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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If I were to run for the Office of the Mayor of Cumberland ... ???

Here is a question I would like to openly discuss on CumberlandChat.

If I were to run for mayor of Cumberland ???

If I may set general ground rules, if acceptable, I would simply hope we can focus on nothing to do with political parties and personalities, but rather qualified constructive argument that would enable all readers to garner a general consensus of the main issues here at home concerning, but not limited to, finances, tradition, vision and planning.

I am, and have in the past, considered running for mayor myself, and I still may, now or later, but I do not want to do anything at all to sacrifice the progress that has been made recently here at home either in the city and/or county, as I would simply think that both unwise and selfish.

I would like to pick these three points of interest as my campaign issues and hope others will feel free to discuss these, or propose their own three or more issues for open discussion.

The actual legal specifics as written and recorded by law pertaining to the fireworks changing location, ruining tradition, and perhaps the relocation of the 911 call center versus the relocation of the fireworks.

Long term visionary planning for this city that is congruent to a county plan and worked on closely together to thrust us not lagging slowly behind, but rather far ahead for a very long time as we rebuild our local infrastructure and attract businesses, both large and small, to our city/region.

Working very hard to develop a long-term plan for the "new" high school to be a regional magnet school that is more science and technology oriented that would compliment a great apprentice type program at the vocational tech campus, and further upgrade the other high school(s) as needed while maintaining the historical city spirit concerning each, and also suggest that a college of engineering locate here locally to compliment the new high school as well as promote this area as a hub, let's say for The University of Maryland perhaps (already a leading elite college of engineering)(which also has a great environmental program that compliments another local university already), as we delve as a country into this modern and new Green Era.

Those would be my issues, and they would be further defined or redefined as the input is gathered here and abroad, because it is only with flexibility and research that a true visionary plan would be set forth to start with that includes what the citizens desire.

The fireworks debacle is something that has upset many folks here locally because it breaks with tradition and appears to be political in nature, perhaps likely having an ulterior motive with a hidden agenda, and breaks with very valued tradition.

I personally thought to myself, "what is the big deal? ... to a degree", and have quickly changed my mind upon further inspection, mostly conversation with close friends from many walks of life here in town.

So this point may not be of particular strength in concern to my two others I have mentioned above, but it is an issue that is serious and has upset more then it has not.

Many have not been able to site this "new law", and unless I am mistaken, no one really has.

I will share more of my own personal thoughts as these discussions unfold amoungst us here, and again may switch gears at times, but never to suit the majority, but rather gain momentum in an even more proper direction, one I am sure we would all like for this entire area more quickly.

The city and the county, to me personally, are each integral to the other on a personal level at the very least, and I feel in a very realistic level as well, as this city represents a long illustrious history that exists county wide and the county is the parent county to the city, which we would like to see working in harmony towards prosperity as should happen, but far too often recently has met deplorable roadblocks, mostly due to politics.

I personally am a registered Republican and a stalwart on many issues in that respect, but I am also quite a liberal to real life issues and a very friendly environmentalist.

I was published at The United States Department of Energy (google: swygert hrdc) and the vision I shared there is resonating stronger then ever as a path to be better to the environment as well as the economy, and the way I see it, there is simply no other course to chart with those concerns anymore and we see proof of that more so with each day that passes.

I am very civic minded and as a friend reminded me recently, our founding fathers believed in politics as being a civic duty. A duty where we would work hard together collectively bringing ourselves further forward together, even more efficiently, with more citizens prospering in their pursuit of happiness, not just a few as we too commonly see today.

My voice has been expressed best thus far through channels of local and national press as many of my ideas have been more then just noteworthy, however I will say beyond my printed word, that the work that I intend, have offered, and would like to perform has rarely ever ruffled a feather locally, and it is a sad day indeed when any request to offer help is repeatedly ignored, and a simple return email or phone call not made, as has too often been the case, but not always.

I see progress locally, but I see more time wasted with squabbles that are all to personal while a few seek the power I hope will always elude me, because power is of no interest of mine, I only desire collective progress while being sick of watching all too common failure on a wholesale level.

I would constantly work very hard to get even more folks "involved" at every level because it is only through personal interaction with our entire citizen base, excluding no one, that those individuals would gain a real trust, and not just a sense thereof!

If I were Mayor, I would not aspire further politically either, because there is far too much work to be done at home then there is elsewhere, unless, and only unless, I knew it would be even more effective and beneficial for my local constituents.

I hope to hear some great ideas here in this discussion thread, as there are certainly some wonderful ideas contained on CumberlandChat, and some very candid open discussion that is eye opening and thought provoking, and that is always a great place to further become enlightened by others.

I hope you will give all of this some deep thought as we prepare for yet another exciting election cycle as you ponder for yourself...If I were to run for the Office of the Mayor of Cumberland ... ???


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