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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Cumberland Times News ~ Bath Salts and Legal Weed ~ My Respnse to Jefferey Alderton, staff writter of The Cumberland Times News

You may find my blog about Bath Salts and Legal Weed very interesting.

I published this on May 29, 2012, however I have researched this phenomena for over a year because I am acutely aware of the science of these compounds and the immoral ways these companies manufacturing these chemical compounds simply design new synthetic compounds with similar molecular footprints which are yet outlawed to skirt the laws.

My proposition will be that any compound that is in the same molecular family chemical's genetic tree shall be outlawed.

I hope to hear back from you and what your thoughts are and also please offer my name to anyone you come across tat may be looking for help on this issue.

My article has a plethora of facts, links, and observations that are all excellent  resources, as I have tried to make one source that is conclusive and convincing to any reader so that each will understand this multi-faceted legal and social problem.

I have been researching and writing on this topic quite a bit before it hit national headlines, and my blog on this particular topic (which I left the link for above) has been read, unfortunately, much more often then my article that was printed at The United States Department of Energy. (google: swygert / hrdc)

I hope we outlaw all of this garbage across the country, and especially here locally first!

I have seen the devastating effects first hand and find these compounds personally despicable.

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.  

If you should write anymore on this topic, plee feel free to quote my blog where it is helpful as well.

I have worked very hard to make sure this is an issue that gets local, state, national, and inter-national attention, and it is been as well.

It is also picking up speed in the press and continued needed scrutiny.

Most of what I have personally written, I have seen almost copied in such a similar way as I have presented it that it is rather flattering, and my google stats at my blog display just how much readership my article has garnered as well.

I Have a Science Degree with a Major in Police Science, and these type of articles of interest I just cannot ignore.

Thanks so much for you excellent coverage, and to let you know I am starting a petition.

Would you be interested in it's details once it is ready in the next few days?

If I can be of any assistance, please do let me know.

Again, thanks for your continued hard work and placing the forte on this issue that we need to rid our beautiful city of.


John Stephen Swygert

461 N. Waverly Terrace
Cumberland, Maryland 21502

240 522 xxxx cell text voice mail

Please sign this petition and re-post this and share it with your friends.