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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bank, Big Banks Break Up Proposed, Poverty, Failure, and the Re-Birth of the Phoenix Eagle, also: JP MORGAN

I do not want to focus on the events that unfolded tonight after some great friend s left, but it bothers me so deeply I feel I must share it.

My neighbor found out his girl was pregnant, and she has two children already.

So on the street in front of my home I listened while sitting next to the young boy of 5, and they argued about his missing beer from the cooler and aborting the baby!

I do not have a child, and I would cherish one with more then I have ever known, and I am a very passionate person.

This transpired in front of me with name calling, terrible accusations of cheating, and even mention of drugs.

I felt it best to remove myself and asked them to be good to one another as I informed them I am going inside, but I did not mention that I was heart broken.

The unfortunate aspect of this is that this has become all too common place.

I was with good friends playing guitar and enjoying great conversation and company, and then I experienced teh opposite as I escorted my friends to their cars to bid a final farewell.

The guys girlfriend even asked me to please go find him and speak with him about this, and I walked several blocks with my dog, when returning home he was there, so I simply tried to calm a drunk who was angry thinking his beer was stolen, angry about life, and well, drunk.

To watch a child's face grimace and hurt with so much deep pain makes me ill to the core of my soul.

I prefer to shut up as in the past, speaking up at the wrong time just escalates situations and makes them all the more explosive for no good reason.

There is always a later to plant  seeds, nourish them and hope they sprout, or look for other alternatives.

How do we properly recitify these types of situations is what i would like to help solve somehow so I simply make observations and share what it is really like in some places, certainly not everywhere.

Being that it is June of 2012, The Supreme Court just ruled on "ObamaCare" today, and I have my social security disability hearing in Oct.

I have a lot on my mind, but nothing bothers me more then to watch a child endure such abusive behaviuor he and they should all be protected from.

That is how I was raised, and I know it is what is correct, because the other changes the promising future to one of more likely much less promise.

That is a fact, although not a mold, as many can and do rise above and seek the better things in life.

I make the above references to pinpoint time for the future reader, and report the these United States are truly suffering some of the worst times since the "Great Depression" of the 1930's.

You can see it if it is a situation like I have described herein too often repeating all the way to the top of Wall Street where it is now estimates that JP Morgan may have lost 9 or more BILLION dollars trading in very recent trades.


~ This just came to print July 03-2012, 5 days after I wrote this...

Ex-JPMorgan Broker: 'It Was All About The Money, Not The Client'


This was first under reported as 2 Billion, fooling most, but not everybody.

I think this was a simple sales job and a deceitfully tactful to break the really bad news more slowly, seemingly to lessen the atrocity of it all.

I just want to know where is accountability! ??? !!!

Why has no one been fired and why is there not a massive investigation going on, although God knows we do not need to waste valuable time investigating everything, however we cannot let what appears to be theft like in nature with no reguards to certain fail safes that are suppose to be in place, continue to happen.

Sickness is truly all around all the time and perhaps more rampant then ever.

I can continue sharing things, but some things I am unable to speak of for now.

The truths I have come to observe are some of the most disturbing level I have ever known when it comes down to a basic erosion of the moral fabric!

I pray and I pray more, and I survive and observe and try to offer at least a shred of hope and try my best to share what little I have, mostly friendship and love, and Faith.

Things will not fix themselves.

We need to be pro-active, work hard and work together and buckle the hell up for a long haul.

I have repeatedly told many many friends that we are evolving as a nation, and like puberty, it can be quite painful to grow into a comfortable constitutional body, always with the ability to change.

It truly takes a village to raise a child, but that truly seems to be an old adage somewhat lost in the past, just barely still sucking air.

I see great change coming that will be great for everyone, but we have to be string and stay the course and be vigilant in the meantime and take care of one another and by all means discuss these massive social and economic issues.

I also see less and less discussion as it seems people are worn the hell out, so that is when we must and shall dig deeper in order to start work on the next wave of recovery, and again, their is nothing that is going to be easy about it.

Once I was younger and healthier and my cup truly runneth over with beer, wine, steak, friends, luxury all the time because it was everywhere.

Those days have passed, and the norm now is mentally fretting about economic personal survival.

That however does not mean they will never return.

We have many new great industries evolving, going through the process of approval and training the future employees in these many very technical fields.

We must push that envelope now and get that business momentum moving faster as we delve into new manufacturing and technology arenas.

I know when people are able to work, and most people want a job and they want to be productive and are when offered the chance, then the reversing of the social and economic issues will at the very least lessen. Life stressors will lessen, and these children we are raising can have the future they deserve.

Otherwise, we are bankrupting those children from the inside out starting with the mind and soul.

Going back to school is never a bad idea at any age, and that is a very valuable option now, that will only and always be a tool in anyone's future.

Education is as permanent as you live and sometimes with what it can produce, even longer lasting, helping those future generations for future generations to come.

There is an excellent site that can help anyone looking for a new direction.

I ultimately only see education as a way to a brighter future otherwise we would choose to repeat the past mistakes we have such as other cultures that have failed.

This to me is the importance of studying history, something I once despised as a topic that now I can never get enough of.

I personally think people do not like change, they think of it as painful, and seem to turn the other cheek towards it, when indeed they should embrace it and move forward towards much brighter futures.

What we have done thus far had gotten us here, and here today is not a good place for this country, much less most countries in the world today, so I think change makes good common sense.

Forming a consensus is not always either, but there are already great things happening I do not often see reported well.

We have to invest in infrastructure and manufacturing this new technology, or implementing the new technology so that it replaces swiftly what is old and inefficient, and we need to do more so then ever in a course with vision as to preserving the environment.

All great empires usually fall into a waste land of desertification environmentally, because what was once though so abundance as to never dis-appear, became seemingly suddenly scare.

This truly has happened countless times, and there are very specific reasons for it that still apply today, as we become overall further desertified as a globe.

Over population as an example, is not so much as it is perceived to be.

It is typically perceived, as was recently quoted about in the internet by a Christian woman, that we have plenty of land left to have millions and billions of more people, making some claim such as meaning similar too, all the country's (U.S.A.) population could fit inside the landmass of Seattle or some big city, and I am not going to make direct reference because it is such a ridiculous statement and totally out of any logical context.

I brought up the Christian part, and I am a Christian, because it is merely a fact and from which comes her certain particular point of view about having children.

But herein is wear the rub lies, it is not even about or remotely close to being about how many humans can fit onto the planet if we stand right next to one another and on top of one another.

See how ridiculous it starts to even sound at all?

It is about living in a societal economic structure that can provide well for everyone and continue to flourish for ages to come and do so fairly.

It is really simple on a basic philosophical level.

So back today and not many jobs, money being held back because of great economic risk associated with lending right now due to the uncertainty of our overall direction, we are stuck and stagnant, and it simmers in homes all across this entire country, and that means most all homes.

The future does not bode well until we redefine nationally and then globally the correct overall goals to support our own civilizations respectively and autonomously from one another concerning governing styles, but with respect to one another overall to work even more so towards unity and everyone moving forward.

In our country we shall continue to be bound by the fabric which is our Constitution, as it as truly the finest governmental fabric ever designed with it's built in durability and flexibility and a Mother named Justice.

I hope the news and the citizens can get over petty name calling and personal agendas and act together in order to catapult of economy forward.

We are The United States of America, there is nothing ever to be scared of, except for what happens if we shall refuse to act more swiftly and put our populous back to work, as well as be able to offer friends from afar that same promise that we stand for.

Is there not one amoungst us with roots of blood from another country?

We argue and argue details wherein lie the devil, this is simply another biblical reference to something that is also taught through history, as well as any other perspective abstract or perceived.

Great nations rise up by being proactive and setting the new trends, building the new economies, and doing it with great coordination and efficiency through communication and a collectiveness, an s great spirit of resounding unity.

To do anything else would truly be, and is insane, and it needs to be peacefully and swift.

I have been economically bankrupt and that was my own foolishness and poor decision making.

I therefore, am and shall be responsible as allowable by the law.

On the other hand, wherein if our economy has failed the "average Joe" shall his credit be ruined.

Perplexing problems often require new answers, cutting edge answers, that come from a collective of thinkers from all walks of life, none and no one ever excluded.

I do not think some type of an orchestrate time out is out of the question.

Right now we have fighting in many many countries, civil unrest, suffering and starvation and truly more natural disasters at a quicker pace then has been recorded by man for many centuries.

We are rebuilding a lot of infrastructure with the way we deliver electricity to the consumer market, and I feel this is a massive key to a successful future.

As solar advances, which it has greatly with new layering technology over silicon wafers that has increased a solar cell overall output, as well as made new solar technology that works in the infared light spectrum, previously thought perhaps not even possible on this level ever.

We also have the highly politically volatile issue of fracking, however, it may overall be a better answer then the alternatives, as we weigh the proper directions to take. I still think we should ere on the side of great caution in this new field, and pay particular close observations towards every aspect of any data we can collect on every single sight. Be it seismology, production, water table levels, possibilities of contamination, regulation of chemicals, density of the shale, angular strata readings of the shale bed, elevation and angle of topical environment, etc. There is no excuse to leave an un-turned stone, and in the meantime we can manufacture these new testing technologies (products) here at home in new state of the art plants, with employees. lots of employees earning great pay and benefits at full time jobs of skilled labor, not necessarily aver specialized, as there will be manufacturing of all kinds of new gadgets even more so as this technology exponentially explodes.

I personally think the exponent is starting to and has been for a while exponentially changing itself. Just a thought.

So we can continue to have poverty and  failure, or further embrace the great steps we have already taken and re-birth as the Phoenix Eagle, a new mythical hybrid, our country to be.

There are plenty of what will be known as more conventional jobs as we look back, but not enough.

More people at work and more earnings, means more spending and better growth.

Simple economics, so who relinquishes the grip on the money, while the Federal Government turns a profit and pays their debts, our debts, and we crush this National Debt with ease.

Reverse engineering is easier then ever, and therefore it seems no technology can truly stay completely secretive or controlled, so we have to be the one that make the new, perhaps along with others countries, as we often already do.

It is no surprise that the greatest countries have the finest minds.

Education needs to evolve as well, and also equally as quick.

I really do not think it would be difficult to fit a decent college education in the 13 years of public education we already have for a great majority of the students that would desire it, granted they started young.

When properly challenged, learning is exciting and always yielding.

It matters at not what age, but the more the younger maintained with proper balance in other reguards is a better promise for a bright future, and a challenge that could be quite easily met as I have met some brilliant young people that can grasp things most folks cannot fathom.

The children of technology and growing up on the speed of the information highway today, 4G in some networks for example to mark this point in time, are learning at a rate and learning some deep things at an age that are quite inspiring and I think promising, however often seemingly overlooked by traditional public education, from my own personal experience and observations.

My personal experience, as I read several hours most days and always study and try to learn something new still, is that I collectively have a much better education and experience base then my personal degree thus far earned.

All that have met me would agree, and they would also agree I am a nutty artist too!

My degree is in Observation and Experience Before, During, and After Research, and at 44, I have a doctorate, needless to say I am wise enough to know at 84 I would think my mind today at 44 but still a child.

All joking aside, life truly is that way on some levels.

I am so blessed to know many smart men in high places and several of them kind enough to make time for me personally as a friend to communicate and skip across time together.

I am always happier skipping, I do not however know about you, well some of you...laughs I hope, we all need a little laughter! :)

To be able through a keyboard and connection type while I think and publish as soon as I am finished, mere minutes, is wuite a thing of technological beauty, and to think I can express myself with a smiley face, :) such as this and would Plato know this language?. my how technology and language change.

Evolve or devolve, well history again teaches the lessen that it devolves and the masses become less smart, not however stupid, perhaps happily and peacefully naive, in a way.

For example, it is not common knowledge but it is a well known fact that a building closer to the stock exchange will have an electronic signal through the internet at a miniscule split second of a fraction quicker then a building that gets further and further away!

This again is a fact, so when anyone or any corporation has this advantage, and trust me computers today are quick enough to be this fast and execute a trade before the next one farther on, this is simply unfair. 

If my NFL team goes to the Super Bowl and decides to kick a field goal, should they always kick from the opponents 2o yard line while the other team should kick from wherever it happens to be when they decide to kick a field goal themselves?

Sometimes we can truly have too much technology that just muddies clear and murky waters alike just enough, however there is always someone with better vision and reflexes like a modern day cowboy in the stock market.

I want to know where $ 12 Billion dollars went that was supposedly lost at J.P. Morgan.

That's a field goal kick to the balls. How can that actually have happened legally I would like to see.

Safeguards in many respects are built into the honest trading arenas, if they still exist.

Where are ethics and morals, or am I just a stupid slow red neck?

I have watched thieves all my life, an the best one are quicker then we are smart, and smarter then we are quick, and that is no lie, and by the time you know something is up and the feel it reverberate off of you, they disappear like a breeze that leaves no trace, especially when they look so accountable, professional, and grounded.

Matters not if it is the con man or the executive, and sometimes they really do not know which they themselves are.

Who uses who and what is legal today that makes money may not be moral, however that rarely seems to stop the greedy anyway.

To the ethical traders, kudos...but man, your getting taken to the cleaners...The rents closer to the exchange are higher for several reason, you can be closer to the floor and person to person, in the scene and therefore seen, as well as have that faster better connection baby!

Although, hey, maybe that is just pure coincidence.

The trail I often see left behind is in my memory, but as a naive passing of that particular time and seemingly half asleep to the realities existing beside me.

I say none of those words lightly, nor was I fast asleep either!

Hindsight is better then 20/20, it is vision, that is the step above the gut feeling, it is a knowingness of pure Trust and Certainty from within, and a sharing of what it is that you perceive without the concern of being considered perhaps mad or temporarily aloof.

I will state nothing on any personal nature or name, I will however just voice what I have seen, even if it is with no further proof.

The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is economic collapse, sometimes done under legal guises that are tricky, because, again, it is the devil in the details that so easily let's greed manipulate.

Google Portfolio is quite fun, like a game.

I do not really buy stocks, i do however play a speculative stock game with myself so that I can track certain stocks, trends, and hunches, and it is quite a telling bunch of data.

I recommend anyone just starting with ten stock and buy a thousand shares of each, or whatever, but a round number makes for easier math and much better logistics.

Just start from there, it is quite fascinating, and you will read stuff differently when you think in the back of your mind about the stocks, and that shows a lot to the power of media.

So, it is interconnected, because we are all, and live in a world, increasingly interconnected this way.

That should only go to make perfect irrefutable sense.

Perhaps technological trading of the stock floor has lead to a large part of this economic downfall, and i have read and seen that just a little scarcely reported in the media, but somewhat covered.

Is it wise at times to employ old ways of doing thing so more people can be involved and therefore keep a system even more honest, or shall we continue to let a rich few operate with the precision of a surgical strike?, if that what even may be happening?

But it should certainly be deeply considered.

When billions of dollars appear to evaporate, and that is the collective wealth of investors, many from our own country, is that truly the way business should operate or continue to be allowed to operate?

There is gross negligence hear that seems to run deep through the very technological architecture and the money will flow to it's roots.

The evidence will once again portray an answer that is inarguable.

Writing can be very creative, and it is with the creative side one can solve and learn, be it in fantasy or reality, the mind understands and can create in both theaters.

Life is beautiful art.

Thought a voice of soul. a gift to share and write and speak and convey answers that guide and offer support, on any issue.

Money may buy art, control art, try to control art, and what have you, but it can never have art's soul.

Love and life are to art what is money to greed.

With our evolved market so emeshed into the current system, what is a good way to makes proper changes and have not the world cry foul!...and, aye again, there is the rub!

O' what wilt this world and Dear Lord do with a Renaissance man today in this very future we exist?

Lord deliver me to a BlueGrass Festival tomorrow I beg thee!

I need one because I have covered a lot, hoped to convey it all into a confluence of meandering thoughts with a loud clear message ta the end. 

I only hope it gets understood.


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