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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Background Chorus:

The Institution's a lie...repeat


I'm Chillin with my home boy tonight,
a mohn, (amen)
drinking some beers, feeling alright,
I'm feelin alright...

I don't know what he is talking about mohn, 
but he got me pretty high,
we got pretty high,

So you know that we know each other better man,
understand the master plan,
we don't judge one another man,
we look each other and focus like a brother man.

Don't you know we got this shit down right,
because the only moment to live in this life is now,
that's all mohn,
let nothing else left out,
the present moment is the way it is suppose to be mohn,
and we should all be living in harmony.

Where I come from man,
inteligble lost lyrical lore,
I try to love my brother,
at the level of the government,
treating him the lost way he treats him,
because if I do not understand the common man,
I don't understand the master plan.

I hope you feel me mohn,
I love you brother!

We got brother and sisters,
that want to take each other out,
and one another,
man it's not fair,
it's like the whole life of breath,
gets smothered mohn.

background vocals:

blackout, blackout, blackout...

...and what does you mother man,
think of this blackout man?
We can't be living like this no more,
I tell you man,
we can't be living like this no more,

We look at Detroit, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and New York man,
they are all bout to break,
because they don't understand man,
the average man, the common man,
the guys we all use to be,
still are today mohn, 
with destiny,
and we sing,
for our freedom,
and we know that we are right man, 
because we feel it in our soul.

We know just where were going.

Background Chorus:

The Institution's a lie...repeat

featuring:...Chico on Background Chorus

just a simple sound track and some repeating art repeating art repeating...