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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dope Sick ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

I see people dope sick,
mind lost in this trick,
thinking charges never,
ever gonna stick,
i got this baby licked, never tricked,
yet still dope sick.

sweat is pouring down your brow,
it's not even hot out now,
sullen clamy sunken faces,
I see so many of these all over places,
yall so dope sick.

runnin with children runnin against time,
i wonder if they know they are running out of their mind,
this is a disease that distorts and makes not sublime,
this is an enemy against friends too many of mine,
so many all so dope sick.

lickety split pay me get my shit,
got 20 wanna see some tits,
help me out brother and spare a dime,
dope sick out my mutha fukkin mind,
my friends are passin fast through time.

another lesson another rhyme,
sing along but think this time,
there really is no reason to stay,
on evil drugs upon which you they prey,
laughing you already know this so laugh not shocked,
you know the way I saw you yesterday,
so dope sick and your body rokked!

you cant ignore it when your dope sick,
slave you are when your dope sick,
cant pass dope sick without being dope sick,
yet you choose to chase a dragon and stay dope sick.

too many so dope sick,
so dope sick,
sad so dope sick,
life traded for a fix,
get a killer high could kill ya,
then some shakes, shivers and shits,
yall sad so dope sick.