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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Microcosmic Ciudad ~ Lyrics / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Microcosm of culture
studied through eyes that perceive
eleven years passed here
stories a grapevine does still weave

we all know one another
small towns all around this land
pride spirit and toughness we share
always strong together we stand

we all desire change for the best
cast out the unfit rest ?
or perhaps embrace them back into our nest
after all no one likes to feel like less

friends in this community
as a child does a family need
and a town to raise he so as all of us
in your neighbor build many friendships with trust

lend a hand where it is in need
accept that hand when its for you indeed
together we can accomplish anything at speed
and the greatest planning makes efficiency

together forward is the only way a future is paved
protecting ourselves and friend upon that way
in right and wrong there is never gray
just sunshine we pave to brighter together days.