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Saturday, August 4, 2012

ReTurning Home to My Destiny ~ Poem ~ MobiusTripz

Returning to the cradle of home in these mountains of Cumberland,
I return to warmth and friends, clean air to slumber in,
I count thankfully each moment on the present and breathe it in,
I come back thankful for my hard cold forged good friends.

There really is nothing more for me here,
Just a few good friends, warm campfires, chit chat and a few beers,
I know not sometimes the forces that have driven me here and steered,
yet here I am returned again trying to makes smiles, not tears, let's share.

Days ago a visit to Washington D.C.,
with a friend I had not seen,
since before a time even as many years had passed,
and those years for us each exciting and fast.

He gave me a tour of the studios at XM,
and shared with me art and technical details we once only dreamed,
and our dreams now bigger then ever before,
thanks Jack for opening to me your hearts door.

You made me feel as I feel when I am home in these hills,
at home and where my soul is at rest peaceful an still,
calm in my heart body and soul,
where the angels make music in my mind forever and always,
tempered with accents as forte, andante, harmonizing slurs and sheer trills.

Life's moments I enjoy trapping in tones sometime eloquent,
other times sounds like insanity when my mind is so spent,
and you transcribe from both guitar and piano,
while I play it from my head and make it up as I go.

Your life you have been a great architect,
while although happy I am like a train wreck,
but our music, our beloved music brings us to share,
points in time like sweet music broadcast by satellite across the air.

We changed the time we were meant to meet as first agreed,
your son to perform you could not miss a moment I see,
and so it was I stayed at a later date at my parent's home,
I was there when my Mother needed me, oh so very close to death, the most,
I felt so very, very all alone.

Music saved my Mother's life,
and it is she the artist so that it is only so very befitting,
who offered me my music to share with my friends,
and the language from my Father an her to write, hopefully witting.

So along these recently traveled roads,
My family and my friends once again carried me,
Some things planned out to the tee,
and other times most important pure destiny.

I had to return to the home I so love,
I had to find the ground again on which to solidly stand,
I find a peace and solace in these mountains so strong,
and with you each my angelic friends we right things so wrong.

The power of unity to lift and soar together is heavenly,
the best times in life are slow meaningful and with powerful longevity,
each moment really it's very own pinnacle unique epitome,
Friends and family you all set this pitiful man so very, very free.

Thanks, a word with the weight of a black hole,
it's density when used properly finally exposed,
sometimes as powerful as words are they escape a moment,
music and prayer and Faith take over and divide the dark towards a celestial quotient.

That place where we are all in one another's thoughts,
where our souls can never be by anyone bought,
where we seek comfort with one another and justice together is wrought,
together we find the peace that together we have always sought.

Thanks, for I have no more a powerful word to now share,
as I write and gaze across the mountains caught in a solitude stare,
friends and family please know how deep for you each I so care,
thanks, for I know it is at least me been spared.

Upon returning home to destiny,
deep thoughts run through my mind and soul all over me,
I felt at a time I may never make such a simple trip again,
thanks, for picking me up, my beautiful family and such loving friends