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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's Musical Riddle ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics / Poetry

Life is full of both big notes and little,
life's many musical riddles, (perhaps influenced in though by John Denver?)
once I even use to play fiddle,
I love me a little hey diddle diddle.

I play some guitar as often as I can,
started as a boy still jammin as a man,
music just happens not always planned,
often from thought or from sheet upon stand.

Sometimes alone never too oft with friend,
with music I always have an ear to lend,
a musician in my life and in my account seemingly pretend,
Ain't no joke when you can't pay the rent.

I cannot live another way,
music cascading in my mind always plays,
new musical friends we learn together while old stay,
hear it in mind while playing and sculpting like clay.

What is inspiration and who am I to ask,
let me drink be merry and please hand me your flask,
not too much I want to be up for the musical task,
living the life of the artist and musician no better life perhaps.

Not a choice within my soul ever made,
music my guide by my side always stays,
My life up and down my music my mainstay,
No musical riddle for me in my life it always plays.

I wrote this after a nice visit with friends, musicians, etc...hopefully to share many more times in the future wherever our paths shall cross.