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Monday, July 9, 2012

Class Clown !, ... Lyrical Poetic Post from FB...funny FB post ~ 07-09-2012 ~ Shakespeare Quote

class clown, I am down, better then a frown, pound for pound... can't ever keep me down...

smart when applied, i never lied, my sight of the future sky, let's together fly...
I am always true to each of you, through and through...

skills tested over and over again, at 44 still honing in, life has no pretend, the weak and meek i will always defend...

always I am simply aimlessly still honing in,
never perfect lost in this sin,
you think i just may be trippin again,
listen and recall your own Shakespeare~ian pretend!

i am just playing stupid and paying attention, both...
all along my own watch tower show.

laughs and friends,
logical never pretend,
skills to always defend,
on guard, my hand or even ear always to lend.

to be where nothing exists but now but futures root,
you forget about having no or little loot,
and dig deeper then death increasingly beckoning you,
to breathe again with today's chosen few.

lifted up in a moments notice,
wiser like the light illuminated from, by ,and for, the lotus,
wisdom flowing beams, a knowledge of plethoral focus,
find peace now quick, follow not the trails of ruckus.

survive together, forget egotism and politicalcynicism,
and sometimes most often wasteful ineffective ineffiecient activism,
dive into where the difference roots passive with passionism,
create new words, art, life, glow and grow in futurevision.

the only way that intelligence advances is by positive mutation,
it is time to turn into a positive mutation advancing nation,
simply by appreciating this simple moment of life's creation,
always bound in the fabric of time now, my forever cloud station.

but still...

even after so much insanity?

"To sleep: perchance to dream: aye, there's the rub;
for in the sleep of death what dreams may come.
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
must give us pause."

William Shakespeare (Hamlet)