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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rick Richardson of Bill Haley and The Saddlemen and Later Evolved into Bill Haley and The Comets

I was blessed to be with friends today and pick up an older gentleman crossing the country and offered him a ride...none other then Rick Richardson of the infamous, "Bill Haley's" origin, Bill Haley and The Saddlemen, later known as Bill Haley and The Comets, as they transcended from musical country style to the all new rock and roll.

It is well known that Bill Haley's first album is considered to be the first rock record ever produced and released!

That is quite a massive statement, and it leaves me to wonder about the roots of music even deeper then ever before.

I was born in 1967, saw Jethro Tull and then Frampton Live as my first concerts in 1979 and was raised on a great dosage of hippy music as well as classical and rock n' roll, as I payed in the orchestra growing up and have parents that love classical.

I rocked through the 80's as one that loved heavy metal would, and have met a lot of famous folks and been able to speak with them at length, and it is their I have found perhaps my deepest most enlightening inspirations and thoughts that compliment the art we all share and love.

I record and write today and love music more then ever and feel so amazed when I meet these folks, as Rick.

Plans can fail, but somehow destiny will keep butting heads with you, and I love that all is not lost, when it has so often seemed so close and situations so dire, Rick made me realize that to a great degree.

Rick, as I recall, was traveling back from Iowa as he had had a massive heart attack and also totaled his newer Dodge truck.

He was told he really should not have survived either of the nearly simultaneous events.

We were out on some errands, myself, Billy Cook, and Nicole DeVore.

Rick is safe with family and friends, and should be safely home now, November 7, 2012, and I will update this blog as is needed.

Rick did say he would inform me of his upcoming surgeries date, and i told him he would be in all of our prayers, and my intentions deeper then anything is too lift this man through our collective spirit of goodwill we can all offer and share in our own spirit at any moment.

I would certainly not leave my parents or anyone their age by the side of the road, yet Rick waited that day in that shape for three hours, as others were to busy to help a wonderful person.

I am not saying pick up any hitch hiker, obviously use common sense, and common sense that day said to my gut, I am with two others, it is cold, and that man is older then me at age 44, and he needs to be warm and safe now, not later.

We all laughed, chatted, shared, spoke of politics and the state of modern affairs, spoke music, and then some music, and more music...of course this all grabbed my ear intensely and in a state of  utter shock and even dis-belief, until I came home and did my research.

My gut said he was 100% who he said, but modern technology and his permission to blog about our day together offers me the ability to share more information in an even smaller arena where it may be more easily conveyed and shared.

...and sure I had doubts, but all the doubts have been erased ten fold, and I even question why I would question another man's words as not truth, but that is the way life has been to me, where I must often question others for my own well being, and that is a sad state of affairs I feel almost ashamed of, but safer with as well.

Men like Rick show me I have nothing to fear, and must plod onward with my head held high, no matter the circumstance, and to keep a plan and a back up plan and do not complain, but take action and make a silent statement as a leader.

I am trying to be less of a loud mouth too, so it is a lesson I hope to practice more each day, although perhaps against my nature.

Life is like playing that sweet old guitar you love so much and never want to put down; there are always more facets of the craft to be revealed and glisten as a gem in the light, even more so.

Rick shared some things with me that are delightful, but confidential, and such inspiring news I hope he will allow me to be forthcoming with this information in the future, or perhaps assist him, as if he needs it, with some of my friends to share some great history, not lost, yet virtually unknown still to this day.

He did say he would send me some old music, so I am patiently and equally excitedly awaiting his correspondence to see what history's cloak may unveil.

I will update this as often as possible and only with such said permissions.

I took him from Cumberland, Maryland to Hagerstown, Maryland to where his friends lived and he said he would be safe for a few days as he was heading back to Philly, Pennsylvania ultimately.

He had taken a bus and hitched from Iowa after a very horrific accident and heart attack, that the doctors and police said it is quite remarkable he lived through either one, as he said the one (heart attack) caused the other (wrecked his truck totaling it), and here he is making it back to Philly in this manner.

Please pray for this mans strength to continue!

Will power should never ever be underestimated.

He wants to live to be 91, and I pray he does as well and that we make some memories as friends do.

He will be having surgery, and I will update anything I can with his permission.

We were all on our way to pick up a wood stove that day, in Clear Spring, Maryland, when we all met.

So keep your eyes open for angels that are in need of help...what a cool man and friend to have...71 and tough as can be...inspiration is what I need on a daily basis and to meet such a man, well hats off is all I can say!

You ever meet yourself in the future?

That is how I felt to a strong degree ...point being never ever give up...what a blessing today has been.

Is this really Rick Richardson?

It certainly is!!!

Please view our pictures from being together that day and read the related articles below.

I have sat along side and spoken with and become friends with perhaps some great nearly lost in time rock n' roll art  history.

Rick was recording with Bill Haley at age 11!

I hope Jimi Page needs a ride too soon...better yet, dreams of all hanging out together and learning from masters!

Bless you Rick, and heal fast and well friend.

Life has such wonderful offerings I am thankful for each day and all it has to offer me from above.

Rick sent me some correspondence through the mail, and also gave me the permission to write about him and what we shared that day, so I will be adding to this as I find moments to write.




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