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Friday, July 26, 2013

Perfection of The Federal Spirit ~ F.H.H.S. ~ Fort Hunt High School ~ Revision

If memory erased you away from me,
and erased me away from you,
whose time tunnel of life would we be staring through?
Is this time of my passed life of F.H.H.S. even true?


There was a time when this past was real,
now enchanted in this past we reveal,
spirit so great and growing, still gathering spirit,
you know, as I, the spirit we still so strongly feel.

Ever see Rocky Belk sprint for a TD ?
His magical hands saving victory for we.
Ever see Matt Weathers, # 22 my idol in childhood,
just tearing it up and down, cutting up a field real good?

Shred my friend,
shred my friend,
shred !!!

His knee gave out instead !
He was once my idol,
and friend now still,
Matt be well amigo and chill.

With love bro,
and thanks,
for such beautiful fields of dreams,
we shared.

Clubs, and orchestra, theater and band,
life so full we non stop ran,
crew, and wrestling the incredible Rosamond, Ann,
on the podium the Feds did, and still do often, stand.

Do you remember TKB ?
Kegs at my house and yours too ... for free !
Government parents, traveling and trusting,
we were those keg disciples young and disgusting.

Leaders and friends for all to share.
time to study and time to not care,
time for sports and time for rebel rousing,
work hard, play hard, and enjoy moderate carousing.

Memories streaming keep staring back at me,
some of the best times of my life gone by,
today all the while sharing still and getting even better,
you Federals, still and always the apple of my eye.

We grew up and the spirit became even more pure,
the school closed and the spirit still endured,
decades past and the spirit became stronger then ever,
still present as always and even stronger for sure.

Happy 50th birthday beautiful old spirit of our beloved school,
we all know Federals still have spirit and together always rule,
the best parts of life are treasures so valued and cool,
you Federal friends by far have been life's greatest long lasting jewels.