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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado Tragedy Aurora, Colorado ~ Theater Shooting ~ Picture Prayer

Please re-post or share this "picture prayer" any way you like.

The more folks that see it can pass it and post it with their own prayer of thoughts,
to carry silently and peacefully,
without personal words often derisive,
but rather resoundingly quiet and with a positive binding oneness of collective individual thoughts,
of pure unity.

A comment below, here at this blog, as a memoriam, for those suffering through the anguish and loss would be very appreciated.

I feel a deep loss for so much hard to truly satisfactorily express at a time like this when senseless acts are played out on unsuspecting citizens trying to enjoy a life of freedom at their time of leisure.

I pray for mourning that is swift, acceptance that is now, healing that is wholesome and bears fruit from such tragedy, and perseverance together as a nation to carry it through for a time we all need to heal, and hope this picture prayer is well received and passed along.