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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Profit or Prophet ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTipz ~ Gone Mad

Sell your soul to make a profit,
offers that which heals and be a prophet,
in business the bottom line is the profit,
but truth is seen and told forward by a prophet.

I Tithe for spiritual profit,
tithe a principle offered by a prophet,
life can be the cost of a profit,
life is always offered forever more by a prophet.

Numbers usually indicating a profit,
words summed and then musical sung like a prophet,
what today will you do to profit,
what does that mean when said by a prophet?

Sell yourself short lose profit,
redeem yourself in light of the prophet,
in the red you are gone mad no profit,
all colours clear seen through the eyes of the prophet.

SINS ~ never offered by a true prophet!