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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

John Swygert ~ Fine Artist ~ MobiusTripz

I am John Stephen Swygert. 

I am a musician and songwriter (MobiusTripz recording / band name), (rokkinroll is my musical nickname), as well as a photographer and an artist, as well as a writer. 

I have always loved the arts and have been inspired by my Mother who is a classically trained artist as well as my many artist friends I have known for so long that have inspired me. 

Art is not a job, it is a passion and something I cannot ever stop doing. 

I hope you will enjoy these few pieces from my collection. 

In a nut shell, I am currently 45, a college graduate with a Science Degree with Major in Police Science.

I have been published by The United States Department of Energy (Google: HRDC Swygert), as well as my local newspaper and many different venues in print and online. 

I will publish a book or a few in the next several years, and all of my work actually revolves around life and those observations, and the books will carry the greater messages that I have learned thus far. 

My interests and skills are varied and broad, as I am a mechanic, build and repair computers, stay active in politics, love art, etc. I just love the gift that life has been. 

I am quite a naturalist as well and the article at The United States Department of Energy will easily illustrate that for you when you read it, or you will see that in a lot of my art here at this site. 

I am also fascinated with most any science, and that is evident in my body of work as well. 

Visual art, for me, is often (but not always of course) the first expression of deeper thoughts that I may not even have words to articulate at certain times. 

My blog often serves this purpose as well. 

I write a blog that is really a place to quickly write jokes, political musings, lyrics and poetry, serious articles, posting art and pictures, or whatever I may feel inspired t o express. 

The blog is really where I throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks...more of a work area for me to use and share, and is therefore always a work in progress, unless published elsewhere, as I will not change anything once so kindly shared and polished. 

The blog entries are not always presented perfectly, as again it is merely a place to record thoughts and study and share and connect with others. 

My blog is very well read across the world, and those that know me know I have several different styles with all of my artistic expression. 

Finally, as my spine is disintegrating with spinal stenosis in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions, deteriorating discs in all three regions as well, a broken lumbar vertebrae, and fusion suggested in four of my cervical vertebraes, well... art has saved my life by being my conduit to peace from pain and mental anguish that I hope no one will ever know...but the resilient body which is the finest masterpiece of all heals and what can still be accomplished is find your inner artists and express yourself and grow with an open mind. 

I hope you will enjoy the pictures herein. 

I appreciate you having visited these pages, and I will update them as new works become available. 

Here are a few examples, and others may be found at the link below.



This (below) is my current project if you would like to support it, it will help me to achieve my dream of selling my art work internationally.

Thanks for your support.