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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tagged Your It ! ~ MobiusTripz ~ ONLINE GAMES

This is the all new game, " Tagged Your It ! "...the game has been started already, join in by taking a picture of a friend and posting it on facebook after you have tagged it.

Then ask friends to like if they know who it is and to share if they are going to play, thus, posting their own new picture.

Personalizing the pics is fun and a great way too express any art you may want to...just do not forget to tag the pic...that will make for the next game in due time...until then...have fun and be creative.

and if it was Halloween...just to be creative and get the imagination working...

"If ever a terror acame trotting down my trail, let it lead straight forward to God, for all else would do no earthly good while Google and so many more are watching over each of you." ~ Para Noid ~

..." and who was that, and what's behind me, and etc. ..." ~ you have now been are it!