very clear on that.

He is speaking about earnings of a college education versus a high school education.

Especially in these difficult times, we need to look at education seriously and make that investment so it will pay personal and marketplace rewards.

Now a gentleman is speaking about planning of his son's education and not having any debt when their son graduates.

President Obama is speaking about manufacturing coming back to the U.S.A.

The internet has a concensus of questions proposed about SOPA and PIPA, and a man is asking about these proposed legislation that were not addressed in The State of The Union address.

President Obama is stating that we will be able to protect knowledge based products and more successfully create a system with strong protections in place and keeps and preserves the basic architecture (which I would have to say he really meant philosophy) that we currently have with the internet.

He is now addressing a question about extradition of those who have violated these internet copyright issues.

He said that SOPA is back at "the table" and is being looked at in a way that works for both sides.

Now a comedian and presidential impersonator of Obama, and as President Obama stated, " with no gray hair ", is asking a question about comedy in the internet place.

As we are almost out of time things are getting wrapped up, and a lady, Jennifer, is asking the President to dance.

In a future Google+, President Obama said he may sing us a song.

Now a gentleman is requesting if he can be the President's doctor when he graduates from school.

A few folks are making great personal appeals and asking other questions, such as, The President responded, you get a little stir crazy that you cannot just go out and do something as simple ass taking a walk, or going to the local Starbuck's and not having to worry about it.

Now a gentleman is asking to play tennis with President Obama, which Obama replied he would be beaten easily.

What a wonderful and engaging time and wonderful way to experience this as I write.

I am hoping to be the first person to report about this live event in writing, as I will blog this immediately as soon as it is all wrapped up.

What a wonderful time in life to be able to see this excellent technology that is working near flawlessly, at least on my end.

President Obama is asking some children to listen to their Mother and work hard at school.

We are signing off now.

President Obama said a heart felt thanks to everyone and said, see you guys.

What a neat moment, I hope this gave you an idea of what the first virtual interview with the President was all about.

Excellent questions and topics and you should be able to watch the entire recorded broadcast on youtube.

I typed this in real time as I listened, therefore the tempo may be slightly unusual as you read this, however, it was exciting and I think this style and technique brings the reader closer to the actual feeling of listening to this historical moment that took place today for the first time on the internet.

I hope this will give you an excellent idea of what the experience was like.

Here is another posting from a friend on Google+ to substantiate that this was indeed a real Google+ HangOut

  -  10:04 AM  -  Public
EXCLUSIVE +G+ Interviews President Obama Hangout Follow-Up Interview

Last night after President +Barack Obama participated in a live +Google+ Hangout with 5 ordinary Americans and a Google moderator, I set out to discover who those people were that hung out with the President.

After a bit of thorough research, I was able to find very fresh profiles for +Jennifer Wedel+Christine Wolf+Ramon Ray+Adam Clarkand +Paras Patel as well as Google moderator +Steve Grove.

A lot of users were curious as to whether or not the hangout was “real” and if the people chosen to participate were “props.” The video and audio quality were certainly higher fidelity than what we would expect from our normal hangouts that stretch the corners of the globe. However, as Google Director of Engineering +Chee Chew pointed out, Google had to put out their best china for the President.

After attempts to get in touch with all participants of the hangout, I was able to set up some time to speak with +Jennifer Wedel shortly after the Presidential hangout to learn about her experience and open the floor to an unscripted, unrehearsed and unscheduled Q&A session with 9 other Google+ users.

Some of the users participating in the post-Obama interview included +Johnny Roquemore+John Fanavans+Raleigh Burke+Amanda Blain+Brett Bjornsen+Allen Firstenberg+Sheila DuBois+Christopher Lira+Mike Stenger+Michael O'Reilly and +Carter Gibson.

This interview was conducted before +Jennifer Wedel was able to appear on +MSNBC TV ( because that appearance would require a ride to her local NBC affiliate, unlike her first two interviews, which were conducted from the comfort of her home using Google Hangout technology. That is a true testament to the direction of television and Internet video journalism.

I hope you enjoy this interview and the fact that it was raw and uncut. Please feel free to share with your favorite media outlets as well as friends and family. Thank you, +Jennifer Wedel for your time. We look forward to hosting +Ramon Ray for the next series of +G+ Interviews. – An historic event took place today. President Barack Obama used a mixture of social media and emerging technology to connect with five ordinary Americans...

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Sheila DuBois  -  +Peter G McDermott I even shared this on my Facebook telling them they cannot do this there! LOL I am in Love with Google +.... When your on air you are very professional..... That should go a long way for you to land a job in the Social Media arena.
12:00 PM    
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Peter G McDermott  -  +Sheila DuBois I already have a job in the social media arena. To provide people like you the raw newsyou can't find anywhere else and organic conversations like the one with +Jennifer Wedel last night!

One minor issue, I haven't made any money yet...I guess I need to work on that aspect!
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Dave Veffer  -  Peter. Excellent interview. Great job here and very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing this :)
12:03 PM    
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Sheila DuBois  -  (work on that pay scale)

Well thanks again! personally I liked this hangout better than the President's :p Have a great day!
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David Bleecher  -  It's crazy that Google didn't use, at the very least, +Michael Mozart , whom had the top rated question for the president. Why use people that didn't have anything to do with Google+ previously to the hangout? Why not +Robert Scoble ? Why not you yourself, +Peter G McDermott ? It just felt rigged.
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David Bleecher  -  +Peter G McDermott I know, I saw that. But, considering that it was the highest voted question, and+Michael Mozart is actually a known G plusser, it would have been far more reasonable to have him as one of the guests than people who didn't exist on here at all before this interview. It didn't make any sense.
3:16 PM   
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Steve Swygert  -  Peter, May I attach this to my blog in it's entirety please, with all your credential of course, i would like it to follow and substantiate what I wrote and even better chronicle the event for the sake of history. Quite something to experience. Thanks for a great article. Cheers, Steve
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These references are here for future readers:

These are links that explain what youtube is and what Google+ is:


Follow-Up Interview with +Jennifer Wedel from +The White House Hangout

+Jennifer Wedel disclosed to us today that the Deputy Chief of Staff from+The White House called her home to inform her that the President wanted to ensure that her unemployed husband’s resume was send to key contacts in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
During our second hangout interview with Jennifer she explained the news of the phone call and why she shared it with us first.
“I wanted to share that with you guys first before I talked to the media. I feel like I owed that to you guys were very open and you listened to me just kind of took me in and I appreciate that and wanted to show that to you guys. Thank you so much.”
After thanking the participants of the hangout, Jennifer admitted, “I found the national news is a lot pushier than the local news.”
The most important thing is that she felt community and acceptance in the group setting with other ordinary Google+ users. Perhaps this demonstrates a shift in where journalism is heading…
Yesterday, in a +Google+ hangout with, Jennifer disclosed that her husband, an engineer in the semi-conductor industry, was recently laid off. Here’s how the conversation played out during the hangout with the president.
“My question to you is to why does the government continue to issue and extend H-1B visas when there are tons of Americans just like my husband with no job?”
After trying to explain how the program worked and that there weren’t enough high tech engineers to fit certain job openings, Jennifer argued with the President stating that the experience her husband was having in the field was contrary to the President’s response.
“If you send me your husband’s resume, I’d be interested in finding out exactly what’s happening right there,” he stated. “The word we’re getting is somebody in that high-tech field, that kind of engineer, should be able to find something right away. And the H-1B should be reserved only for those companies who say they cannot find somebody in that particular field.”
Towards the end of the hangout, with over 250,000 views according to Google, the President reminded Jennifer, “I mean what I said. If you send me your husband’s resume I’d be interested in finding out what’s happening,”