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Friday, July 6, 2012

Herbal Infusion ~ Turmeric, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Mint or Spearmint Infusion Recipe and My Experience

Herbal Infusion ~ Turmeric, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Mint or Spearmint Infusion Recipe and My Experience

Breafast for the morning was a salad consisting of dandelion and radish greens tossed together and complimented by half an onion, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro and lime juice. 

To prepare my health infusion brew I have been experimenting with, I boiled for 10 mins, 1tspn turmeric, 1 tspn ginger, 2 small dandelion roots and mint an entire sprig of fresh mint from my yard, where I picked the greens too.

I usually use honey and lemon to sweeten the sometime bitter taste, however the dandelion roots are rather sweet and lemony and made for a fine substitute or alternative and taste equally well.

The mint gave my infusion a very dark warm reddish color. Very similar to sassafras tea, another favorite from the local woods.

This infusion I drank for health and sustenance and it's excellent organ cleansing properties and anti inflammatory properties, not to mention it tasted quite incredible after the taste is finally or quickly acquired.

I have been drinking the basic turmeric and ginger recipes for about a month, and I have had to take only 3 motrins 800mg for that entire time, quite a change.

I have taken no muscle relaxers either, which I want to avoid like all other phramaceuticals whenever possible.

The pain reduction and inflammation issues, for myself as observed, are usually started within 30 minutes and and one 4 cups of this infusion drank within 30 minutes for me typically lasts all day.

The further studying of these ingredients over the last decade has been eye opening and my body responds well with no apparent adverse side effects and results of taking fewer and fewer synthetic treatments with their so varied and troubling side effects that seem to be the causation of many other issues with the passage of time and regular use.

The greens are easy to grow, healthy and rewarding from the aspects of cultivating, caring for, gardening, harvesting, preparing, and consuming, and all with their compliments to good health, as long as you do not mind morphing slightly into the appearance of a rabbit....hope you got a laugh!

I am an absolute advocate for regular doctor visits and checkups, etc., however, I also take what I personally hear with a particular stubborn grain of salt that I am, and study deeply any diagnosis at great sites like Mayo's, Harvard's medical site, or even the CDC for examples, all having great information backed with studies and professional observations on nearly any disease.

I then seek the herbal alternative to any prescribed drug (paying ever fanatical particular attention to interactions with other medicines and especially the herbal ones I am taking) and seek that which is growing naturally in my area as well as abundant and legally able to be harvested. I then learn about the botanical properties (fun as well, like boy scouts of yester-year) and sometimes this includes a hike with neither being the primary purpose of the other but rather a reward for the mission of health once again, as a walk or hike is for my prosperity.

Taking pictures on the way is just another added benefit.

The perfect days to me are like all of this and they flow without worries at all, I just wish to have increasingly more days such as these, time and health permitting, and hope everyone else does as well. :)

My lucky lady Layla...woof, woof, my best pal and hiking companion always in tow. (actually I am the one in tow!)

I only wanted to share with my pals that of which so many have been through so much difficulties lately and shared with me, one of my solutions to hopeful healthful longevity and continued healing while reducing the stressors I can control in life, and feebly accepting that which happens and I therefore must.

I am truly hoping you are each well and even if we miss one another here or on the phone, you are in my thoughts and well wishing wishing well thoughts as I hope to be in yours.

Thanks for sharing this journey together.

...anyone else using any herbal remedies regularly or reading up on it???

adios amigos, time for an infusion refill...ciao!