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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayan Time Beams 13 Baktuns ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Theory becomes science
learned men study well
perspective always changing
what angle do you see uphill?

Time Beams in 13 baktuns clicking as a celestial clock,
no secrets to unlock
set sail in mind prepared after a long welcome rest at the dock
take words heard yet not studied with a grain of salt or great stock

The Military Crest what angle do you see uphill now,
perspective changes fluidly often a constant,
mind blown away in deep thought as your lost,
words that do not rhyme make non sense.

Cycles in numbers math always surrounds
12 21 2012 for some an end and for others all anew
what have you studied with open mind ears and eyes
time beam science is real and an ancient science nearly died

how would you see and perceive
before your technological destiny
is it hard for the mind to picture what was once so easy
abstract layers and visions projections surround me

one time beam measure a click on the clock
similar to a tick and also a tock
carved not in silicon but upon face of rock
pictures to tell a story about time refined in deep thought

96,000 light years sun from the center of the milky way
a black hole as i have always thought proven now today
96,000 fits the math somewhere mayan time beam mainstay
seek knowledge and find beams now to build with and play

the end of a cycle in celestial time
the beginning of a new baktun suits us all just fine
time is not linear flat like the earth once was or like a line
pulsing stretched compacted particulant waves upon us dine

now a new baktun starts another era in beam time mechanics,
astronomical patterns repeating paths of the past retread  before by the planets,
a baktun more of knowledge for us all and so much to fix,
left for us a message from the past carved for us often in granite