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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Thief ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics

To The I have for this moment...always loving Jim and missing Ray now too...letz creep on in to another ride with the lizard king...

The Thief

from such a bleaque and darkness of times,
i do now cry out loud,
and hope you to will share it,
but yet life's course says please first hear it.

I speak not puns,
perhaps to your dismay,
I live not such debauchery,
to often your real life stage.

the tragedy is watching,
a life so promised again now pass,
never alive with wonder or enjoyment,
time blink of eye passes oh so fast.

...and what to call your own?
down beckoned halls of infinite time,
with age you to can see and hear it,
spacefabric of time so now defined.

What if you once lived a similar life,
different plane you rode upon,
and lost that life and now in a different plane,
you ride upon.

and upon and upon,
long live life and long live song,
a different plane you rode upon,
life eternal such as song.

and so here we do now meet again,
my hand extended always as friend,
and life's lesson will say to upon yourself depend,
the thief never a  single thing to lend.