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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clarysville 3 and The Blue Bridge 420 ~ Cumberland, Maryland ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz ~ GONE MAD

Clarysville 3 and The Blue Bridge 420 ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz ~ GONE MAD

Three sad souls jumped to death in eighteen months,
perhaps that is still not quite convincing enough,
we could make it a little more difficult to jump,
but why make it so tough? (sarcasm)

Tough economic times,
depression has set in so deep all around,
there are lots of ways to leave,
please wait for a real answer and just don't jump on down.

We ain't got the cash Annapolis, Maryalnd...Allegany County CRIES,
to put up a safe and decent uninviting fence,
so instead go on down to the health department for anti-depressants,
drugs to compel psychosis make this community lose its sense.

Want a job...good luck,
none are here to be had,
Ridgely, West Virginia Blue Bridge military veteran jumper today,
have we all GONE MAD.

Got a problem with Percs and friendly Vicodin,
just join the local Methadone-Clinic, (.com)
they hand out good ole Methadone to kick the bad habits,
I thought that was for heroin, so there must be some money in it!

First was opium and heroin was its cure,
the bigger addiction, yeah...a cure for sure,
kick that heroin with science so pure,
eat the methadone handed out now...such an evil lure.

The only thing that cares and cures is another human caring,
there is no hope in drugs for futures of  longevity,
most these folks eat their methadone for breakfast,
and pop percs and vics all day long in narcotic exclusivity.

I have seen it first hand and heard this story too often,
so it should be no wonder why the bridge is such an attraction,
we fill these sick helpless souls with toxins and lies of promise,
do you think this costs us all now a mere fraction?

A Bridge, a symbol usually of hope,
but here in Cumberland it's a cry for help from futility,
dispense some more insane pharmacopia,
strip away desire, love, life, replace it all with hostility.

The churches losing membership closing doors all around,
have we turned our back on the biggest answer,
the one God carries to us to carry for others,
The devil a thief, a harlot, a wicked drug and methadone dancer.

Let's build our bridges safer and return to the selfless ways we all know,
return to the past where we have Faith and caring for others,
before the next beautiful soul angelically swan dives off another bridge,
I am so worn out and tired of needlessly losing my sisters and brothers.



This is the third local death from leaping off of this bridge in just an 18 month span!...QUESTION!!!...Why don't we have a fence erected to at least try to prevent this ???...Is three enough?...three deaths in an 18 month span... 1) Aug 22, 2010 2) Jan. 7, 2011 3) April 9, 2012




------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BLUE BRIDGE: 4-20-2012

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BUDGET NEWS: 4-20-2012


METHADONE-CLINIC.COM ~ CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND (remember .com stands for commercial, meaning BUSINESS...BIG BUSINESS!) here is our local drug outlet!

Please pray for the families affected here so deeply but such continual tragedy.

Please write your local politicians and politicians in Annapolis and on a Federal level and help propel the changes we need to make locally so we can put a stop to this sad insanity.

Answers abound when we work together.